Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 - Pics

Walker's home - Dinner time!

Inbetween Christmas meals - taking a 20 minute nap!

So many wonderful meals with members!  

At the Christmas Concert - Paige has grown to love singing!  (especially alto!)
(Jo, Bob, Jordan and Sis. A and myself)

A ward member, Janalee (my age)

Switching glasses with a ward young women!  Crazy strong prescription!  

Christmas night, with her new jammies!

December 30, 2013 - 2014 this week... what the heck?!?

This is your crazy daughter here Sister Pizzey!
So for the whole mission we are doing a challenge for the month of January where we are reading the Book of Mormon in that month and I can't wait! We are reading 15 pg's a day and its not highlighting writing notes about what we have read it is just reading straight through... and guess what....

Anyway this was a great week! We have been blessed to continue to find new investigators and contact many people and actually put a new investigator on date! We were blessed with being able to have church yesterday and the Cantata as well!! Jo and Bob Davis attended and Jordan was able to make it to perform in the choir which really was a Christmas miracle! Considering he was stuck in Yarmouth Sunday with no ride here which is like (2.5 hrs away!) It is actually a funny story how we were able to work that one out!

So Monday:
Sister Aslett and I kncoked the whole evening it was great!! We actually knocked into a family who has 7 children and total kingdom builders he told us he is pretty well mormon because well.. he has 7 kids.. I laughed and said "well what the heck sir where are your records?!" hahah it was funny. But he doesn't want to learn because he has no time... lame but hopefully one day! Its funny here, when you go knocking when its like -5 degrees and snowy everyone just looks at us like we are crazy. AB winter is alot colder here I love Maritimer winters thus far!

Tuesday: Tues was Christmas Eve which was so wonderful! Seriously Christmas as a missionary is just the best! I really have realized how all the commercialism and business of buying gifts etc. really waters down the true feelings and joy from the Spirit of Christ that is felt during this time of year! Sister Aslett and I went to Shannex the old folks home we serve at and went to every clients room and sang them 2 Christmas songs, it was wonderful! Such a small easy thing for us to do that made a world of a difference for these people! No matter how good or bad of voice you have, they will make you feel like you have a voice like Beyonce singing those Christmas carols! This is something I want to do as a tradition each Christmas Eve day from now on! Its great, you would all be surprised I can actually sing alto now during songs, its so fun! Then we went and visited some LA members in Windsor and brought them some Christmas cards.  Then we went to the Beckwith's Tuesday evening where we had hot dogs and milkshakes (their Christmas Eve tradition) and watched this 1950s 45 min Christmas movie.... I find movies so boring now. I had to get up and "go to the washroom" and walk around haha... I just find sitting and staring at a screen boring! SO kill me!

Weds: Was Christmas and boy oh boy Sister Aslett and I were in for a big one haha... it literally was a day of eating! We had a delicious breakfast with the Gee's then we skyped and opened presents! Which I love the presents very much thanks so much! Then afterwards at 2 pm we had a Christmas dinner for RC Tanya and whole bunch of members at the Walkers home, then we had another dinner at 5 pm! haha Sister Aslett and I had 20 mins between appointments for dinner so we pulled over and slept in our cars in the church parking lot for 20 mins- that turkey can be draining! Sis A was so tired after dinner at the Walkers, she sat down on the lazy boy chair and slept haha! But the dinner apt. in the evening was at Sis Mollis's whose daughter passed away last year, she is single lady with no family, it was probably the highlight of the day sharing Christmas with her; just so humbling to see her in her big house alone, no presents for herself except from her visiting teachers... and she's happy; we can tell she has a real close relationship with HF. It's just amazing how this gospel is all you need in life even if you don't have much at all!! I find so many people don't understand or actually believe that, but it is true! We read the Christmas story with one another and had some good laughs as well! That evening, right there, was where I really just took a moment and looked around and thought to myself THIS IS THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST!
Afterwards Sis A and I came home planned for next day and watched "Joy to the World" and went to bed. We have loads of chocolate and treats from everyone = not good!

We actually started teaching a lady named Tina, older lady in 60s, we put her on date for Feb 7th and she wants her husband and grandchildren to learn about this. We also started teaching another girl who is 20yrs and already has 2 kids.... We will see how teaching her goes. But it was a good day where we were able to find and teach!

Friday: We were in Windsor and we had a great lesson with another new investigator that we began teaching this week! Rene! She and her two daughters and her niece came to church yesterday! We met her couple weeks ago street contacting in Wolfville! She is really down to earth! We also had a great lesson with the Forgere's (LA couple- i believe i told you about last week) We taught them on revelation and it was powerful really turned into having hope and faith and perseverance in receiving answers. We read in D&C 6 & 8. We watched the Patterns of Light mmessage by Elder Bednar. It was very powerful. I truly have faith they will be reactivated.. I was able to testify how my parents prayed for a while like good few years for me to change and how I am sure at times they thought "what is the point? are my prayers really being heard or answered??" and how at times it may feel that way, but that Satan is the one that puts those thoughts in our heads and how we just have to continue to do the daily things knowing and having the hope and faith that God is hearing and blessings will always come forth whether they be now or in the future.  I wrapped up those thoughts by saying I know that I am where I am today because of the faithful, persistent, prayers of my family members. It was quite powerful and gave brother Forgere a lot to think about in regards to not giving up.

