Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Zone Conference
 Two cute Anne of Green Gables!

Loving her first home cooked lobster and mussell dinner!

A wonderful Nepalese Family they are teaching.

June 24, 2013

So this week has been good and hard! It was a learning and growing week. Things didn't go as they were planned, lessons fell through and didn't just work out for the way we hoped for them to. But it is okay! We needed a week like that to wake us up and see what we need to work on, because we have literally had 6 weeks of miracles and we need one to wake us up and to make sure we are continually on our toes! Coming into the 7 weeks of being with the same person all the time 24/7 is something I have not experienced before and has caused me to learn alot about patience. Because you all know me I can get in a zone when I am annoyed by the way people do things that are weird and different in my eyes. So this week I have worked with not allowing the Spirit of contention, and not to get in the way of the Spirit of the Lord. It has been hard at times! But having charity is what it is about, everyone! Its just the happier simpler way of living! 1 Corinthians 12 and 1 Corinthians 13 puts it sooo perfectly! CHARITY CHANGES CHARACTER and thats what it is about changing our character, we are always changing and its up to us to be who we want to be and it all starts with change of heart!
So we began teaching a LA last week whose father use to be a Bishop and now is a former member and VERY anti - anti is toxic. Never read it! So we are working with her and her mom is active (divorced for her dad) and 1 of her sisters is active all 3 of her other siblings are very anti as well to the point where they do not talk to there mother and yea just lots of drama! I am soooo grateful for my family! So she is having a hard time with coming back and her anti side of the family having a issue with her.... so we are seeing her tonight! 
Things with Robert have been good.  We have had a little set back with one of our lesson with Danielle.  They came to church Sunday which was great!
We are continuing to teach the Nepalese family and they are great! Anita we found out yesterday is 5 month pregnant ! And that would make sense why she has been so sick lately! They were suppose to go camping this weekend and while we were sitting in church in walks Bal!  It was such a nice surprise! They couldn’t go camping because she was sick, so he decided to come to church and we taught him that afternoon.  Just with Nepalese culture they like to do things with permission from his family so we hope their family is okay..If not we will build his testimony stronger and stronger to with stand that!
We ate Lobster at the steens house this week and that was amazing! I will send pictures and I am probably going to send home a usb drive of pictures as well from whole mission so far. But WOW lobster here isn’t nothing like lobster at home! And we had a huge bowl of mussels, they were amazing!! Dad I was thinking of you and how you would be loving this. When we come back to tour the mission I will have to take you to the Steens!!
So that new family from Dominican that I mentioned last week, They are from Haiti and are amazing!! They LOVE missionaries! We went to go visit them this week and her sister who isnt a member translated for us  because they speak zero english. They have been memebers for 8 years and went to the temple every month, they have a 15 yrs old son and a 7 yr old girl.  They use to have another son but he died in a car accident 4 yrs ago with the oldest son, he was the middle child, very sad.  They said if it weren’t for the gospel they dont know how they would of gotten through it.  It’s just amazing to me that the gospel is just the same all around the world!  That you can literally move to another country not speak the language at all and be taken care of and loved! Mom you mentioned this to me when I was LA yrs ago and it is sooo true! And i love it! We started teaching a big guy named Dale he is from Bahamias and wears a pick in his hair he is awesome! He has the big black guy accent and will be like "Child! let me tell you about Job!" haha its awesome, being a missionary is awesome.
We had zone training this Saturday which was great.  I love the elders and sisters we serve with in this zone, especially the sisters! Elder Dupont is not in my zone. I am done 12 week training now and my day begins at 10 now ! so weird! I was able to serve a couple in our ward who have no money and cut there hair- i love being able to do that and they looked great after!
I love the BOM and I have learned soooo much while serving a mission, more than I could imagine.  I feel I would be sooo lost without these valuable life lessons I have learned. Just as it is important for converts who are preparing for baptism or LAs who are meeting with us missionaries to read and pray daily, it is just as important for us members to be doing that as well. Read the BOM and continually take Moroni's promise read and pray ask if it is true so we can continually learn and grow and experience those feelings of conversion. In the World that we are living in reading and praying, family home evening is our protection from the World and temptations. The times are different than they were 10 yrs ago 5 yrs ago, just attending church and following the commandments are not enough- being a 3 hr church member will not protect us. We need to build our foundation upon a rock, we need to follow the prophets counsel and be exactly obedient so when the storms come we wont be swayed. HELAMIN 5:12. Its a slippery slope. Get a food storage 72 hr kit together Calary= scary! The Prophets council is not to restrict us or is not "too intense" it is to promise that we will not go astray that we will do what the Lord wants us to do exactly to give us Eternal truths in a World of shifting values. What we acquire and learn here is going to help and benefit us in the life to come, we are missionaries we are the army of Helaman and we are here to do what the Lord needs done! So prepare yourselves to be the benefit for this world for our brothers and sisters in this life and most importantly in the life to come! 
SO much LOVE
Sister Pizzey xoxox.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 17, 2013

