Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So I am getting transferred to Wolfville Nova Scotia! Elder Prince will be my zone leader and will be serving in the same ward as me which is called Kentville ward. I am leaving Wednesday afternoon on a fairy to New Glasgow with Sister Davis who is going home as she has completed her mission, and then will be going to Halifax to meet my two companions yes TWO and then we will drive from the mission office to Wolfville!
haha Okay lets get started on this week and then you can be filled in on all the details. And dont worry mom I am okay with leaving!
So this week I went and served in Riverview in Newbrunswick for tuesday and wednesday as Sister Judd had to go to leadership training in Dartmouth. It was great I served with Sister Lewis for those days who I served with at the end of last transfer as well! Its crazy how much time flys I cant believe this transfer is coming to an end and this week ! Crazy, literally felt like it was pday yesterday. So in Riverview I drove the Charlottown Elders truck around- a little scary considering have never driven a truck before! But we managed to get by!
Friday we were able to pick up a new investgator whose name is Paige and her middle name is Marie as well! She is very open minded and really interested in wanting to learn and come to church! She wasnt able to this week, but hopefully next week!  So we taught Matt West one more time on thursday but he wasn't accepting our message ...  But we certainly did all we could do with our purpose and I feel great about that!
So the Elders had a baptism on Saturday!  It was great, I just love watching baptism.  What a great thing watching someone enter into a covenant with the Lord?! Nothing better! 
Christain was able to attend the baptism and he loved it, he was really moved by the messages at the baptism this week and church. He said he felt like he needed to be baptized right then like TODAY!  Ugh!  My heart just melts thinking of him and how elect he is.  I love teaching him and truly is such a blessing. The Spirit is just flowing and pumping whenever we teaching him and he has a lot of good hard question and the Lord just fills are mouths when answering them.  He always has a "PLT- post lesson txt" hah you know instead of a "PDT- post date text" he gives us a PLT and thanks us for teaching him and how much he appreciates it - its really great.  Truly is a testimony builder when you see someone experience conversion from BOM reading and prayer, and see the Spirit testify to them of truth.  I love teaching with Sister Judd we really are so unified in our teaching and can switch a lesson at the drop of a hat if the Spirit directs us to and still be unified and with harmony.  I am really going to miss her, and our lessons and teaching skills with one another, but its okay I have faith that the Lord will qualify me in my next area!
Anyway so here is the news about transfers - usually Saturday on the 5th week we open up transfer letters.  This Saturday morning the Zone leaders called and said that there will be no letters and president will be calling whoever is trasnferred.  So all day Saturday no call!  We actually talked to one of the assistants and they didnt know - or so they said !haha.  But all the way till 10pm Saturday night Sis Judd and I were like whooo hooo! 6 more weeks together and a baptism! and BOOM 10:15 pm strikes and an in coming call - President Leavitt.  Prior to that I had been joking with Sis Judd lying to her and being like "oh no! PL is calling" -- as a joke.  So at 10:15 when I said that, she didnt believe and well it was actually happening!  So I am being transferred to Novia Scotia I will be serving in a great ward, the Akadia University is there.  There will be 11 sisters in my zone. The Sisters area has been open for 1 or 2 transfers.  And I will be in a trio.  I will be serving with Siter Laxton who has been out a transfer less than me and Sister Thompson who was in the MTC with me.  I will be the senior companion. Sister Thompson is having a hard time, So Sister Laxton and I are going to work on motivating her and strengthening her to enjoy her mission.  So yea it felt very surreal hearing this!  Like Charlottown is my home!  It’s funny, I think I will feel "home sick" for Charlottetown, but no not really.  I just feel so blessed to have served in such a great ward!  I have formed soooo many great relationships with soooo many great people!  MOM and DAD we are definitely coming back here to visit!  We have sooo many amazing people to see.  The Steens want to hook me up with her grandson haha.  But i just love missions I have spiritually gotten to know sooo many people that will be friendships for eternity that I would of never known.  Words cant express my gratitude I have for being blessed with these opportunities - I cant put to words the memories!  I got everyone to sign my book and took pictures with lots of people and we have lunch and dinner appointments stocked on everyday from yesterday till i leave!  The Bishop and his family are having us over for dinner tomorrow and making us Japenese food as he served his mission there!  I just love them all so much!  Have grown sooo close with all the families!  Mary macachern (emilys mom) took your info mom and may be in alberta soon and wants to pay you a visit! I LOVE MISSIONS!
It pains me to say goodbye to our great investigators and LAs we are teaching but not my will the Lords will!  But as weird as it is and how sad as it is to leave the people I am teaching, my heart feels great to go to this new area!  I know its from the Lord and where he needs and wants me, and I have many things to learn in the future and lives to bless!
Shawn, Ball and Anita i was able to see yesterday and they were all able to leave the nicest notes in my goodbye book!  Its amazing Shawns understanding of the gospel and what he left!  He is the one from China- he has been praying reading and the Spirit has truly helped him understand that God loves him and helps him!  When we first met him he didnt know if there was a God!  Its great the gospel is true!
Montigue Sisters are in Charlottown today and we are filling our boots full of PEI sutff for Sis Davis and myselfs last pday on the island.  I love the sisters I’m serving with!  Anyway I know that the future is as BRIGHT as our FAITH!  Faith is what makes miracles happen and charity is what makes things easy and happy! 
I LOVE the gospel - this morning I was reading my patriarchle blessing and I just LOVE our heritage I am soooo grateful for my family living and who have passed on the other side because you all have created this strong foundation for me us and our family!
it's great!
Have a great week and read BOM daily!
Sorry for scattered email but have to go! Have faith and be an example! Hope everything works out well with Taren I will keep her and Dave in my prayers!
xoxoxo LOVE
Sister Pizzey