Saturday: We knocked - I love during the holidays everyone is home which calls for some good knocking time! We had another Free Hot chocolate booth! It was funny while we were knocking we were knocking in this condo complex area and few people were not answering so after like the 3rd door in a row of no answer, I took a big piece of ice snow and threw it like the hulk screaming, as a bit as a joke with Sister Aslett (keep in mind its like very deserted this area... or so i thought..) and as I looked up after looking like a freak; Sis A is in fits of laughing and then I look up and there is this girl just stranding there. I was like "NO! I promise you I'm not crazy... all 3 of us just burst out laughing it was quite funny and embarrassing, But she is really great has blue hair and we are teaching her tomorrow!! So who knows maybe she needed to see that we’re weird and human to feel the need to meet with us! Hahahaha ohh dear.... lesson learned though, ALWAYS BE DIGNIFIED.

So it was wonderful to finally be able to have the sacrament on Sunday after church being cancelled two weeks in a row! Seriously huge testimony builder of power of the ordinance of sacrament! Sister Aslett spoke in church and gave a wonderful talk it was great! The whole ward love us together! Its a great companionship. We then had choir practice for the concert, and we were able to organize a truck driver (members friend) to pick Jordan up so he could make the concert and that in its self was a big fiasco! His phone was out of service and none of us could get a hold of him, then finally we did and the truck driver waited for like half hr for him! It was quite funny and stressful but he made it and it was great!Yesterday we had only 15 minutes free to contact and we had a goal of 20 ppl to talk to for the day and we looked at one another and said okay in these 15 minutes we will "just do it!" - We truly did see that "necessity is the mother of invention" we found the most unique ways to talk to many people during a slower Sunday afternoon, it was great and we reached our goal! Afterwards we looked at one another and just said to each other "wow if we handled every situation the way we did with those 15 minutes how many MORE people would we talk to?!?" So we have decided to take that attitude into every daily situation for this week. And so far today through our shopping etc. we have been able to find two potentials that are quite promising! haha who would of thought?! Just kidding... but I truly understand just being friendly and talking to everyone that things just flow naturally and its fun and enjoyable! We will be teaching him tonight and he is still on date for Jan 10! We had dinner at  Bob and Jo's as well then the Christmas concert! It was a great concert ! I sang alto i love singing alot!

It has been a great week! I enjoyed seeing you all as well! I hope you have a wonderful week this week ahead! I love you very much!

xoxo Love Sister Pizzey

.... Oh yes and I see you have liked our facebook page ;) haha. You can feel free to search it and keep creeping it... but its a rule we have to dislike family and friends that like our pages! Sorry Mom but pretty weird we are on facebook!