FIRSTLY Sis J and I are still in Charlottetown we are so happy and will be here for the Summer it is GORGEOUS HERE!
SECONDLY Avery looks soooo old!

All righty so this has been an eventful week! And yet another week, where Heavenly Father has been blessing us sisters in Charlottetown. I AM SO HAPPY I’M HERE TILL AUGUST AT LEAST- I will be here for Danielle and Roberts wedding and his baptism! And I was here for their baby’s funeral in April! It’s such a blessing to grow sooo close to people on the other side of the country that I would have never met! And I know this transfer blew by!!
So let’s start with Monday, So we ate at a families house in the country,  We get the truck and the elders drive our lovely green flowered bikes haha!  We went to their farm; they have chickens mini horses, it’s awesome and gardeners- I think I’m going to garden when I’m a mom.  It was awesome, they were just shooting referrals at us left, right and centre so we were pumped! Then we went to teach the Dezeree family (Anita and Bals brother and bros wife) and it was hilarious! We had the whole Nepalese community come; we started with 3 and ended with like 12 people in the room haha!! It was hilarious, we began teaching and people just started filing in the house one after the other till we had like 10 Nepalese people gathered around while we are teaching THE TRUE RESTORED GOSPEL everyone! It was pretty funny, and they love us! So we got some new investigators from that, and they always feed us after with cookies and pop or juice because we don’t drink tea its usual coke or something and well I love coke but sis J hates it so it’s also pretty funny!
Then at the end of each transfer PL has a training conference for all the ZL's and STL's that was in Dartmouth. Sis J is a STL so I went to go serve in Moncton/Riverview/Dieppe area for two days while Sis J was there.  I served with Sis Lewis, this was her first transfer.  She is from Salt Lake South, lived in Blake’s mission but doesn’t know Blake though. But it was awesome serving with her! It’s crazy just to see how much I have learnt and same with her as well. We had lots of fun together.  I just loved her investigators and they all hoped to see me again someday as well! We got to sit in on a lesson with the DL there and that was awesome as well, I got to learn soo much! So Sis J got back to Moncton weds night at 8:30pm so then we got back to PEI at like 12 midnight.  I know I felt like a rebel! It was funny while we were driving I had to pee so at like 11:30 we had to pull over the side of the road and pee on the side haha it was really funny and had to keep the door open because well you know we have to be within sight and sound of each other! And yea a big truck had to drive by right as I was doing that as well, sooo really funny! haha too much info|?? sorry!
So Thursday we got to see Sis Henderson and she made us hot chocolate and cinnamon buns while we taught her.  I was already feeling sick this whole week, had a smoker voice from sore throat and head ache, Vitamin C was my best friend! After Sis J and I left her house, I was about to burst.  We get on our bikes and we are legitimately gagging the WHOLE ride home \!! haha It was ridiculous and ridiculously funny at the same time - no word of a lie we were swerving biking sooo slow because we were dry heaving the whole ride home we couldn’t help it! Sis J puked on of road and keep in mind this is like 1 pm haha people are out walking dogs enjoying the day and please don’t mind us missionaries we are just puking here! Ugh it was bad!  I couldn’t help but laugh at the same time and same with sis j def a good memory. So we get home and both run in the apartment I run to the toilet puking while she is puking in the bathroom sink..... hahaha yea it was disgusting but also soooo funny! So we slept for couple hrs and went back to work weirdest thing! So I have had crazy mucous nose and throat but today is ALOT better- my voice gives out but today is good!
So Thursday we actually picked up (investigator’s) dad as a new investigator.  We are still teaching Anita and Ball and were aiming for baptims for them end of July they are just asking permission from their family (culture thing for them) I feel HF has just been dropping investigators in our laps!
We go to teach Bob our hilarious Chinese investigator who is sooo unique and corky and he brought his Chinese friend Danny! haha Bob and Danny are like the exact same! And Danny is sooo excited and Bob was sooo excited to share this with him. Funny thing at church on Sunday sacrament is quite hard for our investigators that don’t understand English too well.  Bob left and slept on couch during sacrament ... remember! And this time we left to get a coffee.... he is so hilarious, we just love him! We are also teaching Jack Wu and he is 22 from Taiwan and is sooo faithful and obedient to everything we teach him he just understands and it all just makes sense.  He is a golden investigator and wants to be baptized but is moving to Toronto June 29th, then will be in Taiwan for July then permanently living in Toronto as of August.  We are going to continue to prepare him for baptism before he leaves and then contact missionaries and give them the low down on them and make sure that they will continue with him! I’m still happy though all the same kingdom!
So  Robert is soooo awesome! He cannot wait to be baptized July 13th - their wedding is July 6th which  we are invited too!! and we made him a calendar day yesterday and tomorrow we will be booking all our apps till his baptismal date.  He LOVED it, he is so elect and loves the gospel and feels so blessed to have met us. I hope I can attend his and Danielle’s sealing in a yr to their little baby Ezailia, who passed at two weeks old.
Church was another great week! We had 5 investigators attend and all stayed 3 hrs and loved it!
So Yao a RC from China -we have been working with her, she is from China.  She usually stays just for sacrament but this week after sacrament she got a priesthood blessing and after the blessing she decided to stay so we were stoked!!
I have been practicing haircutting! Last pday I cut the Elders hair and this week will be cutting a couple who don’t have much money for haircuts.  It’s such a fun things to offer as service!