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013

So Yes we find out this Saturday transfers and if I am transferred. I will leave next Tuesday but there’s a good chance I'm not... it could really go either way I’m not sure! But yes Pres Leavitt called me Saturday night and told me he was going to St.John’s and that he will be  able to meet Blake!  I found that so cool that Blake was meeting my mission president! I love President he is awesome.  And the bike accident haha well there’s been a number of them; president finds them hilarious and likes to bring them up to everyone. One time the assistants were in Charlottetown and I almost biked into a car and the whole district watched that happen including the assistants.  It was really funny haha! And maybe that was what he was talking about. 

So let’s start with this week! Monday evening was awesome, Christian date to be baptized is for August 10!  We taught him with a member Sister MacDougal (one of my fav. Members, we skyped at her house).  The lesson went alright but he has ALOT of complicated questions. Mainly all to do with his culture in Nigeria.  We weren’t able to answer everyone of his questions but he said when he prays about baptism he feels good very excited.  After we taught him he txted us later that night and said he can’t wait to prepare for August 10 and looks forward to it.  I was so excited I took a picture of it ! haha.  We had zone conference on Tuesday where all the zones in New Brunswick which is two zones, president and sister Leavitt and the assistants all came over as well. It was great. We role played 4 different role plays and the assistants videoed taped them and then we watched the videos in front of everyone! It was so intimidating! It was funny; president kept replaying ours making fun of me haha.... cause I barely spoke. I froze haha! But it was funny and I could take it. But I noticed in the video I need to smile more when sitting and listening to the investigator our "straight faces" don’t look all that pleasing to others and a simple smile just brightens everything! So during zone conference at lunch I had to watch driving videos.... haha yes the driving videos that has to be shown to the missionaries who have horrible driving records aka ME. And well hint hint I need to watch them to be allowed to drive... hint hint, maybe I will be driving soon... But actually kind of funny, the church categorizes 5 classes of drivers,1 being the best and 5 being horrible the worst and guess where I am family! ding ding ding ! that’s right class 5.... :) haha. But it’s okay they showed me some horrifying videos of true stories of missionaries crashing, killing companions and well basically making me never want to drive again.

So Sister Judd and I taught the Book Of Mormon class this week; it was on how the Book of Mormon and Bible support and complement one another. It was great! It ended up only being a member and Christian our investigator, but hey it was awesome and that is a member present lesson right there! Christian loved it, he was eating it all up! It was really great to take the time to study about that and learn about how the BOM and the Bible truly support and complement one another, they go hand in hand ! It’s awesome so great and I love it. 

We were able to give service this week at Sis MacDougal’s house.  We weeded and Sis judd weed wacked her trees and I racked them up! It was great I love serving others and it felt great to burn some energy! We passed over the 3 Jamaican brothers to the Elders last week and that was great because they learn so much better from them and than learning from us two girls.  I don’t think they had the gospel on their mind during the lessons or what we were teaching them if you know what I mean.

Friday was a day of finding, where we contacted referrals and literally talked to everyone.  It was great.  It was a hot day and nothing spectacular happened, but it was one of those days where I was riding my bike looking around looking down at my tag and was thinking "heck ya! I’m in Charlottetown town! I can smell the Ocean, feel the humidity and I’m a freaking missionary and this is awesome!"  I felt like I was - well normally I would say walking, but since I was biking I will say riding on sunshine! Friday we met a guy named Matthew outside a place called Harvest House - it’s a place where they give sermons read from the Bible and preach to homeless people and people who really need it.  He was one the people who teach to those people, a really nice down to earth guy who really is just trying his best to do what God wants him to do.  He's in his 20s and we explained what we as missionaries do and set up a appointment with him the next day.