December 23, 2013

Alrighty so this has been a very busy week in the sense of us being out of our area alot and driving from Wolfville to Halifax then from Halifax to Dartmouth then Dartmouth to Wolfville then to Halifax again then to greenwood! It will be nice to have a full week in our area!!!
Weather here is very interesting... we had NO church again yesterday... CRAZY- this would of been my dream 2/3 years ago; my dreams then are now my nightmares! hahah seriously no church = bad news bears that is two weeks in a row. Having no church yesterday was questionable the roads weren't horrible, they were just slushy. Temperate was 0 degrees to -3 degrees and it was raining all day. Car will be like a ice cube, I enjoy scraping it off its fun, I get very perfectionistic with it. But weather is good now its very mild and just calls for some very slow careful driving then we are good!
So Monday: We went to Jo Davis's for dinner and had a wonderful lesson with her.  The Spirit was strong and she knows it’s true.  She is just taking baby steps and will come to church this week hopefully (if its not cancelled).  Then we taught Jordan over skype; we taught tithing over skype (because he was home 3 hrs away) it was a bad idea to teach tithing over skype.  Didn't go over well but we are still working on him and he is praying to understand more.
Tues: We were able to pick up a new investigator who is a single parent of 3 boys ! We will be teaching her in January again.  She is great, we met her month or so ago street contacting.  We were able to finally set up  a time to teach her it has just been hard to find a time that works for her. (shout out to Blake because our potential area planner is neat, she sure did not fall through the cracks) Were able to invite the message of Restoration to  a lady and her mother but we did not pick them up as new investigators.  We had a great lesson with this LA family that evening, powerful lesson. Their name is the Forgere's they both are converts, they use to attend the Windsor Branch that closed down over a year ago; Brother Forgere wasn't active for 19yrs then he completely reactivated 2yrs ago.  They stopped going 1.5yr ago ... when the branch closed down. They were drained from all the responsibility. But we are going to start teaching them it is really exciting!!
Then tues night since we were halfway to Halifax we went and slept in the Halifax sisters apartment for zone conference the following day.
Weds: We had zone conference it was a very powerful conference. President Leavitt is so inspired he had an amazing training that was from Apollo 13. I think President Leavitt is the only person that can take  Apollo 13, showing clips from the movie and turn it into a very powerful Spirit filled training. It really is crazy one of the assistants here gave a training as well about consecrating ourselves to this work; he shared his conversion story and he had a mighty alma the younger expierence just like me. Very weird how similar our stories are. I left the training very enlightened with more desire to devote this 2nd half of my mission to serving to the best of my ability and just laying everything, EVERY single ounce of my self on the altar of sacrifice so there is no way I miss anyone the Lord has prepared and planned for me to meet as well.   He talked about how our missions mean more than what we really comprehend, that we have all our family past and living cheering and watching and leading and guiding us (made me think of Grandpa) I truly know that Grandpa is so involved in the work here with me. I am so grateful for this mission, it has truly layed the foundation for my whole life my whole eternity!!
We had a talent show afterwards it was hilarious!! I have some videos of some of the things that were done you can see when I send my memory card home, you will see and laugh. Believe it or not Sis A and I and Elder Beckert and Prince all performed a musical number together! Then we had leadership training afterwards for an hour.
Then Weds evening I was able to go and teach Erica!!! It was great she now is in the book of Enos!! She is still progressing and said she will be baptised probably in April!! She is quiting smoking slowly but knows its true and it was wonderful seeing her! The elders in that area always joke and say she always brags about me to them ;) She will be attending addictions recovery classes in New Year that the Burgans run around Nova Soctia. I just love her so much!
We stayed the night in the mission home because the roads were too bad to drive, Sister Starkie and Burton did as well!
Thurs: We made cookies with the old folks at the home we serve at it was great Sis Aslett and I were able to sing them carols afterward they loved it! We did some contacting and taught Jordan with a couple from the ward, it was an alright lesson the husband in the lesson totally dominated... some members just don't understand how conversion happens. Haha but anyway we got through that lesson then we had choir practise afterward which Jordan attended, then we went to a LA house and we met her boyfreind and it was a great lesson her boyfriend had alot of great questions that are easily answered by the restoration we were able to read through the articles of faith with them and pick him up as new investigator! 
Friday: We actually traveled to Halifax and learned 7 songs in like 2 hrs with all missionaries in Nova Scotia.  Then we all drove to Greenwood where we performed in the musical concert there! It was an amazing concert! Elder Call (BYU music prof serving here on sr mission) organized it! We all sang beautifully! I  was little like "seriously a whole day off from work for music at first?!" in my mind when I first found out about this but it is okay it turned out great and I swallowed my pride and enjoyed it! :)
Sat:We had another Free Hot Chocolate Booth again in Wolfville with the Elders! We were handing out invitations for the Christmas Cantata (which was postponed to this Sunday due to weather) It was great and so much fun!! The whole community knows us and is aware of us and loves us! It was soooo hilarious Sis A and I left the booth and told the elders that we were leaving to go tell people about the booth and contact and direct people over.... so Sis A and I leave haha (I will have to explain this over skype pretty funny) BUT I will also explain now; so we leave and there is a group of carollers going into the stores carolling on main street and they hold out a song book for us and Sis A looks at me hesitantly and I look at her and I say "YES! Lets join in!" So I hop over, grab the book from her hands and we just join in and Sis A is laughing at me. So we go through the stores on main street with this choir spreading the Spirit of the Reason for the Season! And then we say "hey everyone we have a free Hot Chocolate Booth over here follow us!" So we take the lead of this whole choir of carollers hahaha and the elders see us in a distance coming back with a flock up people behind us singing along as Sis A and I lead holding the songbook walking slowly to the Hot Chocolate Booth hahaha it was pretty memorable and hilarious. Elder Prince was just like "nooooo they didnt noooo" So Yes we gathered the whole group over and it was just great way for the whole community to see us and see that yes we mormons too celebrate Christmas! And We also saw a former investigator in one of the stores whom we stopped and talked with, then hurried along and continue our singing!!
Then we went and helped out at the Christmas Party as well, were we were able to meet alot of the old peoples family at the old folks home it was good, we had a great lesson with Jordan that day as well! We had a great lesson with an investigator of ours, Elaine.
Sunday: there was our area and one other area in our zone whose church was cancelled so Sis A and I thought of the idea of having a conference call and each area sharing a Spiritual thought in the morning, so we could have little bit of Spiritual rejuvenation; it went out wonderfully!! The Messages that were shared we used all throughout the day in the people we taught and met! We knocked and taught some LAs and have some promising appointments set up to look forward to this week!!
It has been a wonderful week! I feel there always is such a big hill to climb up but I know that when things are hard and we are climbing up we are on the right path! I feel my mission has changed me so much ! This gospel has changed me! But I never want to stand still and stop progressing! I know that as I surrender my all, the Lord can work through me and change my nature! 
I love this gospel and this work! Its the best days of my life!
These are the days that will never be forgotten!
I love you all and hope you rememeber the reason for the season. I must say this has been the best Christmas truly feeling the Spirit of Christ! Christmas is a time to feel the Spirit of Christ, Family and Gods love by serving others and God!
I LOVE it missions are great the gospel is great and Gods plan for us is amazing!
Sister Pizzey. See you on Wednesday.... ;)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec. 16, 2013 - Pics