So our bikes totally shut down on us this week; both breaks stopped working.  From a bike accident haha so we took them into the bike shop. This Bike shop loves us, we have been there 3 times now this transfer so they know us quite well and give us great deals! So they gave us these sweet Marry poppins bikes, we took pics I might have time to send them to you today! But they had cruzer breaks and 1 gear so we road those for 2 days, and cruzer breaks are like the breaks that you have when your 5 yrs and push back to stop, it was pretty funny! So we drove those around and on Friday night we were driving and these guys yelled at me "MARY! MARY! Come back! Mary poppins! “it was pretty hilarious. Soooo many funny times this week! Are bikes are fixed and had a lot of repairs done.  The miss. took care of the costs.
Lots of changes in the mission leadership our ZL got made to assistant, and our district leader got called to ZL.  Also changed from being 1 ZL to two ZLS so Elder Jenson and Elder Jarvis will be serving here in ctown with us as district and zone leaders and sis j STL is here - I feel so blessed to be serving here! I got to sit in on the DL (district leader) STL (sister training leader) Skype training on sat. And hear all the inside deats. and learn haha so yea it was awesome. They are doing a new thing everyday where we memorize a scripture.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing miss. pres. and has set things out that it is so easy to be a successful missionary.!

Did you guys get the elder holland talk i sent you?!
I’m studying in Mosiah 18 and WOW Abinadi the man! He has so much FAITH.  It’s amazing my mind is blown away and the Gospel is soooo real and true and any honest meek sincere finder can and will find the truth in the BOM of this True and everlasting Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ for these last days. We are so blessed to have a Prophet and to know this!!!