So Saturday was crazy! So hectic but great! It was literally so hot! I got fried right like a lobster! But from 10-6:30 we were nonstop moving.  Whenever we have hot days like that we find our appointments are from one end of the town to the other end.  We literally taught appointments straight from those times; hopping on our bikes moving from one end to the other! We taught Zack, then we went and taught Matthew and its always interesting teaching people that are so BIBLE BIBLE BIBLE, but it was good, he had alot of questions and fears about reading a book the BOM.  He is a great guy, so many homeless people came up to him while we were teaching him.  He just loves them and they love him.  I feel just as much as he needed us, we learnt from him as well.  He truly wants to serve and do what Jesus Christ would do. And yes that is our calling as missionaries but it is amazing to see someone that simply loves and has patience with everyone and I really want to become more like that. I really realized how important it is stop and just take the time to help people even if there is no way that they may be baptized but to literally pray and ask help from HF to help me to do his and Jesus Christ will in bringing others to their gospel but also ALWAYS helping the poor and needy no matter what. It was amazing and something I’m going to really pray and try my best to become better at now and for the rest of my life. But Matthew understands the role of the Holy Ghost already and knows that through prayer God will lead us and he said he will do whatever the Holy Ghost tells him.  Then we were able to teach Robert about the priesthood and it is amazing seeing him, he is loving the gospel.  They started family history and were able to find ancestors in South Africa so already have some of their work done he was excited to see that! We had another lesson with a couple Wayne and Glenda (Glenda always serves us a Subway and loves us).  It was our second lesson with them and we brought Sis Steen this time.  We watched Restoration DVD and went over BOM and right after Wayne talked about how he experienced feelings he hadn't had for years, he was on a cloud etc. It was amazing!  We taught Shawn as well and it’s amazing the Spirit just helps me get him, he asks complicated questions and the Spirit directs my answers in such unique ways that I never would normally answer.  It’s just amazing to see how we literally are instruments in God’s hands.

But yes Saturday was an amazing day and we were only physically able to do it with Heavenly Father helping and strengthening us the whole day!

Sunday was unreal we had a great turn out at church we had SEVEN of our investigators at church!  With our investigators and the elders it made it to be 9 investigators total!  It was Christians, Wayne and Glenda’s first Sunday! Then Shawn’s 2nd Sunday, Bob, Zack, and Michel all of been there at least 3 times. It was awesome our church row we had Sister Plamadon and her husband Michel, then Shawn, Christian, me, Sister Judd, Glenda and Wayne! It was great!

We went and taught a LA Sister Henderson after, she really is great lady and we love her and things are going good with her.  She is just really lonely, we actually started teaching her daughter Kelsey and husband Richard! 

It’s so amazing being a missionary its truly a refiners fire we learn sooo much.  It’s unreal!

This Gospel is so amazing I love it. Scriptures are so powerful and God loves us all so much and wants to strengthen and help each of us.  We just need to act, open your scriptures and read daily and have faith!

I love you all so much! Have a great week! And travel safe dad!

Sister Pizzey

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 - Pics

Paige and Sister Judd in their volunteer blood donor outfits!

A nice couple at a Canada Day celebrations!

First Baptism - so exciting!  Robert with his sweet wife Danielle!


OKAY so let’s get started on this week! Another amazing week- surprise? NO because every week as a missionary is literally unreal. 

So YES Roberto was baptized! It was amazing and so cool to see the difference the Holy Ghost makes in someone’s life. Danielle and Him are just soo happy and they are so cute! Now that their married, its huge the change, even before Roberts baptism there was such a difference in the both of them.  At Roberts baptism Danielle gave the opening prayer and she said that she is soo grateful that in a year they can be sealed together- it was amazing gave me goose bumps!  Then seeing him and the change it was from baptism and then to complete it all the next day - receiving the Holy Ghost! Truly complete difference words, can’t describe other than this is Gods true church.  The ward is doing amazing; Bro Steen is making a family tree chart for them with their daughter Ezailia who passed away and their ancestors!