We asked Paige if they burn a shirt or anything at half way.  Well ... i'ts been 9 months and she said, this is what a companion suggested!  lol

 Instead of free haircuts, now it's free hot chocolate!
The deep freeze in the Maritime s!

Dec. 16 - 2013 - Finally we have some snow, now it feels like Decemeber!

So another amazing week has passed by! Boy oh boy time is just flying by I can't believe it will be Christmas next week like what the heck?!?
So yes we did have a snow storm on Sunday and todayish! And the town just shuts down when that happens... literally haha like church was cancelled yesterday haha I was not impressed. But, yea so no church yesterday; we don't have winter tires here just all season so it is a little sketchy.  The driving conditions are different because the snow is moist and temperature varys from -18 to -6 so can get quite slippery. It’s crazy the car will get like two inches of ice all the way around like a little ice box!! SO yesterday we didn't drive.  We did a lot of Area book finding and met with Cameron for one last time because we actually found out this week that he is moving back to Bahamas's for next semester! He can't afford to stay and is hoping to come back for Fall semester. 
Alrighty, so it truly has been a great week and I want to tell you all about it so I will just begin by writing day by day!!
So Monday: We had dinner at a members home where Jordan came.  We taught him the W.O.W and it was wonderful because Brother Bush is a retired scientist and he had all these great facts that support the WOW! We committed Jordan to live it and he is game... as of after New Years :/ but We are teaching him tonight with another member and plan to be popping bottles with him and pouring them down the drain :) he just bought 30 bottles of wine and we committed him to give them away as Christmas presents or allow us to pour them out :) so he agreed to do both! 
That evening we also picked up a new investigator 1 of 5 new investigators we picked up this week!
Tues: We had a District training in Sackville which went great! We have some Elders in our District that aren't finding alot of success, so Elder Woodward asked me how we have and also asked how we contact so many people.  I shared, then he asked Elders in that particular area and they just kept saying excuses on how "no one is interested, everyone turns them down and how blah blah blah all these "reasons" why their area sucks..." I just interrupted him and was like "wait a second.... do you elders have the faith that the Lord has people for you to teach?! The Lord is preparing people and he wants you to be teaching but its all according to your faith" was pretty bold but I couldn't help it. He just swallowed and was like ..." I guess I better take a read of Alma 32" haha. But afterwards Sister Aslett and I worked in Windsor we did alot of finding and contacting.  We were able to invite 50 ppl to learn in those couple hrs., then we had a dinner appointment with this awesome family the Beckwiths (we will be at their house for Christmas Eve) But Jordan also attended that dinner appointment! We taught part of the Plan of Salvation and it was great as well! then we went to Kentville tried to contact a referral, didn't get a hold of her as we were walking back to our car we stopped a mom walking in the apartment and actually ended up teaching her the Restoration in her apartment and picked her up as a new investigator! Then we went and taught Caroline Bryan who we ended up dropping this week but we had a great lesson with her in which a member attended as well! 
Weds: We had a hard time getting hold of Cameron this week, he gets extreme exam anxiety and literally does not sleep for days its crazy.  We knew his residence on campus, but they are impossible to get into so we offered up a prayer and we walked to his res.  As we arrived we were blessed to see a huge rock wedging the door open, it truly was the Lords hand in our work!! We had a great lesson with him about enduring to the end; but we also found out he is moving. He is going to continue attending church in the Bahamas's, and meeting with missionaries. The Bishop of Kentville ward actually served for 5 mnths in the same ward in Bahamas's, small world!  We had a "Free Hot Chocolate" Booth in Wolfville same place where we had "Free Hair cutting" booth as well! Everyone just loves us in Wolfville and alot of people know me. I really enjoy it here! We had a very Spirit filled lesson with Jo I couldn't even say exactly what we talked about.  We read all throughout the scriptures and were completely directed by the Spirit. She knows its true and her heart is softening more and more! She will be attending church SOON! We had a dinner afterwards with RC Tanya then ward council! We also had an amazing lesson with Nicole and a member, it was one of the most powerful lessons on my mission! She is seeking for the truth (pretty sure I told you about her last week) and at the beginning she asked some great questions which pretty much led to a legitimate testimony meeting where Sis A and I and Makalya the member shared our testimonies.  The Spirit was just pumping! It was really amazing because Nicole was late the member who is my age, were visiting for 15 mins.  She told me her story and its pretty much me before my mission.  Her bro came home, she became active but she really struggles because she feels so inadequate and can't understand BOM so we had a great heart to heart and she just was in shock that I use to be in active, she thought missionaries were perfect. (She attends diff. ward- we use her because well we just have to learn how to work the area and find and get to know members and through her bro I met her in Oct) But I feel Nicole needed the lesson just as much as she did; so we taught the Plan of Salvation and wow it was just amazing, words can't describe but Nicole just really gets it. I was able to talk alot about my conversion as it came up with Spirit directing. And she just was like do you think it was apart of Gods plan for you to stray and come back to make you stronger? It kind of took me back and I was like hmmm I don't know but it certainly has really helped me understand others and know with surety this can make a difference! So Sister Aslett was able to extend great baptismal commitment for Jan 24th and Nicole is on date!! She is in Ontario till Jan so we are teaching over skype for the break! 
