Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So I am getting transferred to Wolfville Nova Scotia! Elder Prince will be my zone leader and will be serving in the same ward as me which is called Kentville ward. I am leaving Wednesday afternoon on a fairy to New Glasgow with Sister Davis who is going home as she has completed her mission, and then will be going to Halifax to meet my two companions yes TWO and then we will drive from the mission office to Wolfville!
haha Okay lets get started on this week and then you can be filled in on all the details. And dont worry mom I am okay with leaving!
So this week I went and served in Riverview in Newbrunswick for tuesday and wednesday as Sister Judd had to go to leadership training in Dartmouth. It was great I served with Sister Lewis for those days who I served with at the end of last transfer as well! Its crazy how much time flys I cant believe this transfer is coming to an end and this week ! Crazy, literally felt like it was pday yesterday. So in Riverview I drove the Charlottown Elders truck around- a little scary considering have never driven a truck before! But we managed to get by!
Friday we were able to pick up a new investgator whose name is Paige and her middle name is Marie as well! She is very open minded and really interested in wanting to learn and come to church! She wasnt able to this week, but hopefully next week!  So we taught Matt West one more time on thursday but he wasn't accepting our message ...  But we certainly did all we could do with our purpose and I feel great about that!
So the Elders had a baptism on Saturday!  It was great, I just love watching baptism.  What a great thing watching someone enter into a covenant with the Lord?! Nothing better! 
Christain was able to attend the baptism and he loved it, he was really moved by the messages at the baptism this week and church. He said he felt like he needed to be baptized right then like TODAY!  Ugh!  My heart just melts thinking of him and how elect he is.  I love teaching him and truly is such a blessing. The Spirit is just flowing and pumping whenever we teaching him and he has a lot of good hard question and the Lord just fills are mouths when answering them.  He always has a "PLT- post lesson txt" hah you know instead of a "PDT- post date text" he gives us a PLT and thanks us for teaching him and how much he appreciates it - its really great.  Truly is a testimony builder when you see someone experience conversion from BOM reading and prayer, and see the Spirit testify to them of truth.  I love teaching with Sister Judd we really are so unified in our teaching and can switch a lesson at the drop of a hat if the Spirit directs us to and still be unified and with harmony.  I am really going to miss her, and our lessons and teaching skills with one another, but its okay I have faith that the Lord will qualify me in my next area!
Anyway so here is the news about transfers - usually Saturday on the 5th week we open up transfer letters.  This Saturday morning the Zone leaders called and said that there will be no letters and president will be calling whoever is trasnferred.  So all day Saturday no call!  We actually talked to one of the assistants and they didnt know - or so they said !haha.  But all the way till 10pm Saturday night Sis Judd and I were like whooo hooo! 6 more weeks together and a baptism! and BOOM 10:15 pm strikes and an in coming call - President Leavitt.  Prior to that I had been joking with Sis Judd lying to her and being like "oh no! PL is calling" -- as a joke.  So at 10:15 when I said that, she didnt believe and well it was actually happening!  So I am being transferred to Novia Scotia I will be serving in a great ward, the Akadia University is there.  There will be 11 sisters in my zone. The Sisters area has been open for 1 or 2 transfers.  And I will be in a trio.  I will be serving with Siter Laxton who has been out a transfer less than me and Sister Thompson who was in the MTC with me.  I will be the senior companion. Sister Thompson is having a hard time, So Sister Laxton and I are going to work on motivating her and strengthening her to enjoy her mission.  So yea it felt very surreal hearing this!  Like Charlottown is my home!  It’s funny, I think I will feel "home sick" for Charlottetown, but no not really.  I just feel so blessed to have served in such a great ward!  I have formed soooo many great relationships with soooo many great people!  MOM and DAD we are definitely coming back here to visit!  We have sooo many amazing people to see.  The Steens want to hook me up with her grandson haha.  But i just love missions I have spiritually gotten to know sooo many people that will be friendships for eternity that I would of never known.  Words cant express my gratitude I have for being blessed with these opportunities - I cant put to words the memories!  I got everyone to sign my book and took pictures with lots of people and we have lunch and dinner appointments stocked on everyday from yesterday till i leave!  The Bishop and his family are having us over for dinner tomorrow and making us Japenese food as he served his mission there!  I just love them all so much!  Have grown sooo close with all the families!  Mary macachern (emilys mom) took your info mom and may be in alberta soon and wants to pay you a visit! I LOVE MISSIONS!
It pains me to say goodbye to our great investigators and LAs we are teaching but not my will the Lords will!  But as weird as it is and how sad as it is to leave the people I am teaching, my heart feels great to go to this new area!  I know its from the Lord and where he needs and wants me, and I have many things to learn in the future and lives to bless!
Shawn, Ball and Anita i was able to see yesterday and they were all able to leave the nicest notes in my goodbye book!  Its amazing Shawns understanding of the gospel and what he left!  He is the one from China- he has been praying reading and the Spirit has truly helped him understand that God loves him and helps him!  When we first met him he didnt know if there was a God!  Its great the gospel is true!
Montigue Sisters are in Charlottown today and we are filling our boots full of PEI sutff for Sis Davis and myselfs last pday on the island.  I love the sisters I’m serving with!  Anyway I know that the future is as BRIGHT as our FAITH!  Faith is what makes miracles happen and charity is what makes things easy and happy! 
I LOVE the gospel - this morning I was reading my patriarchle blessing and I just LOVE our heritage I am soooo grateful for my family living and who have passed on the other side because you all have created this strong foundation for me us and our family!
it's great!
Have a great week and read BOM daily!
Sorry for scattered email but have to go! Have faith and be an example! Hope everything works out well with Taren I will keep her and Dave in my prayers!
xoxoxo LOVE
Sister Pizzey

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