So I went on exchanges this week in Montague with Sister Davis who goes home at the end of this transfer.  We went to go teach David an investigator of theirs who is in his 60’s.  He is planning to baptized this Saturday. It was interesting though because before we went to go teach him, Sis D said to me so we are going to decide if we are going to drop him or not in this lesson.  Apparently Sis Starkie and Sis D have been feeling like he isn't listening and progressing (but yet he has been attending church and reading). He was no longer giving them a solid answer about baptism and whether or not this is the true church. But we went and taught and during the lesson I could tell Sis D was getting little impatient with David, because he was little "airy" it seemed like he really wasn’t paying attention at all but I really felt strongly to just love him.  The spirit pushed me to stop the lesson and say " David where is your mind right now? is your mind here? Are you really listening to what we are saying or is your mind someplace else thinking of other things?"  He stopped and thought and said I guess I have been thinking of other things.  I paused and stared at him right in the eyes for minute and said with all seriousness "David we are representative of Jesus Christ and we are here to do the Lords will, our calling is to teach his Gospel and we hold this with great respect, the Lord expects the same from you...I went on but whatever happened the spirit told me to!  And after wards he stopped and looked and sat up straight and listened and said God is speaking through you right now I can feel it.  So after wards at the end of the lesson he was able to say that he knows this is the only true church. We invited him out to Roberts’s baptism and he came! And he is having his baptism interview today! 

We were able to start teaching these 3 Jamaican brothers they were teaching us pat twa? the Jamaican native language that’s English mixed with slang words like whaagon something like that means hey whats up? Anyway it was awesome picking them up but we feel it will be more appropriate for the Elders to teach them so we are passing them over to the Elders this week! 

So we picked up a guy name Shawn from China this week and he is so awesome!  The Spirit is so strong in our lessons and he just gets it! He sees that he wants to become a better person and recognizes the world and how its changing and that he doesn’t want to be that way. He really is looking for everything the gospel gives him. It’s crazy hearing about all the other countries and how different they are and basically makes me realize how grateful I am to be born in Canada, serious!  Shawn was telling us how in China they are raised being told that there is no God nothing in school, very sad stuff and how churches were built as kingdoms to rule people etc and just horrible horrible things.  So we taught and testified how are church is literally Gods church, and he completely understands. Its amazing this Study Guide that has been a focus for our mission studies, it has changed our lessons completely! For each person we teach so differently, answer questions so differently, because it is simply we have more knowledge and are able to teach simply. I can really tell the Lord trusts us more and is having the Spirit teach right through us- I love being instruments in the Lords hands! With alot of questions, I will think in my mind, no way I can answer this - then a little feeling inside will say no have faith and open my mouth and when i open my mouth, it is filled with what to say and it is amazing.  Shawn was at church on Sunday and its funny because we found out his best friend is Nick who the Elders are teaching.  Amazing the Lord is truly mindful of all his children!

Teaching Christain lately has been freaking unreal! Like literally he is amazed every time and soo excited. We are teaching him the Plan of Salvation and it’s taken 2 lessons and we will be teaching the rest of it tonight again.  As we answer his questions through the scriptures we are literally seeing the spirit just turn the light bulb on in his head. It is unreal! He is always so excited and blown away, and says this is all familiar and something I deep down just makes sense to him. He was out of town this week but said will start coming to church this Sunday.

The ward is so awesome here I love them all so much! Yesterday after church the Bishop was eating Chinese food with us and his son in the kitchen, he is the funniest man, and is so Christ like and wants to do his best to help out with missionary work. I really have it good and am aware that I may not serve in a better ward, but I just feel so blessed to be able to serve here!  Yesterday there was a girl visiting with her family who is from USA.  She will be serving in the Canada Montreal mission and reports July 24. I filled her ears with how amazing missions are!

We started teaching a LA family last night and it was a great spiritual lesson.  I felt prompted to share my conversion story so i did, and they are looking forward to meeting with us and learning from the beginning and see if they can gain a testimony again. They just went through the temple last yr and had a baby boy couple months ago.  I have seen them at church once since i have been here, so we are starting to see them once a week.  They live in Stratford so we only can go 1 a week because we get the truck from the elders 1 a week and they get to ride a beautiful girl bikes!

It was funny we met a girl downtown and asked if he could teach her on a park bench and we taught her the whole first lesson her name is Julianne and we set up a second app. after church.  She gave us her number but no address so we were like hmmm?? so we called that number and it wasn’t her phone number we were like weird! Who would sit through a whole lesson for an hr if they weren’t interested?  Sunday comes around she wasn’t at church.  When we get home there is a voicemail and it was her apologizing for not coming because her cousin got in a car accident! So we were able to set up another app. but we felt bad for doubting her and not having faith!  Kind of funny though. Church was great though! The lesson on relief society in 3rd hr was amazing! Dont you think?!  I just love being a part of this gospel!

