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September 9, 2013

So another amazing week of miracles! Sister Thompson and I are truly blessed here and I love it here, we are right in with the "groove" of things and are having alot of success! We will be serving with one another for another 6 weeks atleast here in Wolfville and Sister Laxton who was our comp. for little less than a week will be now permanently serving in Dartmouth. 
And Yes Sister Olsen was in my district in the MTC, in my room and also met Blake and Lindsay on the rock, come on Kell bell got to get in with the "dets" ! And Dad I actually laughed at Instabull because I totally remember dancing around to that song hahaha thats hilarious! 
I feel so blessed to be serving with Sister Thompson. This work is soooo inspired, I have learnt so much from serving with someone like her its amazing, so much about my character and how I need to change my nature with me being not patient pretty well haha. AL righty so on to the week of miracles!!
So on Monday the old Windsor Branch that was shut down had a Corn Boil at a members home so we went there from 3-6 and I actually was able to talking to a LA members bf who is not a member and we had a great convo, I was able to relate with him and why he is anti religion and be real with him but also testify of this gospel and the blessing and strength it can bring in our lives. So he ended up giving me there number and hopefully we will be teaching them this week! They live way out but its great! I love being a missionary and talking to people I really could talk to anyone now give me anyone and I will squeeze a convo out of them whether they'd like one or not- haha I have turned into such a "maritimer!" 
So we have done some organizing this week for the Musical Concert that us missionaries in the kentville ward (aka us sisters) are having for Sept 29th! (day after moms bday!) it will be a great event for local artists that are and aren't members to perform gospel or classical music and have people come and feel the spirit in the chapel! it will be great! 
So Wolfville is just bumping with back to school students aka candy shop for Sister T and I the streets are so sooo full now! The town size literally doubles in numbers during the school year full of LOTS of wondering students that are determining who they are in life and are just lost with that because THEY NEED THE GOSPEL! So Sister Thompson and I are literally talking to every single person we can, and when I say literally talking to everyone we don't just say hi, or we DO NOT just give them our "missionary bit" we go up and get to know them, we be "real" we our open with them and ask them questions to make them be open we build a relationship and I have come to realize that any conversation can be brought into the gospel yes ANY conversation and have it not be awkward, so we are actually keeping count of "real conversations" we have daily and on saterday we were able to talk and have real convos with 50 diff. people and get to know them and of those 50 we found 5 solid interested people who know what our purpose and that we believed our gospel is the only truth and that our invitation was to them to know this as well and the accepted, but they also knew our personalities and we knew them as well and 5 of those were 3 new investigators for that Saturday! There is 17 finding ideas in PMG and we also try to use all of them because knocking is probably one of the least effective ways to find new gators!
One of my goals for this transfer was to come to know the best finding technique for here in Wolfville and I have realized that street contacting and the Free hair Cutting Booth is the best finding technique here! They work awesome!! I love it! Saturday we had the Free Hair Cutting Booth and I was cutting hair for 2.5 hrs straight! haha We actually had a line up of people waiting for cuts and as people waited the elders and sister T taught them and as they sat down in my chair I re taught them haha it was great! And two of the peoples hair I cut gave me there number to call them to teach them! Its hilarious unique finding idea but works like a charm. We won't be having it this saterday because we have service that the ward is giving and then the next weekend there is "sisters conference" where all sis missionaries will be in Dartmouth at the mission home for training and we will be going to the temple(I am soo temple trunky I can't wait!! Speaking of which I am excited to see a new "presentation" ;) hehe ) 
 So we started teaching Erika's husband Matthew this week he is hilarious haha its amazing I really feel like I am here for them! Like our personalities are all the same I feel like I have known them for years.. ( Mom and Dad this will be another area that we visit in the future) But he is going to take longer than Erika forsure. Erika is like the definition of a prepared investigator and Matt will be a member one day as well! Its great because Erika is like a member present in the lesson we teach something and get her to testify of the truthfulness of it haha she said this week in our lesson quote on quote " I know this gospel is 100% true" ahhh its music to the ears! They have a 12 yr old with handicaps and they moved here for school for special needs children and they are currently fighting the government to take care of some of the schooling fees of $25,000 tuition, and the day after the started praying as a couple they found out their neighbour is in with politics here and will be helping them with this issue... HF hears all our prayers its a truth!! But Erika is loving the BOM and we will teach Matt over skype when he works out of town as he leaves tomorrow. We will be having dinner at there house tonight and teaching them before he goes for 2 weeks! 
