Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 23, 2013

So much craziness has happened this week in so little time missions are great!!
So lets begin!
So this has been another amazing week! We were able to pick up 6 new investigators, Erika began to quite smoking and coffee I actually told her I would quit unhealthy eating while she quits smoking we said it sounds like a plan!! We had 5 of our investigators at church yesterday, two of whom it was there first time at church. One being Collin (28yr) that we have taught twice he is amazing guy he is very socially awkward lost his mother a yr ago to cancer and he has cancer as well a brain tumour, he enjoyed it!  We also had Elizabeth and her daughter Gabrielle at church who we started teaching this last Saturday, Gabrielle is 6 yrs old and they enjoyed church as well! And we will be teaching them again tomorrow!
So we had Zone Training on Tuesday and my Doctrinal Discussion went great! We are focussing as a mission to talk to 400 ppl a week and not just say hi but have "real conversations" I love it because when we talk to everyone we bring so much more success.  I have seen that on my mission!
Then Sister Broadhead was able to come and have a "visit" and Sister T and my area after Ztraining.  She stayed till the next day, she has a greeny new missionary.  I loved working with Sister B she is a great example and leader and I look up to her alot, we both are very focussed missionaries but yet can have fun in the work and enjoyed our time with one another! The 4 of us went downtown wolfville and street sung  hymns for 1 hr it was great!
Then Weds we had a full day of appointments and street contacting- serving in University town is wonderful its just a candy shop of people it literally could take us 1 hr to walk 20 ft when we stop everyone and have conversations! We had ward council that evening so I attended that with Sister Pinch(the new missionary) the ward’s respect for us missionaries has drastically changed.  Before I came they would give the missionaries 5 mins to discuss our work, but now its over half of the ward council discussions, the Bishop and I get along great and I just love developing Spiritual relationships with the ward, they can see the work that we are doing is really progressing from our efforts!
I had a interview with PL over skype that weds night and it was great! He is a awesome mission president!
Then Thursday we had a full day in Windsor where our day was literally just stacked with lessons.  We had enough time to hop on our bikes and bike to our next apt in time, with few mins here and there to stop and talk with people.  We actually had alot of success in setting up appointments with few potential investigators for this week!  It is amazing to see how HF drops people in our paths as he trusts us and see's that we won't let them pass by us without inviting them.  I JUST LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE.  Then we were surprised to see as we went to attend a lesson with a less active part member family (real complicated family situation) that their son Baily came in the room to join us and informed us how he wants to be baptised, so we changed the lesson right then for Bailey about the Restoration, and he will be working towards him being baptised.  We are helping them all understand that baptism is about taking upon ourselves the name of Christ and being CHRIST-LIKE haha. But us and the Bishop our just taking this step by step and not getting involved in the family drama and will prepare Baily for baptism when he is ready.
Then Friday we drove to Halifax in the morning at 7 am and we arrived at the stake centre for training at 8 am where we had breakfast then training from 8:30am- 6pm.  It was awesome PL asked me Weds night to give a 15 minute training on how to style hair and hair tips for the sisters!! It was awesome and so fun! There were 28 sisters and I had Sister Broadhead as my hair model, I talked to the sisters about the importance of hair care, and how to curl hair with a straightener, a blow dry technique, and how to braid, and answered questions.  Sister Leavitt just loved it! haha Sister Leavitt is always dropping bold comments about our appearance and how important it is to look appealing and you can tell she enjoyed it, particularly some sisters to hear. I learnt soooo much in Zone training and Sisters Conference about effective planning etc. There are 28 of us now and its interesting our group of mtc sisters are the leaders kind of now, I would say me and Sister Broadhead really do alot of the leading, PL asks our opinions on quite a bit during the training. I love all the sisters in this mission! Then we went and ate and after we finished eating as soon as we were done eating most sisters sat at the table of the restaurant and talked and I took Sister Judd and we went outside of the restaurant and street contacted, other sisters shortly followed as they saw how many people we were able to approach . It was amazing to see sisters from mtc and sister judd, starkie and other sisters I have served around, it reminded me of Alma 17 and Alma 26!  Afterwards we all went downtown Halifax and some sisters street sung and Sister Keeler and I went off to street contact with one another it was great!!  MISSIONS ARE AWESOME. Then we all went to the temple - i love going to the temple with questions they just get answered!
Then Saturday morning we had a testimony meeting at 630 am infront of this beautiful lake! We all sang and bore testimonies as the sun raised it was beautiful day and Spirit was quite strong!  Afterwards I actually cut Sis Broadheads hair, I cut 5 inches of her hair off Sister Leavitt was soooo excited! haha. Then we ate, and watched some videos of the travelling musical concert that missionaries go and show in the provinces as a fireside. Then we headed back to Wolfville!
Saturday Night we were able to pick up Elizabeth and begin teaching her! And we were able to meet quite a bit of people, its funny we are working with the Bishop in trying to locate LA's and as we have made that goal we have met 4 less active this week by meeting them walking on the street and they originally had no info on ward list or wrong address and everything!  Heavenly Father is certainly blessing us here!
Then Sunday we had 5 investigators at church! We had a wonderful lesson with Ozzie (Nigerian gator) Spirit was quite strong and he is really progressing.  The only thing is his dad would stop paying for his tuition if he is baptised... but you know "much is given much is required!" right?! haha, but we have faith the Lord will provide a way!  Its funny when we started teaching Ozzie he was quite smug and rude and during the lesson THROUGH THE SPIRIT  i was able to boldly testify of importance of a humble heart- and its funny since then he has been very humble and receptive!
This Gospel is unreal! We are anticipating 3 maybe 4 baptisms this month! I know through the grace and power of the God we can!
It truly is amazing how I am meeting soooo many people that I could not of imagined never knowing in my life, this mission has changed me and is continuing to change my life. I am sooo blessed to be a missionary and doing the Lords work with every sacrifice we make I know we are blessed 10 fold! It is true as we truly forget our selves in the Lords work we find ourselves; everyday I see myself do things that aren't me. Jesus Christ is our comforter and he is our enabler to make us who we planned to be in the pre existence. My mind is soo blown everyday about Gods plan for us and how he truly is mindful and loves everyone of us! Everyone of us have so many uniqueness and amazing stories about Gods love for us because we are all so special in his eye. I love life, I love you all soo very much, I love this gospel , I love Gods plan for me. These have been the best 6 months of my life.
I hope and pray for you all that you are taking the time out of your day to balance it out and make time for the Spiritual things because we are here temporarily, everything this World has to offer us is temporary we are really here to prepare for the eternities and its important we develop the skills and attributes of ourselves that actually are eternal and will make a difference in the eternities as it says in Alma 42:10 and Alma 41:6-11.
I love you all! Go let your light shine forth!
Sister Pizzey

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