Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 16, 2013

So this week has been another miraculous week we are seeing so much success here we were able to set 4 people on date this week which leads to 5 baptism that we have to look forward to for this October!

Erika is continuing to progress and we moved her baptism date up earlier to October 18th! She is awesome I feel so blessed to have been able to teach her I feel like have known her for years, she is currently looking for a dress on line for her baptism! Her sons Keagan (6yrs) and Isaac (12yrs) came to church this week and loved it! And Isaac told us that he would like to be baptized yesterday as well and that he wants to go to the temple one day! My heart just melted when he said those words! And Erika would like to as well her husband Matt I know will get baptized but he will not be ready for the 18th and Erika does not want to wait, I feel Matt seeing the baptism will push him to be baptized and then in a yr they can all go to them temple with eachother! Teaching her is such a blessing and yesterday Sis T and I emptied there house and took all there coffee it was great! This morning the Gee's had a breakfast for us and Erika and Isaac came , afterwards the Elders gave her a blessing for comfort and strength as she is quitting smoking. She really enjoyed it.

This week we began teaching Hope who is a members friend, I really have built a good relationship with her she is very kind older lady that has not allowed Elders in the past to teach her she has Parkinsons disease and we began teaching and she will be baptized Oct 11 it is very exciting and she doesn't want anyone in the ward to know till the Sunday before because of how excited they will all be so it is our little secret and the Bishop of course knows.

The Chinese investigator we picked up last week we were able to put on date for Oct 12th! and as well with Mona for Oct 18th! Mona is going in for surgery today for her eyes and we will be seeing her on thursday! We will start teaching her over the phone because we can only make it to Windsor once a week.

We were able to have 6 investigators at church yesterday and we have been blessed to meet and teach so many amazing prepared people from the Lord we have 8 progressing investigators. Tomorrow we have our zone training from 10-1 and I have been asked to give the Doctrinal Discussion for it ... kind of nerve racking but I can't think of it that way I just got to do it, be bold and have fun!
A LA family was able to come to church yesterday which was awesome and they met with the Bishop as well which is great! We will be in Halifax this week on Friday and Saturday for sisters conference which will be so nice to see all the sisters especially Sister Keeler and Sister Judd and Starkie! I will miss being away from the area for two crucial days of the week but I also am quite excited to be in the temple!
We are teaching a guy named Oz from Nigeria - I just love them Nigerians! And he is progressing quite well and I hope we can have him set a goal to work towards for this week as well!
We have alot of organizing to do with the Musical Concert we will be having on the 29th and making sure everyone can make the baptismal date! We hopefully will be able to have one of the baptisms in the old Windsor branch the font and building are much nicer!
Anyway sorry for the shorter email this week but I love the gospel and thank you for the package mom I loved it your awesome!
The priesthood is amazing it is here to bless our lives, and be bold and share the gospel everyone !
Love Sister Pizzey

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