Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 1, 2013

So this week I was reflecting on things that I use to do that helped me have the spirit of love more, as a missionary.  I realized that I use to have personal prayers like a tone throughout the day and as I have gotten more use to the work its something that I have not done as much, so I decided enough of that ! And prayed throughout the day riding my bike, walking, talking everywhere! By doing this I realized that when ever we begin to feel frustrated, tired, impatient, any of the natural man - though/inward, we need to stop and pray! 
This week I noticed that this is the Lords work, everything we do as missionaries, way we teach, find, smile, love, everything - the fact that I am on a mission AM HERE, my conversion, is all because of the Lord. And if it were not for him and the Holy Ghost- I wouldn't be here (well I know where I would be - let me tell you it’s not here and this happy) and this growing work this growing gospel would not be existent. Humility is so important, humility in knowing that we can’t do this all, that we aren't the reason for the happiness and success in our life - it is because of the Lord helping us to be - the enabling power of the atonement. Having humility to kneel down and pray and poor your heart out to the Lord, ask him what he would like us to do not just guess and think we know. To rely fully on the Lord and have faith that he will listen to our prayers and help us! WE NEED HIS HELP. WE NEED HIM. He needs us to have faith in Him.
As I have prayed more throughout the day I found my mind was more focused on what my Heavenly Father needed me to do say and where he wanted us to be. It truly has been an amazing week all because of PRAYER.  
So Tuesday the assistants came to our District meeting, and they taught us on teaching simply which was great and a focus! We also learnt about effective planning for our lessons, having a vision, then a goal, then reflecting, a constant on going circle. One of the assistants actually served in Charlottetown for 10 months so it was great talking to him about our investigators RC and LAs ect. and learn from him! So after District meeting we went to go to Roberts house (he is so hard to get a hold of without a phone).  So we stopped by and he wasn't home.  We felt we needed to find him, so we prayed.  We felt the needed to wait, so we waited for 10 mins prayed again decided to wait 5 more, then we realized okay we should go look for him so we prayed again!  We felt we needed to bike down University Ave, so we get on our bikes and as we turn the corner out of Browns Qt almost on University there walks Roberto!  It was amazing!  And really showed how having faith through prayer God is listening.  Things are going great with Robert, he can not wait to be baptised on the 13th and their wedding is this Saturday!  (Fianc√©) is becoming stronger, it has been great to see her become active and grow her testimony with Robert!  I hope in a yr I will be able to come to their temple sealing!  So we were able to pick up Michel Plamadon as a investigator His wife Dorothy is a solid member and he comes to church with her.  We were very grateful for the Spirit that helped us!
Wednesday we taught Jack our last lesson before he leaves to Taiwan for school course for 1 month, then he will be living in Toronto.  So we will continue teaching and preparing him for baptism over skype until he is settled in Toronto, and then we will pass him over to the missionaries in Toronto!  Amazing experience we were going to be teaching Anita and Bal, but they had to cancel their app last minute to later in the evening that day, so we had a backup plan to go downtown.  We are biking on University and we pass this kid.  At first he looks like a punk (so bad don't judge! I did repent later ;)) I said Hi but kept biking same with Sis J. But after we passed him I felt horribly sick.  So we kept biking for a couple hundred meters down the road and finally I turned my bike around.  He was soooo far away but we peddled after him, we caught up to him as he was crossing the road.  I flew my bike all creepily infront of him haha and stopped him and was like "Hi!" haha it was funny and we talked with him.  We ended up teaching him right then in DQ.  The Spirit was really strong in the lesson and he totally got it, he has had a rough life; father in prison, raised by uncle, lives with mom, takes care of her because she has mental illnesses.   He has a rough life and was praying to God the day before saying he wanted to change friends and lifestyle and BOOM there we were! So lesson learned DO NOT pre judge people and talk to EVERYONE! And never ignore a prompting! It will take work to help him make changes but I know HF wanted us to meet him and that anyone can change as they experience feelings of conversion the Spirit this Gospel makes good people in to great and bad into good. Atonement is real, God is real and this Gospel is soooo true!
