Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Hello so it has been a good week! I don't have much time but I will do my best to keep you up-to-date about things here out on the east coast!!
Many wonderful things have happened this week and we have been very busy doing many things! We will be going to Trurro for our visit with the sisters there tomorrow we will have to leave at 6:45 am to arrive there before studies so we can study with them, and then on Wednesday morning it will be another early morning where we will get in to Sydney at 11 to work with the sisters there!  Sydney is in Cape Breton and is 5 hours away from Cole Harbour and Trurro is 45 mins ish away from us!  It is going to be a busy and another crazy quick week!! We will be back in our area on thurs and because of little time in our area we will be ending preparation day early today! But sacrifice brings forth the blessings from heaven!!
Oh yes and not to mention we are driving a red dodge mini van... well I am driving a mini van haha it is great!! We call it Clifford well throughout the mission it is known as clifford, but man I am sold on mini vans! It is great! haha.  Thought you all would get a kick out of that!
SO monday night we taught family home evening, it was great, about 25 of the empty nesters in our ward was there.  We talked about patience and read in the BOM of examples of patience, it was really great they loved it and Sister Belford (LA we are teaching) was there and another LA as well! The Spirit prompted me to share about my conversion and how it required much patience on my parents end and how because of the faithfulness and patience of my parents their prayers were answered and Heavenly Father took care of it all! It was very powerful and I felt really good sharing that with all these amazing members in this ward, where many of them have children who have strayed and aren't members.
Then we went and seen Andre that evening and through fasting and prayer he recieved a call back from a job that he handed a resume into months ago!! Such a blessing!! Really was amazing to see how much he is showing his faith by searching for a new job so he can attend church and be baptised! Really showed how Heavenly Father will help us if we show him our faith by our works!! So we were excited to hear about that, but he is experiencing some other stress right now ...  we talked to him about a priesthood blessing and he was very keen and fond of that idea- so we set up a time for the following day on tuesday to teach him at the church and have him recieve a priesthood blessing!
So this would lead us to talk about Tuesday now! We had a great lunch appointment with two families in our ward.  In one setting it was great, we were able to commit them to have 3 gospel conversations in this month! Davis Pedeswa (he says he knows Breanne from YSA in Edmonton he is from Ontario in Bishopric and he knows Ben (as in B's ex bf)... haha ) But it was well and then we had our lesson with Andre afterwards where we had two couples attend from the ward, it was a very powerful lesson we taught about baptism, Holy Ghost & enduring to the end.  The Spirit was quite strong this lesson is one of the top Spiritual powerful lessons on my mission for sure, afterward he recieved a beautiful priesthood blessing.  It was amazing. Andre is just so prepared and I never have met someone that is just grasping the gospel as he is and is so ready and excited to make covenants with God and just do what is right- he has just true intent and has been  looking for this all this life, "seeking to and fro and knew not where to find it."  We will be teaching Andre tonight at President and Sister Leavitts house!
We also had a dinner at a members house which one of the daughters is in Gr 12- she reminds me of how I was in that grade just very much caught up on temperal things and hair and such haha she wants to serve a mission because she thinks that sister Keeler and I are "cool missionaries" and it looks "fun" haha it was funny talking with her; majority of the dinner she was on her phone talking about her bf... haha Sis Keeler and I got in our VAN afterwards and couldn't help but to chuckle just because of the worldliness and how grateful we are to have a different perspective and attitude about life, like she is wonderful YW and don't get me wrong I probably was alot worse then her.  Then we taught SISTA QUINCY! Our ghetto hairstylist it went well, she had a some difference of opions about how we believe God is a man, so we are coming back tonight, but we talked with the institute teacher here who is so amazing just a wiz at undersanding the gospel and he helped us know of a better way we can help her understand that principle.
We were knocking as well that evening and we were able to find a potencial mom and her bf and children that we anticipate to be teaching this week!
