Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

These past two days have been the most spiritually and emotionally draining haha on my mission thus far, "character building" ?
Are you still in a twosome? 
 Yes I am and I am thinking it is permanent but I am learning so much it really is amazing how much God qualifies us for our callings
Have you got your area more organized?  You said it was quite disorganized.
YES we reorganized the area book this week and felt SOOO GREAT! its Beautiful! All we need to tackle this week is the organization of the office and the map.
So we had another amazing week! We were able to pick up 9 new investigators again and they are for the most part really solid people! To keep all my thoughts and this email organized I am just going to begin from the beginning of the week and go from there. I may jump off range but we will see! haha.
SO Monday night we taught Elkanna and Leah for one last time before they left to Montreal, I feel really blessed to have met them because although they are not members they are great people and call themselves "missionaries" as well, and I'd like to say they are missionaries... just for the wrong church! and Who knows maybe they will be missionaries for the right church in the future ;)
We were able to begin teaching Yvette's son this week! Jonathon. He is a great kid 14 yrs and has been raised in a really rough life and we feel we are teaching them for Jon. We taught him quite simple things but very meaningful Godhead and Prayer we did alot of testifying and he wants to learn more and have the gospel in his life so he can be successful and happy. We will be teaching him and Yvette tonight! 
We began teaching a LA named Judy this week who seems like she was baptised without much understanding of the gospel and has never really been active so we are re-teaching everything to her and helping her be able to partake of all the blessings in the gospel.  We were in Windsor Wednesday and we picked up a new investigator named Mona who was a potential gator for a while and had a great first lesson with her and was able to sing to her as well!  (singing the hymns in lessons is something we always do, it brings the spirit in so much stronger!) Then we went and tried to contact Sister Zewicker (who is LA).  When we went to her house her daughter answered and said she was sleeping so we said "okay thankyou" and walked back to the car. 
While we were walking back I was like SISTER THOMPSON!  WHY did we just walk away without talking to her daughter about the gospel?!  So we got out of the car and went back to Sister Zewicker's house and knocked back on the same door and her daughter answered again.  We were just like "so whats your name?!" and her name was Ashley and we asked her if she had ever met missionaries before and she said yes.... so we continue talking... turns out she was baptised 2 yrs ago and LOVED it.  She is 19yrs old and when she told us that I just said "well what the heck Ashley!?  Why aren't you at church then?!" She laughed and well now we are teaching her and we told her we look forward to seeing her at church.  My goal is to get her on a mission :) because missions are the best!
As we were driving back from Zewickers house we were passing a gas station and I felt like we needed to stop there and I pushed it off.  It kept reoccurring that same thought in my mind and would not go away, so finally I turned the car around and we went to the gas station.  We talked to Tony who worked there and he is a really nice man in his 30’s.  He is interested in learning about the church and the everlasting restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  We will be teaching him on weds and hopefully will be picking him up as a new investigator !
We were in Canning Thursday and while we were knocking and at one of the homes a neighbor came out with her two kids and asked if she could help us.  She was very stand offish, but its okay we buttered her up with being real kind, friendly and genuine and she LOVED us!  She is catholic, very religious and has two kids that are 5 and 7.  After talking with her for 20 minutes she called her husband over and she said to him "honey these two are" explained who we were and said AND "They are FILLED with the Spirit”! and I would like to have them over next week! will you be home?" Her husband is Andy her name is Neve and well, we will be teaching them this week and we can't wait!  She said we are serving in the "Bible belt" haha we said that doesn't stop us.
Then on Thurs we had an appointment set up with a potential investigator named Cecilia (who we found through one of our investigators that we are currently teaching) Cecilia has 4 children - Ty whose 13 to Mia whose 7,  Nevaeh (6), Jayshawn (4) her bf is Breton he is from Jamaica. At first Breton was in the kitchen but during the lesson he slowly moved on into the living room and became quite engaged and interested in the lesson. They know their family needs church and desires to have one but are confused "amongst the tumult of opinions" haha sound familiar ;)? but are confused which church to go to because of how many they we were just like " WELL LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE RESTORATION!" So we were able to teach their whole family the restoration, the Spirit was quite strong and she believes that Joseph Smith vision was true. It was an amazing lesson and we knelt with them at the end of the lesson and had a family prayer it was wonderful! Felt like a movie! 