So Bal and Anita are on date for Aug 10! are so awesome and they love us and their daughter turns 18! They fed us Nepali food, and we ate it with our hands! Haha yes our hands! Rice curry chicken stuff and the chicken had bones in it , it was rather gross but so delicious ! And they fed us soooo much food, I actually vomited after in the street like literally! But oh it was awesome!
We started service this week as the Blood Bank and we are the people that work in the kitchen serving juice and cookies- its awesome " would you like some cookies? Oh and also would you like to know how to receive eternal salvation?" haha. But our first shift a guy named Wade came and didnt donate blood, his uncle works there and he was eating cookies.  He wanted to learn more about church and wanted faith, so we referred him to the elders.  This is truely work of miracles!  And I really have learnt that the Lord loves and knows what all His children are going through and what they need. Some cookies juice and Spirit in their lives! 
Yao a Chinese LA who has been a member for not even a yr, got in to Anti ( ANti is toxic here!) and fed us Chinese food but she is pretty well set in her ways and feels she needs to go to other churches to see if there is truth there before coming back to church.  We are going to continue meeting with her.
We Started teaching a guy named Christian this week! He actually has gone to our church with his friend in Nigeria, ordered a BOM to read in Toronto and didn't have time to meet with missionaries in Toronto and the Lord dropped us in his path at a bus stop. We taught him twice this week! And he feels its true! The Spirit is so strong in our lessons! And I was so grateful that we have become better at teaching simply because he of course got into anti on Wikipedia (freak ppl just go to!) luckily he is smart and understands mostly believes its all not true.  And after the appointment he texted us asking about baptism and what he needs to do to prepare for that in August it was great!
So we began singing in lessons this week! For our Nepali investigators! Its been great! Sis J and I laughed during one but it was fun and they laughed as well.
We are teaching a LA Sis Henderson who loves us and we love her soooo much, she has had such a hard life of abuse.  It has made me realize people with the most hardest situations that they are faced with horrible horrible abuse that this gospel- the atonement can heal them and make them happy. This Gospel is amazing and God loves all His Children and has provided a  way for them all to be happy. 
We started teaching 4 new ppl this week! And our pool of investigators have gone down a bit through, but it is okay! Because we are going to find more this week and our pool of investigators right now are solid and I feel are going to progress to baptism! I have faith!! 
Many times this week the Lord places us in the path of soooo many people, Sibo (former guy we taught from Rwanda) We kept bumping into and set up a app this week, his issue is how sabbath is Sunday not Saturday but it all comes down to developing a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOM and everything just comes from there!
I was reflecting the other day and was thinking why don't I get huge waves of the Spirit- and I was biking downtown and saw girls who were "worldly" drinking and stuff and I just thought to myself. My life is sooo peaceful and joyful, and filled with the spirit 24/7 and is something that I am use to. But realizing the change this gospel has brought to my life, and how happy and content I am just proves to me that there is no possible way this church is not true. There is no way from praying and reading a book (BOM) yes a BOOK would make such a drastic change to ones life UNLESS it were true. Unless the priesthood really does exist, unless this is Gods only true church on this earth. There is no way that us as missionaries would meet sooo many people in so many unique ways just as fluke UNLESS what we teach and represent were true and from God. This church is either 100% true or its not, and for me myself I have come to know that from the change it has brought to me myself that I KNOW that is is Gods true and only true Church. I know that this is Gods Kingdom build on earth that is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets preparatory to the second coming. We are not strangers to God through this church! Ephesians 2:19-20!
Its funny because with anti - it doesn't leave people feeling good it leaves people cold and hard in heart, not happy- exactly how the adversary wants them to feel. And the BOM leaves people peaceful happy, and content and is to clear and apparent that it is from their loving Father in Heaven.
I have sooo many other things I wish to tell you but I could literally be here for hours, I am having memories that I will keep for eternities. I love it! I read in Mosiah 27- Mosiah is fav. Book in BOM and Mosiah 27 and 2Nephi 9 are my fav chapters I think oh and Jacob 5! But Mosiah 27- i could really relate to my conversion. BOM is sooo relatable to our lives! 
I Look forward to this week! I LOVE this work, this Gospel is true. Families are Forever. Fear not have FAITH
Sister Pizzey


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