Thurs: We were able to have another wonderful day where we picked up 3 new investigators! We actually knocked on a Chinese guys door named John a month ago and we left him a card and he went on and referred missionaries to come and teach him so we went back and well John speaks ZERO English like I have taught Chinese people before and been able to squeeze by but with him NONE so I was like hmmmm how are we going to do this... then BOOM idea came YAO from Charlottetown ward who is LA and I taught alot. So I got permission to call her and then on Saturday we came back and taught him with Yao over skype where she translated it was magnificent!! He has such a desire to learn and we taught godhead and prayer; Yao was able to testify of the feelings of the Spirit and at the end we were able to commit BOTH Yao and John to read selected chapters in BOM and Pray; Yao was also able to pray in Chinese in the end to teach him how to!! It was wonderful; My heart is just so full when I get to see someone I love so much and had such Spiritual experiences through teaching.  Again the relationships I have formed on my mission have been such a blessing an are truly ETERNAL! I LOVE it!!  We also started teaching a former investigator and her mom as well and will be teaching them tonight again!! They were going to come till church was cancelled... Maritimer s I tell ya ! Thurs night we had a great lesson with Jordan again where we taught Law of Chasity and haha wow that was a funny lesson but he is going to live it! It really is amazing he has had some very powerful Spiritual experiences on his own as we have met with him that are just leading and guiding him to his baptism! He really knows it!
Then Friday : We had lessons the whole day! and were able to serve at the Old Folks home as well! 
Saturday: We did some quality street contacting we were able to talk to 60 ppl! Sis Starkie and I skyped each other just correlate about Nova Scotia Sisters!  We had a lesson with Jordan where we we talked about callings once he is baptised and he is just ready to serve and take on a calling! We even talked a bit about mission! He is just so elect he feels he is to "idle" so he is going to attend the weekly 12 step addictions recovery class to not be so "idle" haha! its great!! We had a wonderful lesson with Cameron on Sat where we read Helaman 14-15 RECOMMEND YOU ALL TO READ Its just a great chapter showing how the Lord will protect all who are willing to follow him and be obedient no matter if you strayed or always have its just a matter of staying consistent once you have been converted. Then we had that amazing lesson with John and Yao!
Sunday: We met with Cameron again to say our goodbyes.  Church was cancelled and wouldn't see him there, we read Moroni 10 (Sister Asletts choice) and Cameron loved it! Such a good parting scripture! We then did alot of inside work which absolutely KILLED ME, just because I like to be out working. I felt like an animal cooped up all day; i don't know how before my mission I could just so consistently sit inside all day.  We did that for 4 hrs as we called every former in the area book and did some great goal setting very effective, but I am just so use to moving! I feel like I have picked up on the syndrome Blake has haha. But seriously I would just get these out bursts of energy as we planned because I felt so enclosed Sis A would just look at me and laugh... haha I am pretty sure I will be the craziest out there comp. she will ever have ;) 
Anyway we were blessed with alot of success we taught alot this week and with members especially! Its all because this is the Lords work- we know that we are the Lords work and that we HAVE to make it His by going out and serving with our might! And marking success from with in. Although we have been seeing in numbers and teaching some elect people, I truly can say its because with exact obedience we see miracles! I love it so much and I know "For with God nothing is impossible!"
Oh yea in our District training we had a testimony meeting in the end-it was powerful! I got quite tearful in mine (which is a surprise i normally don't cry) But I just talked about how a year ago I filled out my papers and then it was just a crying downward spiral from there haha but my heart is just so full of gratitude to be here on my mission. The blessing it is to be a full time servant of the Lord. My life has been changed and I am sooooo grateful a year ago I made one of the best decisions of my life to serve a mission. I can not imagine what things would be like without this experience all the people I am meeting and companions that I am learning from and being changed from. I truly know that this purpose of this life is to come to know our Savior Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven, and that we best can through living the Restored Gospel and working on our conversion everyday as we forget ourselves and help others with theirs. This life is about aligning our will with Heavenly Fathers just like Christ and do this all for the glory of our Father not for any other reason. I am just so happy. In life there is happiness and joy- they are TWO different things and I truly have come to taste of the eternal Joy from God, and I know it can be eternal if we Endure to the End. 
We are so indebted to God. 
I could go on and on and I don't be to rant but I know this is the Lords work, as we humbly just go and do and have faith in Him who knows all things; its amazing I remember a year ago I didn't even know which books were in the Book of Mormon or the Bible! At zone trainings at the beginning of my mission when we would be pulling our our scriptures I didn't know which one to pull out I would wait to see what my comp. flip to first! I remember in the MTC Sis Keeler teaching me about the Millennial day because I never heard of it!! And at that time all I knew was that I just had to do my very best and the Lord would make up for the rest. Now I have gained a whole new knowledge the fact that I can just flip open from scrip to scrip in lessons, explain the context, address concerns through the Lords words in scrip, not my own it is a miracle. And As I continue to grow and learn I see its natural to rely on my self more but as I catch myself doing that I know i need to repent and continue to be humble, do everything I can and rely on the Spirit and our Father in Heaven and do it fully for the Glory of God because I owe him SO MUCH and like I said am completely indebted to him ....
just like I am indebted to you dad ;)
any who I LOVE you all so much and crazy I will be seeing your faces in a weekish!
Sister Pizzey