Then that night we were teaching Kenta (Japanese gator) and he lives in the Univeristy student housing so in the main common area we were watching "Finding Faith in Christ" and a guy walked in and saw we were watching a movie and walked away but I called after him and invited him to watch with us, so he plopped right down and we all watched Finding Faith in Christ together! And that guys name was Ohrium he is from South Suden and well we picked him up as a new gator and taught him twice this past week! 
Then on Friday we went to go sing to one of our investigators sisters who was in the hospital, we finally were able to teach Grace and pick her up as new investigator (who we met couple weeks ago) she is 22 and the Elders are actually teaching her bf in Kentville- we all put two and two together in the lesson!
Then Saturday we taught the LA Judy again and had a great lesson- she didn't come to church yesterday (disappointing) but we have faith she will in the future! After Judy at 10:50am we went to go contact Tiffany Taylor a LA who we have never met before who lives near Judy. So we go and she is strung out on something from the night before, very nice girl though, we talked to her a bit but she was sick.  We actually met her cousin who lives with her named Mason who we ended up teaching.  And Mason was a great normal guy and he said 3 days ago he decided that he wanted to change and re dedicate his life to God.  It was funny when we showed up a Jehovah Witness was teaching him and then we taught him right after. (We bump into JW's alot haha they are interesting ppl)  But the Spirit was so strong we taught the whole restoration and he said that quote on quote "this is the best I have actually felt in a long time" . I shared with him my conversion and testified that it takes work to  change but through this gospel we can be made whole again.  We extended a baptismal commitment to him for Sept 27 and he said yes.  His unaccountable uncle named Lue was there during the lesson and Lue wants to be baptised tomorrow basically but we are really just focusing on Mason.  Lue is unaccountable we think do to drug use.  Mason completely understood the importance of authority for sacred ordinances and the Spirit was there the whole time. It was amazing I just felt sooo much love for him, I can tell all of them were raised from hard circumstances and that Mason needs this gospel so much and that he understands it and wants to change!  (Mason is 24) Being a missionary is so amazing because with the people we teach we literally see and feel for them in Christ's eyes.
We had the Hair cutting booth on Saturday which was awesome!! I cut 5 ppls hair in like 1.5hr . And we might be in the paper for it, we find out Wednesday! We will be doing the Hair Cutting booth for the next month every Saturday so each week it should progressively get more and more success!  I am so grateful for this skill its so convenient! 
So Sunday I speak in church about "Prayer to Heavenly Father" Maybe I will send you my chicken scratch notes for it haha but it went great i LOVE speaking! The Spirit definitely guided my thoughts and words, it was one of those talks where you sit down and think about what I you said and don’t really remember because it was from the spirit- i LOVE those moments. We had 3 investigators Mason and Leu were there and Patrick who we actually haven't taught yet but elders met in Kentville gave us his number and we called him and invited him to church and will be teaching him this Thurs in Canning! 
Anyway so that was our crazy week! And we have a very busy week to look forward too! Missions are great I love doing the lords work and the time is so short. 
Next week could you guys email me about at least 1 missionary opportunity you each individually had, of you inviting someone to learn or something to serve some one and bring them closer to Christ!  As we sacrifice our time we understand the blessings that come from serving and doing the Lords work. Our family is so blessed and we need to help bless others :). As we step out of our comfort zone that is the ONLY way we can rely on the comforter the Holy Ghost and as we stay in our comfort zones we are choosing to not rely on the Holy Ghost.  As we study and pray, the Lord will fill our mouths with what to say as we open our mouths! Its His promise!
I love this work and keeping our eyes focused on the glory of God and seeing the "eternal perspective" not the mortal perspective and focusing on the things that truly matter in life will carry over for the eternities. Its better to start being a missionary now in mortality and enjoy it and be a good missionary because that will be our life in immortality BEING A MISSIONARY. The skills we acquire here will bless us for eternities! Faith without works is dead! Just as prayer for missionary opportunities is dead if we don't ACT and open our mouths and be not ashamed! 
I can't wait to hear about your missionary efforts next week and I will keep you posted on mine :D! 
Sister Pizzey!


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