So we had interviews over skype with president on Friday!  That was great, I just love president! We currently have 24 sisters and by October will have 34 sisters, and close to 50 by January. He told me specifically that I will be having lots of opportunities to train and that they are opening up more sisters areas, it’s their goal to have a set of Elders Sisters and a senior mish. couple in each area. I will basically, 100% be transferred not this next transfer but the one after.  I will be training and possibly opening up another area for sisters. He has been really happy with my work and said to keep doing what I'm doing, and that I am closer to the end of my time in Ctown. There will be only 1 new sister this next transfer coming up so there is a chance that I will be staying here or training not really sure . I can’t wait to train! I would love to be here 1 more transfer though! But not my will the Lords will.

I really noticed how short the time is as a missionary and that never ever again will I be able to experience this.  Never will I be able to fully submit myself to the Lords work.  Even when Im a Senior couple on a mission it won’t be the same because I will have a family, and have bills to pay etc it’s just not the same. It really is short 18 months! And I feel blessed to be able to dedicate and devote 18 months, it’s not a burden at all its one of the greatest blessings I ever been able to be a part of and I am going to cherish these moments, these memories for the rest of my life.  These experiences I am having are eternal and preparing me for my life now and eternity!  I love you all soooo much I have such great examples.

I LOVE YOU ALL and thank you for all your support!
This gospel has changed me my life my future and I feel so blessed for these changes!

LOVE Sister Pizzey xoxoxox!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 8, 2013 Birthday on missions calls make for the BEST Birthdays!