So on Wednesday we did the YW activity where they were all sapose to bring a friend where we styled their hair  and stuff but none of them did, but it still turned out to be productive where a LA YW that we have been teaching came and we cut their hair and shared how "we are one" in work of salvation and got them all pumped up about missionary work now and serving missions its great! One of the YW was so excited she showed up at the hair cutting booth on Saterday to help us with it! she was my little "assistant" for the day.
On Tuesday we gave the spiritual thought in the relief society presidency meeting on "we are one" and were able to commit all of them to prayerfully pick a date to find someone for us to teach, it was a great spirit filled spiritual thought (haha go figures hey?) but we could really tell that their eyes were all opened to how they haven't been fulfilling their role as members in the work of salvation.. it was great!
I also served one of the Elders investigators Thurs morning at 10am we went to her house and we gave her dreads haha yes I never have done dread locks before but there fun and we were able to teach her as well!
So Saturday we had so many opportunities to talk to people it was great actually at one point we were grabbing our car for the booth and we saw a new person moving to the apt. and we insisted for him to let us help him move in so we helped him move and he is from Uganda and has a wife and child and he gave us his number and said to call him when they are more settled in there apt, in a week to teach them he belives in God!! we can't wait! We also went to see a former investigator and as we came to his house he was moving and had no car to move his stuff so we popped his bed in our car and drove it over to his new house where he walked over and met us and we were able to teach him that day and pick him up as a new investigator as well! But talk about timing it was amazing he was just moving his address( which was our one way of communication with him )  and pop HF dropped us in his path and allowed us to move him to see his new address its great! the gospel is true!
We are still teaching the Jamaican "brothers" is what we call them haha all 4 of them are progressing and reading everyday. They all love the gospel and understand it and Jordan Bateman got transferred so it old comp. is heading over this week to teach Patricks family in Jamaica its great! Patrick wants be be baptized with his family in Jamaica but Byron may be baptized here! 
We are learning so much from the Elders here, we now do weekly planning with them on fridays and learnt alot from them. The sisters in the past were very lazy & slow missionaries and the sister field of missionaries has changed derasticly. ITS A GREAT TIME TO BE A MISSIONARY
We were able to have dinner with a RC whose Phillapeano this week and she made us some good phillipeano food!
We were able to pick up 8 new investigators and we currently have 6 progressing investigators and hopefully will have more on date this week! Last night we started teaching a girl in our apt. building Chauntee she is from Barbado's 24yrs and has been questioning her faith some questionable things have been happening at her church and so she has stopped going and then pop us missionaries came in and layed the truth down it was great! We were knocking Sat. night and we were let in a house at 8:40pm and it was the weirdest thing the couple could of been mistaken for mormons, we taught them a bit of the resto lesson but he is studying is a divinity college here for his masters and he was taken back on priesthood so he pulled out his greek bible and he can almost read a hebrew bible haha yes crazy but they were really nice and said they will read and pray and see if the bible supports our message and are having us over for dinner on tues and we will be coming back with bible passages in BOM supporting authorirty from God it will be interesting because he can totally own us in bible knowledge so it all comes down to if he is humble enough and will pray and read BOM if JS truly has the vision. SO if the Lord wants him he will be ready to be a member but we will see! We also started teaching a chinese gator Jershy who I am very excited about! I LOVE teaching chinese people, can be very bold with them haha Sis T was taken back at how bold I am with them but they love it and get it!
I LOVE this ward it is so great! The Bishop is awesome and has changed so much with helping us and trusting us  in my time here. Its great and its another great day to be a missionary!
Here is another chapter to my novel and I hope you all have a wonderful week and that mom and dad have safe travels! Will you be seeing any temples over there? That would be a good thing for you to see especially with your LA friend Karen!
I love you all!!
Sister Pizzey

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