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So CONGRATULATIONS TO TAREN AND DAVE on being parents!!! That is sooooo exciting! He looks soooo cute! I can't believe Colby man that will be weird to meet him in a bit. He is going to be a hilarious little guy! And Taren you look great in the pictures! Doesn't even look like you were pregnant!
And we are getting a pool?! hhaha wow mom really did some convincing that is so exciting though!

And what the heck dad?! you are going to be like an hour away from me that is soooo weird!
How is it as a threesome?  Do you feel a connection?
I LOVE being in a 3 some.
Living arrangements, on your own or in a members home?
No we are living in a apartment on the 5th floor
How is the area been, is there lots going on?
Yes there is a baptism on Aug 16, and they just had one last week. The investigator pot not alot of progressing so we will probably have to drop some and find new ones!

As for other questions:
(Paige sent a video, reason for the answer below)
1) the Commission thing that we recite is what we do every morning mission wide! We recite our Purpose, D&C 4 and our commission and then at night the standard of truth, and suppose to recite D&C 4 at night but I rather it in the morning at the start of the day, cause you know-just start it off with a big BANG its a great day to  be a missionary!! 

2) as for car and bikes we are in a car area but we are covering 6 towns yes SIX surrounding towns, so we  use the car on the day that we go to the towns, and to church in Kentville and then bike in wolfville. And I don't drive, I don't think there is much chance of me driving on my mission-too bad of driving record haha. And okay whoooo let me tell you! Biking in Charlottetown is NOTHING compared to here. I literally feel like I am in a mountainous jungle here... there are sooo many hills! And we all eat sooo healthy here and run every morning so YES family I will be shedding those "lbs" oh heyyy! So far we have just been in Wolfville and have been biking average 18kms a day and up straight long hills! its great!

4) 204 Pleasant Street Apartment 505, Wolfville Nova Scotia,  B4P 1N4 (maybe google postal code might be wrong ;/ )

So man has this week been a week of growth! There is sooo much to do and sooo much to learn in such little time! So this last half of the week the idea just dawned on me why don't I just wake up earlier? like hello! So I am now waking up at 5:45 am to study and get things organized then we go running at 6:30. I am going to work up to waking up at 5:30am but it has helped immensely and has taken off sooo much stress this way! I love it, its my time where I just roll out of bed sit in my sweats and study in the office as I watch the sun set slowly over our distant view of the ocean and many many trees here.  Its great i love it!

So lets just start with this week from Monday on! So Monday the montigue sisters came up to ctown (weird seems like so long ago) and we did a whole bunch of tourists stuff we got this famous rasberry anne of green gables juice stuff and drank it but filled it with the famous red PEI sand, and just many other fun stuff!  So packing my stuff up was all good but I have some how picked up a whole extra bag full of stuff! So I will probably be sending some stuff home soon! 

So my last few days in Charlotte town was great, i felt very loved there, many members called saying goodbye, the Bishops family had us over for Japanese curry stew (he served his mission in Japan). Natalie and her mom Sister MacDoogle took us out for lunch my last day and they got me a PEI going away gift of chocolates, candy and a PEI picture book to not forget it here with a really nice card and note.  It was awesome saying goodbye to people I have taught and get them to sign my book. Missions are just amazing and when you get to know people spiritually its amazing it lasts eternal!

So Wednesday Sister Davis who we actually came out to PEI together, she opened Montague and I ctown, we left the island together as well so that was fun! She was returning home from her mission. We took the Ferry and that was such a treat! I serve in such a beautiful place! So we arrived at the mission office that night at 8pm and all 11 of the sisters in the Halifax area were there along with Pres Leavitt one Sister was - Sister Olsen who served Newfoundland.  She met Blake and Linds so that was nice to see her. So once everyone got there we took a picture then we went off to Wolfville!