I LOVE YOU ALLL SOO MUCH HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAREN AND KAMRY!!!! I’m happy Blake is alive and functioning!!! SERIOUSLY!  I’m happy B and J got to enjoy a trip
I will send pics next week I have soooo many good ones I’m aching to share.  I just don’t have time today.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 10, 2013

This has been another amazing week!! I love being on a mission I wouldn't change this experience for the World there is no other place I would like to be right now but here. There is no greater calling and no greater more enjoying work than this work! I love the picture you sent man Kensey does look great! That is so awesome that you have been having soo many events at our house, which sounds like so much fun! I can’t believe the ward split up, that is very exciting but also crazy! Sounds exciting for you guys! Man it’s going to be so awesome to be a member of a ward some day, I just love the gospel and church and people - I am for sure going to highlands ward and going to do my best with helping that ward become better and the missionary efforts in it. Thats cool to hear about your relief society thing and there are many angels amongst us! As missionaries I know that when we go knock door to door etc. that it is not just Sis J and I, that there are angels travelling amongst us and helping and protecting us ! And I also know that there are many angels amongst us preparing the hearts of many people! Alma 13: 24! BOOM.
So lets get started on this magnificent week of blessings!
So for Preparation day Summerside Elders came up and Montague sisters came up to Charlottetown and our whole district when to cows ( this amazing ice-cream place that started over in eastern Canada).  We toured the cows icecream factory, they have chocolate covered chips! Amazing haha yikes, but yea we all hung out and toured; it was lots of fun and Montague slept over at our place Sunday night because they were to be here Monday for pday.   (Montague is like 45mins away)  They slept at our place Monday night as well- they went to work in Montague for 6, came back at 9 because every tues we have district meeting at 10. 
District meeting I did the Doctrinal Discussion and I spoke on Hope. That went really well as well. I was a little nervous because I first I didnt know what approach I would take.  During pstudy (personal study) I had faith that as I studied the topic and organized many ideas somehow the Lord would help guide me to formulate and know of what I needed to speak on. So I spoke about how hope is a leg of a three legged chair along with faith and charity and how the 3 of them go hand and hand. But how Hope is the start to it all hope leads to all! So we read in Moroni 7: 40-45 It went really well! I could go on for a while on this but let’s move on! 
So we had exchanges this week.  Sis Davis and I served together here in Charlottetown and it was good.  President Leavitt takes time every transfer to travel to every area and visit our apartments and interview us one on one so that is really nice ! He is quite a funny man. He searched everything to our freezer and searches through all our food making jokes its quite funny.  I really love that man he is the best Mission pres. and is such an example of everything he teaches or tells us he does, he literally talks to everyone! And so successful in business you can tell because he has such creative ideas for our mission!
This week has been awesome though the Holy Ghost is soooo real!! We received sooo many promptings and whenever I do I just do whatever the thought may be! Many times this week we were in Browns qt. a student housing type area and the thought popped in my mind go knock area 9 in browns qt. So I looked at Sis J and was like lets go housing 9.  She wasn’t too keen, but I was like no! We are doing it! And we did and we met a man who was just praying to god and was crying and needed us there! We have taught him twice since, he is very broken going through a break up.  He  was just baptized Baptist and very confused about what god wants of him and BOOM here we are. So things with him will be moving slowly but I know HF needed us there right there and I felt so blessed to be able to assist in the Lords work at that time.   Another time we were in an apartment building and (investigators) no showed us. I felt prompted that we needed to knock the whole apt. Building, we did and we met a Filipano man who was interested and had a family that has met with missionaries before.  We are planning to see him this week! Another time this week were hurrying, biking to the church for an appointment, we were running late.  Sis J was in front of me and we biked past this man.  Sis J said hi to him and continued to bike down the hill,  so she’s way ahead and I felt like no I need to stop and talk to him, so I said Hi and continued to bike past fast.  