Weds: We had zone conference which went great! There were 3 missionaries who are going home this transfer Sis Broadhead being one of them, and they all bore very powerful testimonies.  One of elders mother passed away 1 month ago.  Him and his mother were the only active in their family quite sad, but very inspiring to see how his mother and himself knew how important it is for him to be out serving! Then in the evening we had Sis Weaver with us as she travelled from Sydney to zone conference and was waiting for her new companion (Sister Hughes) to arrive from the MTC as Sis Hughes had to stay in the MTC for few extra days due to kidney stones!  So Sis Weaver came to a lesson with us, we taught Betty where our Bishop attended and it was really great!  Our Bishop is so awesome! He actually met with Betty the next day where he helped her with some welfare things she is in need of.  Then President Leavit called us around 8:30 pm after that lesson and because Sis Leavitt was quite tired that evening he had asked us to go pick up Sister Hughes from the airport! haha. So in Clifford the van we headed over to the airport and greeted Sis Hughes at the gates! It was so weird! I felt like I was just walking off of those stairs and being greated by President Leavitt! So we met her there and then we drove to the mission home and visited a few minutes then SiS K and I headed back to plan and prepare for our next day! It was so fun to meet SiS Hughes though, she is very cute and excited to be a missionary she is from Alaska and just ready to work! Her and Sis W will do great things in Sydney, we are excited for our visit with them this week!

Thurs: We had alot of planning to do, and meetings, we volunteered in the hair salon as well which was great! then at 7:40pm we headed out to the 1.5 hr drive to New Glasgow.
Friday: We had our visits! ANd it was great! The sisters are doing so well! They had a baptism this week! SIS curtis who has been out for a transfer has really come out of her shell and is so much for confident, I just love her and it was so exciting to see! They aren't confident with street contacting so Sister Curtis and I walked to downtown New Glasgow.  We had half hour, we set a goal to talk to 20 people and when we had to head back for lunch ... we had 7 people left, Sis C was like YES WE ARE GOING TO TALK TO 7 PPL & GET 2 POTENCIALS! I was like ya sister!! So we did and we got two great potencials! We were splitting up talking to people and she was going after people it was so great to see and she was very excited! We had a great visit with them, and because of appointments at 8 we slept the night and got up early Sat monring to travel back to our area so we could be back in our area for the whole day!
Saturday: We had alot of finding and contacting referrals to do, and we also had dinner with a LA family.  They have two daughters, one our age, who is coming back and we took her to our lesson with Betty that evening! We had planned to teach Betty the Plan of Salvation, and it was an interesting lesson.  Betty was not really focused and she was bringing up her sorrow from her ex fiance leaving her,  It was a bit of a frustrating lesson because SIS K and I just felt it did not flow smoothly or atleast the way we expected it to, but little did we know as we got back in our van with (LA girl) opened up and was just like that lesson was for me! I felt the Spirit sooo strongly and I loved it, she said the words we were saying just spoke to her and made her realize so much about how her ex bf of 3 yrs does not need to be in her life! She was so happy and she even is considering serving a mission now because of how she felt. Sis K and I were just like wide eyed amazed! SO yes we are going to be taking her with us to lessons more!!
But it was a great week and I can't wait for this week! I love being here everyday SIS K and I are in awe at how blessed we are to be here on our missions! These are the last days, we are wrestling with Satan for saving salvation of the souls of men it is so clear! and I am so grateful to be aware of this and be working with Heavenly Father in finding His children and bringing them back to the fold.  Everyday I am so full of gratitude towards our Saviour what he has done and because of Him I am able to have these miraclous blessing in my life & in the lives of others.
I know this gospel to be true, I know this is the Lords work, I know there is no other way to salvation than through Christ and His plan that he has layed out for us in this HIS Restored Gospel in these last days, now is the time. THESE are the days to rescue others, open our mouths and become disciples of Christ.
I know these things to be true, and anyone else can if they are simply humble enough.
I am so grateful to have my heart not set on the world and set on our Savoir Jesus Christ. I would love to encourage anyone who hasn't to do yourself a favor and give your heart to Him our Savior Jesus Christ- and be changed through Him. Because this is what we planned to be & do before we came here.
Also I cut like 6 inches of SiS Keeler hair like 7 inches at least of Sis Starkies hair it looks great! SIS K's hair was hard to cut, she has a hair like a horse, so thick but it looks great!!
I LOVE you all, thank you for your prayers and support, I pray and love you all very much!!
Love SiSter Pizzey :) 

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