THANK YOU family for all the gifts I LOVE you all soooo much and I feel very spoiled and grateful!
And you say hot weather?! Its been 70% humidity and will be making it up to 90-95 % humity making it 38 degrees! Literally every inch on body dripping beads of sweat while on our bikes! I feel like a warrior at the end of the day! At night I turn the shower to freezing cold and just stand there, we put bowls of ice infront of the fan at night to bring a little more cold air. Its crazy the heat! Yesterday It was 38 and then all the sudden I feel like Heavenly Father was like "okay sisters i love you and am aware that you're about to throw up" and like the biggest momentary rain storm came! it was aweosme! Sister Judd and i were sooooo happy! the rain was literally like we stood in a shower in our clothing and turned it on full throttle.  The sidewalk was steaming from the rain! But it was soooo refreshing and we loved it! Despite looking like drowned rats after ;)
So yet another great week FULL of learning ! and I am sooo happy to be on a mission because I am learning so much on how to be more patient and loving and this is something that I don’t have naturally. I was reading my patriarchle blessing this morning and it talks about how I need to prepare my self to establish a home where my kids can be nurtured, cared, supported and encouraged, and I know that a mission is helping me to become capable of doing that. And I am very grateful to be going through this all, because I don’t think I would of been blessed with the opportunity to make these changes otherwise.  Yes, it is hard but the MOST rewarding! BECAUSE "Missioanry work isn’t easy because salvation isn't cheap" BOOM - Elder Holland.
Alright so lets just begin from Monday forward shall we!
SO monday was Canada Day so we left the whole evening from 6-9 open to go to Victioria Park and contact people where the Canada Day festivities was taking place. And one thing - I love my missionary bubble and not being in the World at all.  We were able to talk to many many people whether they liked it or not! And set up quite a bit of appointments! We found this solid family for the Summerside Elders who live hr from Ctown and they are elect and prepared! So we were quite thrilled and excited about that!
Tuesday: We had district meeting and appointments all lined up but it was one of those days where apps kept falling through.  It’s okay we contacted alot of our referalls! and were able to meet with Bal and Anita- things are going good with them but they are having a hard time because there family is Hindu and well they were Hindu... so basically their family wont talk to them if they are baptized. And there is a Faith Bible church here where every Nepali person and their dog goes to.  So they are feeling like they would be more connected to Faith Bible but we are working with them and the ward in fellowshipping them and making them feel welcome and apart of the ward family. Language barrier is a bit of a stuggle but it is okay we have faith!
So Wednesday I went to Montigue with Sis Starkie- we are doing exchanges weekly now.  It was great and I learnt alot! In Charlottetown we started a BOM class every weds night at 7 and its great! Christain and Zack were able to come and learn and understood the BOM more!
So Thurs I was back in Charlottetown and it was great, it was a slower day but we were able to do quite a bit of knocking and meet with Bal and Anita.  It’s funny everyone here calls me Sister Pizzeys not Pizzey but Pizzeys. Then Friday we were started teaching a LA girl named Kesha who is 14 and her mom isnt a member.  We are going to start teaching her every week and we are really excited to work into meeting with her mother in the future!  We also were able to meet with Dale (who is from the Domincan) and he is awesome, he is a huge black guy and always is like "child!" with a black accent its great i love him! We were able to meet with Robert as well.  That lesson was awesome, Robert is a stellar investigator he is so excited about his baptism this SATERDAY at 7:30! We taught him more in detail about fast and fast offereings and we told him how fasting is 2 meals and he stopped us and was like "pffft two meals? noo! It should be 3 and im going to do 3" haha!" So we were able to have a great spiritual lesson and its amazing when the spirit just clicks in their minds during the lesson.  Although we keep saying it the spirit is what needs to clip and bear truth to them. So we were able to knock that evening and set up an app. with someone we knocked into and picked up as a investigator yesterday.  We met with Anita and Bal again.
 Saturday: We has a ward picnic, then Danielle and Roberts wedding, that was sure interesting! It was the most simple wedding I have been to - we just went to the ceremony didnt have time for the reception.  We were able to meet with Zackary and address his concerns. From What Robert, Zack, Christian have all expressed about churches in Africa, there are alot of crazy Apostate churches there!  They all have fears of being pursuaded and led away by praising man or mans church not Gods church (aka churches created b/c of Great Apostasy) So Zack and well Christian too both have concerns with that but it all comes down to reading the BOM and praying and gaining those spiritual expierences in knowing this is Gods church. No matter what we as missioanries say it truly comes down to recieving that answer from God. I explained how for 4 yrs my parents would tell me its true its true its true and I dwindled in unbelief until I took the time to sincerely pray and read.  And BOOM I have peace in heart and mind - this is available for everyone as simple as that! But things are going great and I love teaching them! Spirit is so strong in the lessons!