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 2, 2013 - More Pics

 Advent Calendar for these lovely two!  And some decorations!

Zone Conference! At the mission on home with Sister Leavitt

Sis. Aslett and Paige with President Leavitt

Sis. Starky and Paige - Hoping to be companions one day!!

December 10, 2013 - Pics

Cameron's Baptism - And they made a cake for it!

December 2, 2013 - Whats this -30 weather?? We got +5!! BOOM!

So this was yet another amazing week!! I just love being a missionary and the time we have to serve is just so short!
I am just so grateful to be a missionary I just love it these are the best days of my life that will always be remembered.
So Monday: We had a lesson at members home the Bonds for our golden star investigator Jordan... we walked in and Jordan is playing the piano for the family singing along with the kids it was like a "moving scene".  It was hilarious, he was in a suite and bow tie, it was quite funny ... we had a great lesson with Jordan! 
Tuesday: We had a great lesson with (investigator) we were really able to get to understand her situation in her life better.  She is a like single parent and a kid that if you think Blake was high maintenance think again.  But she is doing well, her biggest thing is attending church. We need to get her to church!! Tuesday we started teaching another guy named Jordan from Bermuda and we actually put him on date for Jan 10th he soaked the message of the Restoration up like a sponge! (Sis T and I actually met him in Sept... haven't been able to get a hold of him and decided to try calling him again and set up a appointment with him this past week).
Wednesday: Patrick (guy in Jamaica) and I talked over the phone again.  It was weird Elder Bateman (Jordan) called him day before and set up missionaries to come see him that day! and He went to church yesterday! whoop whoop! Crazy how Elder Bateman and I are working with one another with an investigator that I taught here, who is now in Jamaica where Elder Bateman is serving.  It is a crazy small world and the Lord so is intricately involved in this work! We had a great lesson with Cameron Wednesday about the priesthood.  He actually started tearing up in a Mormon message we showed him, that I recommend you all to watch its called " Power of the Priesthood".  We had a another wonderful lesson with Jordan at a members home Weds as well where we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.... Jordan is very hilarious so Sis A and I have to make a sincere effort to be real but keep things dignified haha... and Sis A and I have a relationship where we just get each other and know each other well.  So well that whenever I see her holding back giggles, I just go into fits and have, well a Kell bell laugh attack, it is horrible ... just really can kill the whole reverent atmosphere we try to create.  But any ways we were able to put Jordan on date for Jan 10th!!!!! We are so excited!! He is very elect he gave the best response when we asked him about praying to know JS a prophet etc. He said "well when I went to pray, it was like I already knew it was a yes... like I prayed and I was just like yes I already knew that".  I was just like YES!! He really just gets it.. and has said he has noticed his days are just lighter and better now as he been praying etc.  He said, "things that bothered me before or would get me down don't really effect me no more".  BOOM the Light of Christ is just increasing and increasing the gospel is so true! We also started teaching a very mature 18yr old young lady - we are really excited to be teaching an elect girl that is searching for the truth! We had a wonderful lesson and she is so excited to learn more! We found her street contacting!
Thurs: We had another lesson with Jordan (Bermuda Jordan) and well he got into a bunch of anti and he dropped us. Nothing we could do but I know we planted a seed and that he will be a member one day just not know.  We were able to do lots of finding and meet with two LA families we are teaching right now. 
Friday: We had a great lesson with (investigator) with a member where we taught POS and temples... she is getting it, just a slower movement with her. We had a lesson with a potencial named Perscialla she is apart of this "Christain fellowship" group on campus. And I already know a good majority of those students. She actually brought her friend Martin who i have taught... this is a group of people who "act" to be devote Christains and followers of Christ.  They can be interesting, they don't know the Bible and try to ask questions about mesage of the Restoration that are pointless and make no sense and when you answer them with scripture by showing in the Bible its true they have nothing to say; they just try to squeeze another question out that makes no sense. Just really shows how you need faith to be led to truth and a softened heart that is receptive to the Spirit that will always guide us to truth! They don't read or pray to know truth either. So we read bit in 2 Nephi 29 and the first thing these two said after reading from BOM was.... is there a translation to more modern day language for the BOM ... like why is there these and thous? what is this?.... " I just looked at them and was like OH my GOODNESS this world we live in this generation and society" (in my mind obviously) I just was like NO. haha it was kind of funny. But boy oh boy I can respect people when they aren't interested but not when they claim to know God and such and don't at all because they put no effort in! Needless to say we did not pick them up as new investigators. In the middle of the lesson though "Tree" walked in 
