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July 22, 2013

So Yes we find out this Saturday transfers and if I am transferred. I will leave next Tuesday but there’s a good chance I'm not... it could really go either way I’m not sure! But yes Pres Leavitt called me Saturday night and told me he was going to St.John’s and that he will be  able to meet Blake!  I found that so cool that Blake was meeting my mission president! I love President he is awesome.  And the bike accident haha well there’s been a number of them; president finds them hilarious and likes to bring them up to everyone. One time the assistants were in Charlottetown and I almost biked into a car and the whole district watched that happen including the assistants.  It was really funny haha! And maybe that was what he was talking about. 

So let’s start with this week! Monday evening was awesome, Christian date to be baptized is for August 10!  We taught him with a member Sister MacDougal (one of my fav. Members, we skyped at her house).  The lesson went alright but he has ALOT of complicated questions. Mainly all to do with his culture in Nigeria.  We weren’t able to answer everyone of his questions but he said when he prays about baptism he feels good very excited.  After we taught him he txted us later that night and said he can’t wait to prepare for August 10 and looks forward to it.  I was so excited I took a picture of it ! haha.  We had zone conference on Tuesday where all the zones in New Brunswick which is two zones, president and sister Leavitt and the assistants all came over as well. It was great. We role played 4 different role plays and the assistants videoed taped them and then we watched the videos in front of everyone! It was so intimidating! It was funny; president kept replaying ours making fun of me haha.... cause I barely spoke. I froze haha! But it was funny and I could take it. But I noticed in the video I need to smile more when sitting and listening to the investigator our "straight faces" don’t look all that pleasing to others and a simple smile just brightens everything! So during zone conference at lunch I had to watch driving videos.... haha yes the driving videos that has to be shown to the missionaries who have horrible driving records aka ME. And well hint hint I need to watch them to be allowed to drive... hint hint, maybe I will be driving soon... But actually kind of funny, the church categorizes 5 classes of drivers,1 being the best and 5 being horrible the worst and guess where I am family! ding ding ding ! that’s right class 5.... :) haha. But it’s okay they showed me some horrifying videos of true stories of missionaries crashing, killing companions and well basically making me never want to drive again.

So Sister Judd and I taught the Book Of Mormon class this week; it was on how the Book of Mormon and Bible support and complement one another. It was great! It ended up only being a member and Christian our investigator, but hey it was awesome and that is a member present lesson right there! Christian loved it, he was eating it all up! It was really great to take the time to study about that and learn about how the BOM and the Bible truly support and complement one another, they go hand in hand ! It’s awesome so great and I love it. 

We were able to give service this week at Sis MacDougal’s house.  We weeded and Sis judd weed wacked her trees and I racked them up! It was great I love serving others and it felt great to burn some energy! We passed over the 3 Jamaican brothers to the Elders last week and that was great because they learn so much better from them and than learning from us two girls.  I don’t think they had the gospel on their mind during the lessons or what we were teaching them if you know what I mean.

Friday was a day of finding, where we contacted referrals and literally talked to everyone.  It was great.  It was a hot day and nothing spectacular happened, but it was one of those days where I was riding my bike looking around looking down at my tag and was thinking "heck ya! I’m in Charlottetown town! I can smell the Ocean, feel the humidity and I’m a freaking missionary and this is awesome!"  I felt like I was - well normally I would say walking, but since I was biking I will say riding on sunshine! Friday we met a guy named Matthew outside a place called Harvest House - it’s a place where they give sermons read from the Bible and preach to homeless people and people who really need it.  He was one the people who teach to those people, a really nice down to earth guy who really is just trying his best to do what God wants him to do.  He's in his 20s and we explained what we as missionaries do and set up a appointment with him the next day.

So Saturday was crazy! So hectic but great! It was literally so hot! I got fried right like a lobster! But from 10-6:30 we were nonstop moving.  Whenever we have hot days like that we find our appointments are from one end of the town to the other end.  We literally taught appointments straight from those times; hopping on our bikes moving from one end to the other! We taught Zack, then we went and taught Matthew and its always interesting teaching people that are so BIBLE BIBLE BIBLE, but it was good, he had alot of questions and fears about reading a book the BOM.  He is a great guy, so many homeless people came up to him while we were teaching him.  He just loves them and they love him.  I feel just as much as he needed us, we learnt from him as well.  He truly wants to serve and do what Jesus Christ would do. And yes that is our calling as missionaries but it is amazing to see someone that simply loves and has patience with everyone and I really want to become more like that. I really realized how important it is stop and just take the time to help people even if there is no way that they may be baptized but to literally pray and ask help from HF to help me to do his and Jesus Christ will in bringing others to their gospel but also ALWAYS helping the poor and needy no matter what. It was amazing and something I’m going to really pray and try my best to become better at now and for the rest of my life. But Matthew understands the role of the Holy Ghost already and knows that through prayer God will lead us and he said he will do whatever the Holy Ghost tells him.  Then we were able to teach Robert about the priesthood and it is amazing seeing him, he is loving the gospel.  They started family history and were able to find ancestors in South Africa so already have some of their work done he was excited to see that! We had another lesson with a couple Wayne and Glenda (Glenda always serves us a Subway and loves us).  It was our second lesson with them and we brought Sis Steen this time.  We watched Restoration DVD and went over BOM and right after Wayne talked about how he experienced feelings he hadn't had for years, he was on a cloud etc. It was amazing!  We taught Shawn as well and it’s amazing the Spirit just helps me get him, he asks complicated questions and the Spirit directs my answers in such unique ways that I never would normally answer.  It’s just amazing to see how we literally are instruments in God’s hands.

But yes Saturday was an amazing day and we were only physically able to do it with Heavenly Father helping and strengthening us the whole day!

Sunday was unreal we had a great turn out at church we had SEVEN of our investigators at church!  With our investigators and the elders it made it to be 9 investigators total!  It was Christians, Wayne and Glenda’s first Sunday! Then Shawn’s 2nd Sunday, Bob, Zack, and Michel all of been there at least 3 times. It was awesome our church row we had Sister Plamadon and her husband Michel, then Shawn, Christian, me, Sister Judd, Glenda and Wayne! It was great!

We went and taught a LA Sister Henderson after, she really is great lady and we love her and things are going good with her.  She is just really lonely, we actually started teaching her daughter Kelsey and husband Richard! 

It’s so amazing being a missionary its truly a refiners fire we learn sooo much.  It’s unreal!

This Gospel is so amazing I love it. Scriptures are so powerful and God loves us all so much and wants to strengthen and help each of us.  We just need to act, open your scriptures and read daily and have faith!

I love you all so much! Have a great week! And travel safe dad!

Sister Pizzey

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