Then SUNDAY which was my BEST Birthday ever!- it didnt even really feel like my birthday but having a birthday serving a mission is the best way to celebrate my bday! First off fasting= miralces! I am going to fast once a week.... and YES I am serious. Its the best way to recieve strength,spiritual insights and be more intune with the spirit and I love it!  Yesterday I had a great fasting session. I really had an euphony  (dont know how to spell) but I realized that we need to love our differences and things that make us, us! Our uniqueness's. I realized this because Sister Judd and I are soooo different, but we both have the desire to be the best missionaries we can and be the best for the work here in Charlottetown.  But I learnt that our talents we both bring to the table compliment one another and to be myself and to keep teaching in the different unique way I do and same with Sister Judd. Our differences is what makes a strong companionship and allows whoever we come in contact with to relate with atleast one of us! In lessons I can be quite bold- especailly compared to older sisters and at times in my mind I may be like should i tone it down? So sometimes i do but I dont feel like im doing my very best at the end of each lesson, so this week I learnt to snap out of it! and to be myself and to be different and things have been going great! and same with Sis Judd the way she teaches is different from me but us two together being our different selves works great!
I have learnt sooo much this week and we are our greatest accomplishments! I love just taking all my inward thoughts and erasing them and focusing on the glory of God! Losing myself in the work is where I am truly finding myself. Myself in who I planned on being when I chose in the pre existance to come to this earth. So anyways enough of my tagent and yesterday was great! Sis Judd is such an example of serving she woke up and put nice cute sticky notes everywhere writing notes about me and things she likes then she wrote happy birthday all over! Then in Sunday school she told everyone it was my bday so they all sang happy birthday, then we were teaching Sis Henderson and Sis Judd told her it was my bday so she is having us over for a bbq and bday cake for belated birthday today ! haha I am too blessed and taken care of! So yes dont worry mom I was for sure taken care of and felt loved! And we also taught Yao the LA from China and she gave me a TY beanie rabbit that is praying as a bday gift! haha it was adorable, we also had an amazing lesson with Yao. It was great because week ago she said she wanted to leave the church to find truth due to being anti'd then this week she is going to fast on weds and we showed her this amazing vid. on lds.youth.org about finding truth.  It’ss great, it is about how in this world truth can be clouded and hard to find with all the distractions we have. She said at the end I need to put forth more effort (and we were like YES thats what we’ve been saying!!) But it didnt matter, we said it a billion times to her before this, it’s what the spirit needed to tell her and we were so happy that the Spirit was present and was able to do that. Then we were blessed with being able to pick up 2 new investigators! and One is a girl yes a GIRL I am sooo excited to have a girl to teach!  And we were able to meet with Christian and have a great spiritual filled lesson with him!
This week a guy we had a app. to teach with asked me if i could date him? yes over txt he did. yuck! So I simply explained "No im fully dedicating my time and life to building up Gods Church while on my mission" but I wanted to be like no! dummy my name says sister... SISTER Pizzey aka off limits! So we called the Elders and sent the Elders to that appointment :) haha.
I love being on a mission and I have soooo much peace from keeping the commandments of God and reading the BOM each day, this is Gods true church. I have come to the conclusion that this gospel, this Church that I am representing as a missionary and bringing to invite others in Charlottown town to learn and pray about is either 100% true or 100% fulse. There is no gray area! And I LOVE it. The BOM is sooo true, it strengthens me , calms me, brings happiness, and sooo much more everytime I read from it, I feel soooo spiritually fed! It is such a gift and ablessing in our lives. And I know that with the BOM being true that this gospel is true. this church is true. There is no way that missionary work would be happy and rewarding, and that through praying constantly day by day 24/7 that we would be led by God in this work, being instruments in bringing forth the kingdom of God to the children of men! There is no way if this Gospel was not true that any of this work, happiness everything pertaining to this church would exist or be possible! The Feild is white already to harvest! And the time is NOW and the Lord is bringing forth his work, bringing for the salvation of men unto all His children, the time is NOW everyone and we best not procrastinate the day of our repentance! Repent daily! And have faith! So we can all partake of the blessings and happiness that we planned to have when coming to this Earth!
A talk that I read this week from this past conferece " Personal Peace the Reward of Rightousness"- this talk puts perfectly peace that comes from righteous living!
I LOVE you all soooo much ! Thank you for making me feel sooo loved!
Sister Pizzey, xoxoxox