(one of the guys that asked us on a date our neighbour) and of course they new him from "Christian fellowship" so they called him over and he was like "Oh my neighbours!" I was just like ugh this is digressing we need to leave! haha, funny to look back on.
Sat: Us and the Elders went to Halifax to the mission home because from 10-1 we had Leadership training for ZL's and STL's. I bore my testimony at it. It was a great meeting. Sis A worked with the Halifax sisters while I was in it. It was great to see Sis Starkie (who is STL) President Leavitt talked with her and I and told us to start working together more calling each other and working together with all 4 sets of sisters in Nova Scotia and that as time goes on and more sisters come in the mission, we may eventually serve with each other as STL's !! So we are pretty stoked because we both just love working hard and doing our very best and being exactly obedient. 
We had another lesson with Jordan just another great one! He feels good for Jan 10th but little nervous.... he has been thinking about driving to go see a friend 2 hrs away and sharing the gospel with him... (you just know someone gets it when they are thinking of friends and family that could use the gospel!)
We had a Christmas party Sat night at the church and (investigator) and her boys were able to come, Gage and Amanda, Jackie and Mark and the LA family we are working with! It was a great success!
Sunday: Jordan was able to come to church again, he just was yet again man of the hour! He actually stayed for choir after and joined the choir, it was funny during choir a member looked at me and was like "oh he isn't wearing a tag? He isn't a missionary??" haha they actually thought he was a missionary! I was like nope not yet, he is an investigator! But he totally led the men in singing! Everyone loves him! The W.O.W was spoken about in a talk.. so he knows about it! We will be having a lesson with him as we all are having dinner at a members home tonight! We plan to actually teach the WOW today with part of Plan of Salvation. 
After church we went and contacted a referral whom we picked up as new investigator her name is Elaine she is married in 30s and has the cutest little boy.  Her friend is a member in Australia and she has had lots of contact with the church! We will be going to her house for dinner this week!
It has been a great week and we have had the opportunity to invite many people and teach as well! I love being a missionary. I am learning so much.
This week I really learned to have a strong testimony of Matt 10:39. I am here to become more of a Christ-like servant of my companion, sisters I train over, members and investigators. I want to continue to forgot my self and change my nature of having more charity and patience. I am learning things I know will benefit my future family that I don't think i would ever be able to change and work on if it weren't for serving a mission! I am so blessed to be here, thank you for supporting me I am forever grateful! 
Just as baptism is spoken about in Romans 6:4 my mission has allowed me to "walk in newness of life!"
I LOVE you all very much and have a great week!
Remeber to read and pray daily!
Sister Pizzey

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2, 2013 - Staying in Kentville

So another great week! We were blessed with an amazing baptism this weekend! And also I am blessed to continue to have my 4th transfer in this ward be here in the new year whoop whoop!! 

Transfer news: Sister Aslett and I will be staying with one another; Elder Prince and Elder Beckert are staying in Kentville ward as well! They added another set of sisters in Sackville ward (hr away from us) So I will be STL of 6 sisters now in our zone. They split up companionship of Halifax Family Sisters, but both of them will still be in the zone still and will be having 2 new sisters in the zone.

This week has been a great week! The investigators that we are working with right now are not many but they are solid people that are kingdom builders with real growth!! We will really be having a growing week coming up this week as we will be focussing on more street contacting and we already have some appointments set up with some promising potentials! 