I really felt bad as I drove away so I stomped on my breaks (sorry break* only one of my bike breaks work right now :) ) and glided and spinned around and biked up to him and talked with him.  He is from Africa -Burundi and he has been in Quebec past 4 yrs and just moved here looking for a church.  He has a heavy heavy French accent (but nothing new as all our investigators pretty well don’t speak English ... perfectly).  So we talked he gave me his address and number and two days later we taught him and he came to church Sunday and loved it! And we will be seeing him this Thursday! HOLY GHOST IS SOOO AMAZING GOSPEL IS TRUE EVERYONE. I know that this Gospel is true for many many many reasons temples etc! The Lord is soooo mindful of all his Children and wants them sooo badly to return to him through the grace of the Saviors atonement and the priesthood powers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our church! 
The Nepalese family we ran down in our bikes the other week are soooo elect!!!So prepared! We have a Gospel Fundamentals book in Nepalese that we teach from with it is life changing! They are loving it ! They Love the Gospel and how HF loves them- they say all the time God sent you to us to help us. And they are amazing. We showed up for a lesson at their house and they had their family over and we taught them and their family so all 4  of them.  The family was eating this message up!! They LOVED it and after the lady stood up and gave me the biggest hug
I feel soooo blessed to be able to teach soooo many people from other parts of the World, The Lord loves all the children, I have learnt soooo much from all these people. Humility being one! They are sooo humble and so happy with how little they have! Truly is an example for me and I know the Lord has sent me to meet these people to teach them but to also teach me and have me get some perspective! I feel sooo blessed because with teaching all these people with their many many different languages (where the church doesn’t even have much stuff available for their language) we have to be simple teachers! We have learnt sooo much how to teach with the simplest terms but for them to fully understand the gospel as well! The Lords has helped us sooo much! Teaching simply is sooo hard and something I struggle with and I know the Lord is blessing me with these teaching experiences because he is allowing me to learn and turn my weaknesses into strengths! Ether 12:27. I have soo much I’m learning and to continue to learn. I feel soo blessed!
Yesterday Sis J and I at the beginning the of day were like let’s just work so hard today that when we get home we will be ready to die and pass out! haha. And we did! We didn’t eat dinner till 9:15pm yesterday, we left the house at 9 am and returned home at 9:15. We left and ended up teaching 3 lessons that we didn’t expect too.  We just kept working off of prompting and prompting, and we felt like we really needed to go see Sis Henderson a LA lady instead of dinner.  We did and we were so grateful we put aside our hungry feelings.  When we showed up, she had that week collapsed 5 times due to low blood sugar and didn’t tell anyone! She had broken her nose and had two HUGE black eyes, we were in shock so we helped her get changed, made her dinner and the elders came over and gave her a blessing. It was sooo sad and I again felt to blessed that the Lord loves her sooo much and sent us to her.  She said she was ready to breakdown right before we showed up and that the Lord answered her prayers.
This week again truly has been amazing! I LOVE the ward I’m serving in everyone loves us and I know everyone sooo well . We get our transfer letters this week and I am really hoping I stay! haha. I would be more than happy to stay here more than another week! NOW mom don’t be a stressed out this week worrying if I’m staying or not or how I will handle things if I’m moving.  It’s not my will but the Lords will if the Lord needs me to be somewhere else.  I will go and do what the Lord has commanded because 1Nephi3:7 ! haha. Many people we are teaching in the near future will be baptized.   
This week I have been studying Mosiah 10-13 and man Abinadi is the man!!! I love him!! He is sooo bold and I love how he didn’t see the fruit of his labor.  But he stood strong and held to his faith in what the Lord had given him, he was not shifted in the influence of others ! He was an anchor! Abinadi is awesome and it’s my goal to be like him! Ether 12:4 BOOM it’s a good stick. The BOM is awesome! Love it! It truly is a blessing that we have one we can read.  As I’m teaching people where the BOM is not available for them in their language and they would love to be able to just simply read it as we can.  So don’t take advantage of that amazing blessing that we have!
I LOVE YOU all ! 
Love Sister Pizzey

