Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

Okay well lets begin with this week of miraculous blessings!
SO Monday night we taught a chinese guy at the church the lesson was good but we did not pick him up as a new investigator, then we  had FHE at the Edis's house where we taught their daughter Katy the lesson we taught to the YW at church no Sunday as Katy was not there... and the great thing about it was that there was a part member family there the dad was a non member so we were able to get to know that family and teach their daughter as well whose name is Katy was well! It was a great lesson and alot of trust gained from the members!!
tues: we had district training which was great things have dramatically changed in our district from what they were like a transfer ago it is great! Then Sis Broadhead arrived in our area and worked with us from tues till thurs morning it was great! She was able to train us on alot of fantastic approaches with store contacting and even street contacting it was a very humbling expierence!
Weds: We did alot of street contacting, we were able to pick up a new investigator whose name is James he is 23 and work in the military, we drove to Dartmouth and went and street contacted at NSCC at the college there which was a genius idea from Sis B! We also taught Elise (our gator on date for April 26) We had a great lesson with her and she actually has been thinking about how she would like to quit smoking before she met us and she was just like but I need support and someone strengthening in my life to be able to do so...then BOOM we met her! We will be doing the stop smoking program with Elise this week! We also had a wonderful relief society activity with both Cole Harbour and Dartmouth wards weds night and Sis Bush (member from kentville was there) and she it was so nice to see her! She gave me a hug and filled me in on how Jordan has been blessing the sacrament for the past two weeks so exciting!! Betty our investigator was able to attend the RS activity as well it was great! Weds before the activity we had a great lesson with Betty where we moved her baptismal date forward, we had a great member with us who testified of baptism and the cleasing effect of it. We moved Betty's date forward from April 29 to April 19th! We had a great lesson about Plan of Salvation! Betty just wants to go to the temple so bad...It was a POWERFUL lesson.... something that is quite amazing she has been seperated from her husband for years but never divorced, and as she has been meeting with us they have begun talking again.  He has started attending church, he lives in the Valley so about 2hrs away.  It turns out she and him years ago when their kids were young use to meet with missionaries and that they always tried to get them to come to church! She mentioned how her husbanded mentioned how they should of listened to the missioanries years ago! CRAZY!! He is coming up here this week and we are planning to be teaching him!
thurs: We  had a great day, it was a raining day though pouring outside we were able to talk to many people and we really right now are trying to work on the approach on softening the hearts of the people in this community as the hearts are quite hard... and at times can be alittle discouraging. So we are taking the approach at volunteering with other churches in the community to help out in serving the people in this area.  We are looking into attending community events and just helping people see mormon missionaries in a different light.  So we are doing all we can to ask people around about those opportunites which has led to great conversations with many people, we have found as we open the conversation up with a question... asking about volunteer work people are much more open to talk... then we build a relationship and BOOM we can transition very easily and before they know it we are talking about the gospel and resolving their concerns.
So thurs night we had an amazing lesson with Kaylene (19yr old with same past as me but as not lived at home for 5 years) We read from the BOM in Alma 32 all about faith the Spirit was very strong! it is basically like teaching a non member to her, her knowledge of the gospel is very limited but she asks a lot of great questions! the BOM has such great power no way that it is not from God, as soon as we read the Spirit just fills the room and we can see enlightenment happening as the Spirit teaches to Kaylene and guides us in our words! It is amazing! No book can bring an man closer to God than the Book of Mormon!
We as well had a great lesson with Sis Belford! She is preparing to go to the temple again and is meeting with the Biship!!
So friday was a great day we weekly planned then we correlated with the elders.  We set a goal with the elders from now until the end of next transfer, it was quite a powerful expierence.  So we all decided to leave the meeting with fasting about and for the next day to seek confirmation about the goal.
That night we knocked and started teaching a LA couple who hadn't been to church in 20years but have the desire to come back as well!  We had a great lesson with betty as well where Brother and Sister Kidd (Breanne and Jordan you know them and they are freaking awesome I love that couple!!) they taught with us, we talked about temple sealing and many things from spirit world to kingdoms of glory, Betty is set and ready to go !! We have seen many prayers answered and blessings from Heavenly Father as we have been teaching her! It is amazing!!
So Sat morning Sis Keeler and I attended the temple as we get to go 1 per transfer all missionaries go week 6 usually but we don't like to go then because then it is like a small missioanry reunion so we decided to go in the middle of the trans. It was great time as were fasting for our goal we made with the elders.  We both pleaded in prayer for a miracle together that day in the temple- and we promised to give to the Lord a good attitude faith and hard work!
So we left the temple and went to work and boy oh boy we just were getting shut down left right and centre that whole day, it was crazy! Very apparent it was Satan trying to discourage as Heavenly Father was preparing a great work for us. So we continued to keep our heads up inviting and moving forward with as much faith as we had, the whole day was hard. On our drive home that evening  at about 8:55 pm we recieved a call from President Kidd (elders qourm president) and he informed us how we went and gave a blessing to a sister who called him who was from Sydney for a priesthood blessing  as she had just miscarried that day and lost her husband in December and as he gave her one. So he went to her friends house that she was staying at in Eastern Passage gave her a blessing as her friend was sitting in and at the end he asked this dear sister if she would like a ride to church as he invited her her non member friend said "could me and my kids come as well? I have seen such a remarkable change in her and how the church has changed her and helped her through all these challenges.  She said, “I feel it would be good for me to look into this".  resident Kidd was like yes of course!! So he called us jumping for excitement! and Sis Keeler and I were like "president Kidd you have no idea we prayed for a miracle today!! this is the miracle!!"
Sunday: Elise Betty and Pam( the friend of Florence) were all at church it was amazing!! Betty is like a member at church is was her 4th Sunday in a row and everyone loves her! Elise enjoyed church and will be back next week and Pam did as well but had lots of questions! So we set up a time for us to go teaching Pam that evening with Pres Kidd.... and wow let me tell you we had an AMAZING lesson! We sat down well to tell you the truth the Spirit guided us that I can't even tell you what was said! But we opened up in a scripture after her talking about an expierence she once had when her grandfather passed away.  We flipped to a scripture in the BOM and asked her to read 2 Nephi 32:3 and as soon as she read the first word "Angels" she started crying and was like "Why am I crying?!?" It was amazing we sat there and let the spirit be felt and then after moments of silence we explained "Pam this is the Spirit that bears witness to truth" It was amazing. It was truly a lesson where we taught by the Spirit and she truly did recieve by the Spirit! Afterwards we rejoiced with pres Kidd!  Prior to that lesson we picked up a mother with two kids and we will be teaching her and her husband this week as well! We will be seeing Pam tomorrow as well. It is amaizng Florence the member who is Pams friend has been through so much ..., Florence truly is an example to her friend Pam from what Jesus Christs words is speaking about in 3 Nephi 12: 16 !
It has been a rejoicing and exciting week! A humbling one as well! I have noticed that our attitude is really the outcome! Half way throughout the week I realized I have had some negative thoughts in my mind and I decided to change my mind and I realzied as you change your mind there will be your heart also!  I realized that my changing my mind my heart changed and is capable of having trust and faith in the Lord! Works without faith is truly dead!
This week has been amazing, miracles are happening here in Nova Scotia all throughout the zone! The Elders are seeing miracles! It is all according to our faith brother and sisters!

I love you very much and have a great week!
Love Sister Pizzey

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