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OKAY so let’s get started on this week! Another amazing week- surprise? NO because every week as a missionary is literally unreal. 

So YES Roberto was baptized! It was amazing and so cool to see the difference the Holy Ghost makes in someone’s life. Danielle and Him are just soo happy and they are so cute! Now that their married, its huge the change, even before Roberts baptism there was such a difference in the both of them.  At Roberts baptism Danielle gave the opening prayer and she said that she is soo grateful that in a year they can be sealed together- it was amazing gave me goose bumps!  Then seeing him and the change it was from baptism and then to complete it all the next day - receiving the Holy Ghost! Truly complete difference words, can’t describe other than this is Gods true church.  The ward is doing amazing; Bro Steen is making a family tree chart for them with their daughter Ezailia who passed away and their ancestors!

So I went on exchanges this week in Montague with Sister Davis who goes home at the end of this transfer.  We went to go teach David an investigator of theirs who is in his 60’s.  He is planning to baptized this Saturday. It was interesting though because before we went to go teach him, Sis D said to me so we are going to decide if we are going to drop him or not in this lesson.  Apparently Sis Starkie and Sis D have been feeling like he isn't listening and progressing (but yet he has been attending church and reading). He was no longer giving them a solid answer about baptism and whether or not this is the true church. But we went and taught and during the lesson I could tell Sis D was getting little impatient with David, because he was little "airy" it seemed like he really wasn’t paying attention at all but I really felt strongly to just love him.  The spirit pushed me to stop the lesson and say " David where is your mind right now? is your mind here? Are you really listening to what we are saying or is your mind someplace else thinking of other things?"  He stopped and thought and said I guess I have been thinking of other things.  I paused and stared at him right in the eyes for minute and said with all seriousness "David we are representative of Jesus Christ and we are here to do the Lords will, our calling is to teach his Gospel and we hold this with great respect, the Lord expects the same from you...I went on but whatever happened the spirit told me to!  And after wards he stopped and looked and sat up straight and listened and said God is speaking through you right now I can feel it.  So after wards at the end of the lesson he was able to say that he knows this is the only true church. We invited him out to Roberts’s baptism and he came! And he is having his baptism interview today! 

We were able to start teaching these 3 Jamaican brothers they were teaching us pat twa? the Jamaican native language that’s English mixed with slang words like whaagon something like that means hey whats up? Anyway it was awesome picking them up but we feel it will be more appropriate for the Elders to teach them so we are passing them over to the Elders this week! 

So we picked up a guy name Shawn from China this week and he is so awesome!  The Spirit is so strong in our lessons and he just gets it! He sees that he wants to become a better person and recognizes the world and how its changing and that he doesn’t want to be that way. He really is looking for everything the gospel gives him. It’s crazy hearing about all the other countries and how different they are and basically makes me realize how grateful I am to be born in Canada, serious!  Shawn was telling us how in China they are raised being told that there is no God nothing in school, very sad stuff and how churches were built as kingdoms to rule people etc and just horrible horrible things.  So we taught and testified how are church is literally Gods church, and he completely understands. Its amazing this Study Guide that has been a focus for our mission studies, it has changed our lessons completely! For each person we teach so differently, answer questions so differently, because it is simply we have more knowledge and are able to teach simply. I can really tell the Lord trusts us more and is having the Spirit teach right through us- I love being instruments in the Lords hands! With alot of questions, I will think in my mind, no way I can answer this - then a little feeling inside will say no have faith and open my mouth and when i open my mouth, it is filled with what to say and it is amazing.  Shawn was at church on Sunday and its funny because we found out his best friend is Nick who the Elders are teaching.  Amazing the Lord is truly mindful of all his children!

Teaching Christain lately has been freaking unreal! Like literally he is amazed every time and soo excited. We are teaching him the Plan of Salvation and it’s taken 2 lessons and we will be teaching the rest of it tonight again.  As we answer his questions through the scriptures we are literally seeing the spirit just turn the light bulb on in his head. It is unreal! He is always so excited and blown away, and says this is all familiar and something I deep down just makes sense to him. He was out of town this week but said will start coming to church this Sunday.

The ward is so awesome here I love them all so much! Yesterday after church the Bishop was eating Chinese food with us and his son in the kitchen, he is the funniest man, and is so Christ like and wants to do his best to help out with missionary work. I really have it good and am aware that I may not serve in a better ward, but I just feel so blessed to be able to serve here!  Yesterday there was a girl visiting with her family who is from USA.  She will be serving in the Canada Montreal mission and reports July 24. I filled her ears with how amazing missions are!

We started teaching a LA family last night and it was a great spiritual lesson.  I felt prompted to share my conversion story so i did, and they are looking forward to meeting with us and learning from the beginning and see if they can gain a testimony again. They just went through the temple last yr and had a baby boy couple months ago.  I have seen them at church once since i have been here, so we are starting to see them once a week.  They live in Stratford so we only can go 1 a week because we get the truck from the elders 1 a week and they get to ride a beautiful girl bikes!

It was funny we met a girl downtown and asked if he could teach her on a park bench and we taught her the whole first lesson her name is Julianne and we set up a second app. after church.  She gave us her number but no address so we were like hmmm?? so we called that number and it wasn’t her phone number we were like weird! Who would sit through a whole lesson for an hr if they weren’t interested?  Sunday comes around she wasn’t at church.  When we get home there is a voicemail and it was her apologizing for not coming because her cousin got in a car accident! So we were able to set up another app. but we felt bad for doubting her and not having faith!  Kind of funny though. Church was great though! The lesson on relief society in 3rd hr was amazing! Dont you think?!  I just love being a part of this gospel!

So we had interviews over skype with president on Friday!  That was great, I just love president! We currently have 24 sisters and by October will have 34 sisters, and close to 50 by January. He told me specifically that I will be having lots of opportunities to train and that they are opening up more sisters areas, it’s their goal to have a set of Elders Sisters and a senior mish. couple in each area. I will basically, 100% be transferred not this next transfer but the one after.  I will be training and possibly opening up another area for sisters. He has been really happy with my work and said to keep doing what I'm doing, and that I am closer to the end of my time in Ctown. There will be only 1 new sister this next transfer coming up so there is a chance that I will be staying here or training not really sure . I can’t wait to train! I would love to be here 1 more transfer though! But not my will the Lords will.

I really noticed how short the time is as a missionary and that never ever again will I be able to experience this.  Never will I be able to fully submit myself to the Lords work.  Even when Im a Senior couple on a mission it won’t be the same because I will have a family, and have bills to pay etc it’s just not the same. It really is short 18 months! And I feel blessed to be able to dedicate and devote 18 months, it’s not a burden at all its one of the greatest blessings I ever been able to be a part of and I am going to cherish these moments, these memories for the rest of my life.  These experiences I am having are eternal and preparing me for my life now and eternity!  I love you all soooo much I have such great examples.

I LOVE YOU ALL and thank you for all your support!
This gospel has changed me my life my future and I feel so blessed for these changes!

LOVE Sister Pizzey xoxoxox!

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