June 10, 2013 - PICTURES

Cats, cats and more cats ... Paige says they are everywhere!

 The Sisters and Elders of Charlottetown!
Paige and her companion excited about whats going on!

Sister Davis and Paige
Sister Steen, a favorite ward member!
Sister Leavitt and sister missionaries!

Friday, June 7, 2013

June 3, 2013

Okay we were a little surprised last email no mention about Kensey’s baby?  (questions we ask paige)
Your thoughts, ha?
hahaha yeaaa sorry I had so much on my mind!!! But that is very exciting!! Tell her I say congrats and she is the best looking mom I have ever seen after a week of giving birth! And Emily looks absolutely stunning at grad! And I like her dress the best.

This week truly has been amazing. I feel the same way as I did last week but even more! Emotional almost I am filled with the Love of my Savoir and am blown away at how true this Gospel is.
Our area is doing amazing- Yesterday our zone leader called sister Judd and I and said our area is the standard of excellence for the zone and the whole mission! And asked us for advice on what he could give to our zone. We surpassed our goals for this week finding 8 new investigators - 3 new families consisting of two sets of parents and one single mom- all the kids are below the ages of 8. Between us and the Elders we had 10 investigators at church 6 of them being our investigators! The Lord has truly blessed us and I feel sooo in aahhh amazed and full of gratitude to be serving in a time such as this and a part of this work. The standard of excellence is set at 35 for the mission and we surpassed it this week by 20 keys over 35... Not that numbers matter but it truly does help us see the Lords hand performing miracles in front of us.

We won’t be teaching (investigator) anymore.  There is no way we can be teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her dad around.  So Anita and Ball is the Nepalese  family there 7 yr old daughter name is Sasita she is adorable is legitimately is a little brown Nepalese version of Avery.  Like if Avery was brown she would be Sasita haha! We were able to teach them twice this week and the Gospel art book is our best friend! It has changed the lessons with language barriers and helped bring a lot more understanding to the investigators. Our second lesson Lal and Talusche were able to come with a married couple in early 20s that were baptized in January and that helped a lot! They brought them to church Sunday and their friends now.  They  hang out all the time! Ball said he had a dream and knows the BOM is true - hasn’t read it yet but knows it’s true.. haha so we are like SWEET! So Bal told us that yesterday after church so we are planning to put them on date this week! I love teaching foreigners- Chinese people always provide herbal tea. and the Nepalese people always provide great Nepalese food!
Then we started teaching a guy named Kalvin in our ward (he was baptized in Jan. he is from the Philippians) roommates and that was awesome... We actually met Kalvins roommate Jerry on the street and set up an appointment with him and then showed up to realize "oh hey Kalvin we didn’t know you LIVED with jerry or even knew him" So their other roommate sat in and we picked Jerry and Fernando up as investigators! Kalvin was kind of shocked because he said when past missionaries came to teach him his roomates would always hide in their rooms and weren’t interested at all.... haha i think us being girls may have helped but whatever gotta do what you gotta do I guess to help bring others unto Christ and come to know the TRUE restored Gospel of Jesus Christ ;) haha.