Now Nova Scotia its crazy! I feel like I am in the jungle sooo many trees! and hills that aren't Edmonton hills or Charlottetown hills.  These hills put those hills to shame. So it really is a humbling experience being transferred, coming into a new unfamiliar place where i don't know anything at all.  And naturally its easy to get all down and have the day feel like a year.  Just because it is naturally something that is out of my comfort zone!  So as I arrived it was alot different than Charlottetown and I realized my mind and heart wasn't fully there the first few hours.  I am sooo grateful I snapped out of it!  Because the future is as bright as our faith! I LOVE it so far. I love being put in a new area because its like a fresh new start the same feeling as when I first came out of the MTC, clean slate to go out and do all I absolutely can then put all my trust in the Lord and have Faith that some how things will work out and the Lord will qualify me. I love missions because everyday as missionaries we have a billion opportunities to do things that are out of our comfort zone, and yes some missionaries they can choose to do missionary work the easy way and stay in the comfort zone but when that happens that is a missionary distinctly choosing not to grow, and not to rely on the Holy Ghost. As we walk out of the comfort zone we are choosing to simply rely on the "comforter" the holy spirit which is so critical and crucial in this work and is what we need in order for this to be the Lords work and not our work. 

This week I have been self evaluating alot and  seeing what I need to change and do for the needs of Gods children here in Wolfville. I really focussed on looking through the "window" - out ward thoughts no "mirror" in ward thoughts. We had a zone training on Saturday and our zone leaders are amazing Elder Prince and Elder Sloan are great examples and I am really looking forward to working with them here. In zone training I was just so motivated in understanding and knowing that these are the last days and that we have to walk with urgency and prepare as many people as we can for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Our time is so short, and we literally are living in the last days. We are living in the times that the World is described as all throughout the Book of Mormon. And this sense of urgency isn't just for us missionaries its also for the members, missionary work is just as much on us missionaries as it is on you members.

So this area we have 3 ppl on date but 1 of those dates is solid and will be baptized on Aug 16, he is a awesome man in his 60s with no legs- so his baptism will be interesting! The last sister that served here with Sister Laxton and Thompson was 29 yrs old and she actually knows Jason - she is from cardston.  Sister Laxton is same age as me and from North Carolina - she is really cute, great style and great teacher. Sister Thompson has had a complete 180 and LOVES the work and is so excited about everything so that is great! They have a big investigator pool but I feel we are going to have to drop quite a bit of them because they aren't progressing, so we will be doing alot of organizing here and picking up and finding ways to find those that are prepared here! I feel there will be a lot of, less active work done here which is just as important the "real growth" and the Bishop is about reactivation! 

My first Sunday was great we were able to meet with the Elders (which they weren't doing before) and set up goals and visions we have for the ward and our areas and then we were able to meet with the Bishop and talk with him about them. We are really working at getting the ward involved in the work ( BECAUSE ITS SO IMPORTANT hint hint FAMILY get involved in missionary work) and the ward still seems to be stuck in old ideas that missionary work is for missionaries and are too scared to invite friends and family and give referrals. So we are showing every family member about the World of Salvation WE ARE ONE video on GO WATCH IT NOW! :). I was able to go bare my testimony to on Sunday and it went great I was able to talk to many people and earn there trust and the Bishops trust which is most important! 

Being transferred as pushed me to learn so much ! and I love it!  If we humble ourselves then the spirit will strengthen our weaknesses and qualify us for whatever God asks of us. Life is all about keeping a "eternal perspective" of things and our eyes single to the Glory of God. Because in this World there is soo little that the World has to offer that will stick and last with us for eternity. 

I love missions and I love doing the Lords work, having joy and happiness peace and contentment on a mission is only possible when we completely surrender ourselves and have our mind and heart in Gods will. This truly is the best 18 months of my life and the time is so short! I love you all so much! Thank you Mom for you prayers because they truly strengthened me!  I pray for our family every night I am so grateful for us and how we will be with one another for eternity I hope all is well at home! 

Any who I will send pictures next week! LOVE YOU ALL take care!!
and have safe travels dad.
Sister Pizzey :) 

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