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 1, 2013

So this week I was reflecting on things that I use to do that helped me have the spirit of love more, as a missionary.  I realized that I use to have personal prayers like a tone throughout the day and as I have gotten more use to the work its something that I have not done as much, so I decided enough of that ! And prayed throughout the day riding my bike, walking, talking everywhere! By doing this I realized that when ever we begin to feel frustrated, tired, impatient, any of the natural man - though/inward, we need to stop and pray! 
This week I noticed that this is the Lords work, everything we do as missionaries, way we teach, find, smile, love, everything - the fact that I am on a mission AM HERE, my conversion, is all because of the Lord. And if it were not for him and the Holy Ghost- I wouldn't be here (well I know where I would be - let me tell you it’s not here and this happy) and this growing work this growing gospel would not be existent. Humility is so important, humility in knowing that we can’t do this all, that we aren't the reason for the happiness and success in our life - it is because of the Lord helping us to be - the enabling power of the atonement. Having humility to kneel down and pray and poor your heart out to the Lord, ask him what he would like us to do not just guess and think we know. To rely fully on the Lord and have faith that he will listen to our prayers and help us! WE NEED HIS HELP. WE NEED HIM. He needs us to have faith in Him.
As I have prayed more throughout the day I found my mind was more focused on what my Heavenly Father needed me to do say and where he wanted us to be. It truly has been an amazing week all because of PRAYER.  
So Tuesday the assistants came to our District meeting, and they taught us on teaching simply which was great and a focus! We also learnt about effective planning for our lessons, having a vision, then a goal, then reflecting, a constant on going circle. One of the assistants actually served in Charlottetown for 10 months so it was great talking to him about our investigators RC and LAs ect. and learn from him! So after District meeting we went to go to Roberts house (he is so hard to get a hold of without a phone).  So we stopped by and he wasn't home.  We felt we needed to find him, so we prayed.  We felt the needed to wait, so we waited for 10 mins prayed again decided to wait 5 more, then we realized okay we should go look for him so we prayed again!  We felt we needed to bike down University Ave, so we get on our bikes and as we turn the corner out of Browns Qt almost on University there walks Roberto!  It was amazing!  And really showed how having faith through prayer God is listening.  Things are going great with Robert, he can not wait to be baptised on the 13th and their wedding is this Saturday!  (FiancĂ©) is becoming stronger, it has been great to see her become active and grow her testimony with Robert!  I hope in a yr I will be able to come to their temple sealing!  So we were able to pick up Michel Plamadon as a investigator His wife Dorothy is a solid member and he comes to church with her.  We were very grateful for the Spirit that helped us!
Wednesday we taught Jack our last lesson before he leaves to Taiwan for school course for 1 month, then he will be living in Toronto.  So we will continue teaching and preparing him for baptism over skype until he is settled in Toronto, and then we will pass him over to the missionaries in Toronto!  Amazing experience we were going to be teaching Anita and Bal, but they had to cancel their app last minute to later in the evening that day, so we had a backup plan to go downtown.  We are biking on University and we pass this kid.  At first he looks like a punk (so bad don't judge! I did repent later ;)) I said Hi but kept biking same with Sis J. But after we passed him I felt horribly sick.  So we kept biking for a couple hundred meters down the road and finally I turned my bike around.  He was soooo far away but we peddled after him, we caught up to him as he was crossing the road.  I flew my bike all creepily infront of him haha and stopped him and was like "Hi!" haha it was funny and we talked with him.  We ended up teaching him right then in DQ.  The Spirit was really strong in the lesson and he totally got it, he has had a rough life; father in prison, raised by uncle, lives with mom, takes care of her because she has mental illnesses.   He has a rough life and was praying to God the day before saying he wanted to change friends and lifestyle and BOOM there we were! So lesson learned DO NOT pre judge people and talk to EVERYONE! And never ignore a prompting! It will take work to help him make changes but I know HF wanted us to meet him and that anyone can change as they experience feelings of conversion the Spirit this Gospel makes good people in to great and bad into good. Atonement is real, God is real and this Gospel is soooo true!
So Bal and Anita are on date for Aug 10! are so awesome and they love us and their daughter turns 18! They fed us Nepali food, and we ate it with our hands! Haha yes our hands! Rice curry chicken stuff and the chicken had bones in it , it was rather gross but so delicious ! And they fed us soooo much food, I actually vomited after in the street like literally! But oh it was awesome!
We started service this week as the Blood Bank and we are the people that work in the kitchen serving juice and cookies- its awesome " would you like some cookies? Oh and also would you like to know how to receive eternal salvation?" haha. But our first shift a guy named Wade came and didnt donate blood, his uncle works there and he was eating cookies.  He wanted to learn more about church and wanted faith, so we referred him to the elders.  This is truely work of miracles!  And I really have learnt that the Lord loves and knows what all His children are going through and what they need. Some cookies juice and Spirit in their lives! 
Yao a Chinese LA who has been a member for not even a yr, got in to Anti ( ANti is toxic here!) and fed us Chinese food but she is pretty well set in her ways and feels she needs to go to other churches to see if there is truth there before coming back to church.  We are going to continue meeting with her.
We Started teaching a guy named Christian this week! He actually has gone to our church with his friend in Nigeria, ordered a BOM to read in Toronto and didn't have time to meet with missionaries in Toronto and the Lord dropped us in his path at a bus stop. We taught him twice this week! And he feels its true! The Spirit is so strong in our lessons! And I was so grateful that we have become better at teaching simply because he of course got into anti on Wikipedia (freak ppl just go to mormon.org!) luckily he is smart and understands mostly believes its all not true.  And after the appointment he texted us asking about baptism and what he needs to do to prepare for that in August it was great!
So we began singing in lessons this week! For our Nepali investigators! Its been great! Sis J and I laughed during one but it was fun and they laughed as well.
We are teaching a LA Sis Henderson who loves us and we love her soooo much, she has had such a hard life of abuse.  It has made me realize people with the most hardest situations that they are faced with horrible horrible abuse that this gospel- the atonement can heal them and make them happy. This Gospel is amazing and God loves all His Children and has provided a  way for them all to be happy. 
We started teaching 4 new ppl this week! And our pool of investigators have gone down a bit through, but it is okay! Because we are going to find more this week and our pool of investigators right now are solid and I feel are going to progress to baptism! I have faith!! 
Many times this week the Lord places us in the path of soooo many people, Sibo (former guy we taught from Rwanda) We kept bumping into and set up a app this week, his issue is how sabbath is Sunday not Saturday but it all comes down to developing a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOM and everything just comes from there!
I was reflecting the other day and was thinking why don't I get huge waves of the Spirit- and I was biking downtown and saw girls who were "worldly" drinking and stuff and I just thought to myself. My life is sooo peaceful and joyful, and filled with the spirit 24/7 and is something that I am use to. But realizing the change this gospel has brought to my life, and how happy and content I am just proves to me that there is no possible way this church is not true. There is no way from praying and reading a book (BOM) yes a BOOK would make such a drastic change to ones life UNLESS it were true. Unless the priesthood really does exist, unless this is Gods only true church on this earth. There is no way that us as missionaries would meet sooo many people in so many unique ways just as fluke UNLESS what we teach and represent were true and from God. This church is either 100% true or its not, and for me myself I have come to know that from the change it has brought to me myself that I KNOW that is is Gods true and only true Church. I know that this is Gods Kingdom build on earth that is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets preparatory to the second coming. We are not strangers to God through this church! Ephesians 2:19-20!
Its funny because with anti - it doesn't leave people feeling good it leaves people cold and hard in heart, not happy- exactly how the adversary wants them to feel. And the BOM leaves people peaceful happy, and content and is to clear and apparent that it is from their loving Father in Heaven.
I have sooo many other things I wish to tell you but I could literally be here for hours, I am having memories that I will keep for eternities. I love it! I read in Mosiah 27- Mosiah is fav. Book in BOM and Mosiah 27 and 2Nephi 9 are my fav chapters I think oh and Jacob 5! But Mosiah 27- i could really relate to my conversion. BOM is sooo relatable to our lives! 
I Look forward to this week! I LOVE this work, this Gospel is true. Families are Forever. Fear not have FAITH
Sister Pizzey