Then we met this guy named K'nyaw from Thailand on the street and set up an appointment he is Christian- Sis Judd was kind of hesitant thinking okay this guy isn’t going to go anyway but I was pumped! So we showed up to his house to teach him and not really sure what to expect... and ask he opens the door we see that he has a beautiful family! With a wife that can speak better English than him.  She has taught Sunday school on the refugee camps in Thailand where they previously have been living for 15 yrs.  And there is two beautiful children ! It was amazing and we picked them up as well. There story is amazing the United Nations split up the refugee camp and divided them throughout the World; they have family in USA, Denmark etc just all over! The Lord loves them and sent us to them!
Then we chose an area to knock through prayer and we really felt strongly about Victory Ave- and so the 4th apartment in the first apartment building we knocked we met Jessica! She is a single mom with a 5 yr old and 3 yr old just got a divorce a yr ago. And first thing she said was..." O hey I go to Zion church but been wanted to change churches would you like to come in?" We are just jaws dropped uuhhh YESS!! SO we teach her first lesson- and before we get to the Great Apostasy she is already saying I feel the Bible has been translated so much blah blah blah and were just like oh yea!!!! Let me tell you yadda yadda yadda. And she just loves it! So we picked her up and taught her two days later with the primary president in the ward, they hit it off! And she came to church and they blended right in- her family honestly looked like members the little 5 yr old boy showed up in a white button up collar shirt beige cacky pants and dress shoes, for crying out loud!!! It was sooo awesome and they loved it!
So Yesterday at church was AMAZING I honestly was ready to start crying for joy and amazement at how the Lord loves his Children so much ! He loves all of us! We had 6 people come and it was fast testimony meeting (meaning I was little nervous what people would say) so I said a prayer before it started and the Spirit was just flowing in the room! Jessica was just in ahh nodding her head- Joshua was taking notes! Danielle and Robert (La and Robert our investigator on date for July 13) got up and bore their testimonies!!! YES our investigator Robert got up and bore his testimony and said I know this church is true! Sis Judd and I were about to jump up and applaud we were soo excited! It’s so funny how I feel about my investigators; I feel like a parent I get sooo overwhelmed with joy, excitement, happiness emotional when they do what HF asks them;when the light bulb clicks in their mind at church and in our lessons. I just love them all so much! It was an amazing day and I’m just on a cloud is the jest of this all! The Ward was amazing with all of our investigators! Everyone reached out and fellowshipped and made everyone feel just like family.-MAKESURE YOU ALL FELLOWSHIP AT HOME FAM JAM IT MAKES A WORLD A DIFFERENCE FOR NEW MEMBERS AND INVESTIGATORS. The Elders and us were just ecstatic about the success in Ctown.
The Ward is all so excited about missionary work and the Bishop loves us! He is the best Bishop ever he is so involved in the Ward and gives it his all, it’s amazing!
It has been an amazing week. The Lord is great the Gospel is real. 
I love you all very much! I can’t believe that picture of those kids in the ditch hahaha like what?!? And our fam man you guys are all a bunch of beauts I love you alll sooooo much! Dad Sis Judd thinks you look the same age as our bro in laws! I love you all! And hope all is well. I keep you in my prayers especially Breanne and Jordan!
LOVE Sister Pizzey.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 27, 2013

