Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2, 2013

I just LOVE being a missionary, this is honestly the best time of my life- highlight of my life and I don't want this to end! Its great and I am just soooo grateful for every influence that has gotten me to be here on a mission! So thank you family and friends!
OKAY wow I just don't even know where to begin!
Anyway this has been an amazing week and let me begin! I have so much to share! First I will share with you my letter I sent to President,
OKAY so lets begin ( i think this will take a while I am just bracing myself haha just doing a stretch... okay lets begin with the typing!)
Erika is on date for October 25th and we started teaching her this week on Monday actually. She is the most prepared investigator ever! She was a referral from the Elders in Dartmouth, she met with them a couple of times. I honestly feel like I’ve known Erika my whole life.  We are very similar in personality. She is 28 and has a 12 and 6 yr old son and her husband is 30, he works 2 weeks out of town and 1 week home.  We will be teaching him this week. Erika is hilarious and knows this is true, it’s great how much she already understands.  She has started reading the BOM this week. We had a wonderful lesson with her on Friday, where we just spent time in the BOM and we extended a baptism commitment  of Oct 25.  She said yes with tears in her eyes, then we closed with a kneeling prayer where she said it and it was powerful moment where she again had tears in her eyes - spirit was just pumping!

We picked up another investigator Melody who is related to LA family we are teaching, she is 18 yrs old and has been brought up in a really rough life style.  She needs a change and we are hoping she will put in the effort she needs to, for it to be able to turn around. We definitely know that we are teaching her for a reason! 

We had some great lessons with LA's.  Sister T and I have made sure that we aren't wasting are time with LA's that aren't progressing this week and well we had some interesting experiences with one LA lady in particular who actually yelled at us, but oh well that comes with our calling! 

We are still teaching Cecilia and Breton and their 4 children and they have started with baby steps by kneeling in prayer as a family each night! It’s great! 

So we started teaching Patrick this week, it was great!  He is sooo solid, he is from Jamaica.   We taught him Weds and that night he gave us his common law parents info to send to Jordan Bateman so he can teach them in Jamaica.  He is serving in that area right now.  It is nuts how mindful the Lord is of all of us and how we all are connected.  I never would of thought that I would be teaching someone here and that Jordan would be teaching their family in Jamaica, weird.  Elder Prince and I are working together here in this area! How the 3 of us are working together for the work of salvation! Building friendships for eternities!! So we taught him and he wants to be baptized, and he lives literally on a land mine of 60 jamacians that are all here for work! So we taught Patrick last night and we had 3 of his friends attend the lesson and we picked them all up as new investigators! It was SUCH a spirit filled lesson and it was amazing! They will be giving us all their families info for us to send to Jamaica as referrals for there as well! It was great and on thurs night the Elders will be coming with us to this land to teach all these people, so we will be teaching them left, right and centre and bringing the good news of the restored gospel to everyone! They are all so prepared!

We had a great lesson with so many wonderful lessons this week with great people and great potential! We taught a LA family that opened us to a ton about how they feel and why they aren't active.  It is great the Bishops trust for us has gone up for us so much as well! 

We had hair cutting in the park this week as well, it went well.  We will be having it again this Saturday.  We will have the YW's activity this week as well where they will be bringing all their friends. There was a ward corn boil on friday and another one today that we are going to.  It is a great opportunity for us to go to and get to know the members. 

It is great we are forming great relationships with everyone here in this town, people know us through the booth and us talking to everyone. We are trying this week to talk to as many people as possible like EVERYONE and have a real conversation and have it stay normal and real with still talking missionary work.

In a meeting Pres Leavitt the assistants and zone leaders and dl's called us and asked us to recite to them the "How to begin teachings" on pg 176 in PMG and Sis T and I were able to call off all 10 of them.  No one else they called could, it was funny.  PL said he new the Wolfville sisters would be able to.
On Saturday night Hope (a lady who has been attending church for a while with members of the ward that are her friends)- that missionaries have been trying to meet with) called us and told us she wants to start meeting with us to be taught to the lessons to be a member of the church!  The missionaries have tried meeting with her in the past with no luch, haha we were stoked! At church we really have made an effort to form a relationship with her and get to know her, last week she opened up to me at church.  She has Parkisins disease and is really sad because she teaches music and probably won't be able to in two years. She has bad days and good days and I just love her so much! She called and said that she feels comfortable with us and we set up a time for Sept 13 to start teaching her, we can't wait she is great! 

Alissa Harker is attending school here she is from AB and came to a lesson with us last night.  She is 23 yrs and is awesome and we can't wait to use her in lessons!  We had dinner at Sister Wilde's house last night who breads dogs and has NINE dogsc it was nuts! haha .
It is an awesome time to be a missionary! 
This computer is really slow and I don’t have much time to write I have so much excitement and amazing expierences I want to share, but its hard to this time.  So I hope you all can understand this letter and how amazing this week has been!

This week has been very hard but well worth it!  Miracles happen all according and after the trial of our faith!  I hope you all have a great week and great time in greece! Happy to hear about Blake and Linds house and Colby's baby blessing!

Remember to do the simple easy things daily read pray study scrips, prayer at meals and fhe because that is our armor in this changing world! 

xoxox love 

Sister Pizzey

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