Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3, 2014 - Two years ago today ....

So lets look back to two years ago from today!!
I chose to come back to church! I am just filled with so much joy today and happiness as I look back and think of how blessed I am to have the gospel in my life.
I am so grateful to be serving a mission, at this time President Leavitt talks about how this is a time never to be forgotten never again will there be this many missionaries serving, never again will there be a time such as now, it is truly amazing and I do not know what I have done to have the blessing of being a missionary after all i have done in the past.
I just remember two years ago choosing to hang out with Blake and his friends and receiving that priesthood blessing that night because I knew I needed one to ensure I would act on the prompting to go back to church.
My heart is so full and I thank you for your prayers parents and faithfulness it is a miracle that I am here on a mission and a miracle that I am able to receive the blessings of the restored gospel in my own life and help others have this in their lives as well.
I know these miraculous things have happened because the Lord has work for me to do and I am going to labour in the vineyard with all my might!
I love you very much and am just so thankful
Love me!

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