I’m like rejoicing right now I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. That is all. I love you all SOOO MUCH and I’m almost in tears right now with how happy I am and the love that is filled in my body; love of life, love of being a missionary, love of my Heavenly Father, love of the Holy Ghost, love of the AMAZING family I have. I am sooo blessed and I love you guys so much!
So MONDAY:  We did contacting and finding then we had an appointment with investigator and we showed this AMAZING temple video and then we talked of the big one. WOW and it was amazing, it truly is remarkable, the Spirit like ahhh I’m amazed! I say things and I’m just like woahh this is not me talking and I can remember things and pull scriptures out that just pop in my head and read them to help bring more understanding (because the scriptures is the ultimate tool!) and she completely understood and the spirit was soo strong! I love teaching with Sis Judd!
TUESDAY: Was an amazing day! First have we had studies then district meeting. Our district more than doubled, our key indicators from last week and we all are doing amazing Elder Jarvis (our DL) told Sister J and I that 45 indicators is un heard of for a biking area in our mission...! (Which we have every Tuesday from 10-1 including lunch)  Sister Judd and I got a priesthood blessing from our DL Elder Jarvis and WOW that was amazing he doesnt even know me! and the things said well were just amazing and that right there just confirmed my testimony of priesthood! truly authority given from god to act and speak in his name. After the meetings we switched and Sister Starkie and I served together I was fasting that day because I was shaking in my boots about (investigator) app! haha but it went awesome! First off (investigator) dad’s couldn’t come and (blessing!) her mom was there who is equally if not more negative against the church but she would allow us to actually speak. But to be honest I couldn't tell you what I said but all I know was it wasn’t me, it was the Spirit talking along with Sis Starkie and it went amazing! We helped (investigator) out a lot and stumped her mom. As bad that sounds haha the spirit was there so it was a good and bold! But Sister Starkie and I tore it up! We got 3 new investigators that 24hrs picked up a LA and began teaching her. Sis Starkie is awesome! I learned sooo much from her.  Her brother I actually met in the MTC; he is a teacher there.  You can tell he was amazing hard working missionary like Blake and she’s following in her bros footsteps as well!.. We both said to one another lets brag to pres about how well we get along and hope he gets the hint to have us serve with one another one day ;).   Sister Judd told me that in her letter from President; Pres Leavitt said to her quote “Sis Starkie is a Sister Pizzey" lol.
So one of the investigators Bob that Sis S and I picked up is hilarious! He is from China and is soooo excited about this he came to church and was sooo excited about his free BOM and how we teach him for free, his mind was blown away about it, haha its hilarious.  He came to church and he left and slept on the coach during sacrament ... and then came to 2nd and 3rd hour and loved it! haha he is a funny guy. and apparently in priesthood when he introduced himself they said bobs an investigator something like and asked if he would introduce himself.  He said" Hi I’m Bob and I’m actually a member because I want to be a part of this and am going to be a member" and then everyone in priesthood applauded and laughed !! haha.
So weds and thurs were days that were tough filled of people cancelling appointments, going to contact referrals and no one being home.  It was hard days and I kept saying to Sister Judd "Don’t worry the Lord is preparing us for something great! And the adversary is trying to discourage us.”  It was very true because Friday and Saturday BOOM they were awesome!
Friday we did weekly planning till 2 then we went to teach Bob that went good.   All of our investigators, all 13 of them there is only a grand total of TWO Canadians, the rest are Chinese or African and Nepalese; so really I have been called to a English speaking mission but sis judd and I feel it’s not. haha. Because of the language barrier you really have to know how to teach with very SIMPLE language and translate what their broken English is asking.  We use the few words they know, to teach! haha its awesome but through the spirit we can get by.  Then We taught Vanessa Lee and she is from Taiwan and boy oh boy language barrier with her is the toughest one! We got through it - I mean she came to church Sunday!
Then Saturday! Was amazing it was 11:45 am and we had gained a new LA and a new gator! Then we got over to Bobs house because we had an appointment with his roommate and a guy name H.Y. answered the door.  I had met him at his house a month ago and so we ended up teaching H.Y and Edmund and got them as new investigators! They are two really smart guys and have a hard time with faith, and knowing that as you pray and read scriptures it will draw you nearer to God. But as they asked hard complex questions I was just sticking to simple doctrine to answer them and it was amazing on how strongly that brought the Spirit in and testifying! They were really interested from then on. And H.Y. who is 3 yr physcology guy said point blank month ago I will never believe in higher power looked me in the eye and said I’m interested and willing to read and pray only because it really intrigues me when you talk about this.  I can see in your eyes and the way you speak about it that you passionately know that what you’re saying and teaching is true. Then we taught Joshua George and man Josh is a stud! He is in 2 Nephi already and we have only taught him twice! He is from Nigeria and he knows his bible! But he also is not a bible basher he truly wants to do what HF wants him to do so he prays and read asks for the HG to be with him as he reads BOM.  He can see that it compliments and testifies the same doctrine as the Bible does. He is praying about Baptism and we had another member present at his lesson and he asked her how she came to know this was true at the end of our lesson as well, so she got to bear her testimony as well! He is upset because he had to work on the Sabbath quote on quote from Joshua’s mouth - he just needs to work to make money for his school courses but will come to church this week! It’s just time for him with receiving a testimony and answers from God and he directed all his questions to so had no questions this time!
This week has been amazing! We biked through the trudging rain all day Saturday, but we were busy and had sooo many places to be! Something amazing about biking and rain and being a missionary- I can truly feel the spirit lift my soul and the lord helps push me on my bike as we trudge up the hills. We also filled our tires with air sat. And well that made a difference! haha I did not realize how low in air the tires were until we filled them.  Yesterday was awesome we saw a Nepalese family walk past us and we were in the middle of talking to a couple and I was itching watching them slowly move further and further away from us.  As soon as we were done with that conversation I look at sis judd and was like did you see where they went! And she was like ya they turned left- then we sped up and chased them down! haha and picked them up and will be teaching them again this thurs and well again quite a language barrier but just another day in the life as a missionary in PEI ;)
It’s been an amazing week! Thanks for sending a package with Irene. I love you all soooo much and keep you in my prayers!
LOVE SISTER PIZZEY I keep you all in my prayers- John14:18 ~ holy ghosts is amazi