The ZL's started sending out an email to the zone with pictures attached whenever we have a baptism and ask that we write a little "blurb" about it.... this is what Sis A and I wrote... 
"At the beginning of November we set aside 1.5 hr. daily to university contacting. On November 5th we stopped Cameron during our contacting time and briefly talked to him for a couple minutes as it was cold out and he was in a hurry so thankfully we were able to set up a appointment with him for that following day.  We taught the message of the restoration that next day then met with him two days later and extended a baptism commitment for 3 weeks later.  We had a hard time since he lived on campus with poor teaching environment so we really used the members to help us with that by having lessons at the church, then having lessons in members homes. This really changed his progression and made it really natural for him to become apart of the ward so quickly! It was a really great baptism in which members he had formed close relationships with were able to attend and be apart of his baptism and confirmation and make it a great experience for all of us."

So we are currently teaching a concert pianist who is 22; we found him through an investigator that we were teaching. He is great and is such a kingdom builder. He is very outgoing and has a bit of ADHD ... so in lessons I have to play the bad cop a bit and be like "whoooo there settle down now lets invite the Spirit in to our lesson".

We had a lesson with Cameron in the chapel at the church with the Burgans (couple in the ward) it was a great lesson Monday night.

Tuesday we had District training and I gave the Doctrinal Discussion and that turned out to be really good as well and a great training.  Our DL Elder Woodward is a wonderful humble missionary, then after D.meeting Elder Woodward and E.Sutter were on visits with us we went and visited with a member and did roleplays on how she can invite her friend to meet with us.  The next day she did and we will be teaching her friend this upcoming week, so that turned out to be a success!  Cameron had his bapt interview that day as well!

Wednesday Sis A and I went and did some service in the hosptial in the Physc. ward... I was cutting hair so we cut 4 patients hair and it was funny one lady hated it. But I am pretty sure it wasn't me it was her I mean we were in the phsyc. ward. But it turned out great! And will be starting to do that weekly cutting hair in the hospital.

We had a lesson with our investigator at the church as well with a couple who will actually be having us over for dinner tonight with him. Jordan came to church on Sunday and he was like the "man of the hour" everyone LOVED him... he said to us.. "I thought I would dress up by wearing a suite and looking classier.  I didn’t expect everyone to be dressed up, it turns out everyone wears suites here!" haha it was quite funny, he literally blended right in. The Bishop came up and introduced himself to him and was like did you just move here; then the Bishop came to the understanding that he was not a member and that we was being taught by the missionaries. 

We did a craft with the old people at the place we do service (old folks home). SO This past Wednesday we get a call from a unknown number and BOOM its Patrciko the Jamaican guy we were teaching for so long!!! He called me from Jamaica! It made my day, he called to say his car was broke and that he had not been to church because have that because he lives 25km from church but he also called to give me his knew number and to pass it along to the missionaries in Jamaica.  So I gave it to Elder Bateman and he will be calling him  TODAY WHOO HOO it made my day!!

Cameron's baptism was wonderful!! I spoke on baptism... he said to me " well you are the most powerful and passionate would you speak" I laughed and said well I will do my best to make it a passionate talk Cameron.  I really don't think it was :/ it was brief I didn't have any time to prepare!  But Mom you will be proud to know that Sister Aslett and myself sang at his baptism, yes Kelly we stood up and sang "Come follow me" I couldn't believe we did... not like me.  But what can I say this mission has changed me for the better! and It was a great musical number we sang the 1st and 5th and 6th verses from that hymn! Cameron loved his baptism though and said he felt as though he was walking on air!

We had a wonderful Sabbath Day yesterday! Cameron's confirmation! And for some reason after he was confirmed he did the "father, son, holy spirit" taps on his shoulder and head.... I almost died... We’ve never seen him do it.  I think it was because he was nervous in front of everyone. But whatever it was memorable... we laughed afterwards us missionaries it was like he did a shout out to Heavenly Father after recieving Gift of Holy Ghost haha.  But Jordan came to church and that was great as well!  Then we found some great people to teach for this week! And then we had a wonderful lesson with Jo and Bob Davis- Jo is the LA endowed member married to non member. It was our first lesson with Bob. With all 3 of them (inclusing Sister A I feel like I am serving a England mission! But we had a wonderful lesson Bob is very stubborn. But in the middle of the lesson I went to washroom and knelt down and prayed. Afterward we had a great lesson about the gospel and how its need for weakest of ppl and strongest we really were able to give him  a few things to think about. I really feel like this gospel needs him and that he will be a Bishop one day!
I was able to bare my testimony in fast and testimony meeting as well about how the scriptures soften our heart as we read them and help us be able to feel and understand Gods love, influence and plan for us!

It was truly a great week!! Time is flying and I look forward to the week ahead!
I read John 14-17 this week it was a wonderful read I recommend all to open up and read it! 
Thanks for your support and have a wonderful week!
Sister Pizzey.