Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3 - A week of miraculous adventures! :)

Wow wow wowee this week was amazing!!! This is the Lords work everyone! I know it and God knows it!
(On a side note; two years ago today I had a change of heart ...)
So when you serve in the metro and it is transfer week it is nuts, we had Sister Meihe with us till Thursday then she left to her new area with her companion, then we had Sister Ward and Sister Turner with us Weds, Sis Turner left  to Newbrunswick then Sis ward and her bran new MTC companion Sister Dohnelly with us from Thurs to Sat morning because their apartment in Bridgewater was not ready for them till then. So it was a stretch to have so many people in our area; and Sis Keeler and I just love serving with one another and we are just pretty excited to be back to work and have this area with just us two haha. But it was great, required stretching and we saw a lot of wonderful things with the sisters here; but from Saturday till yesterday we saw miracles I tell ya! We picked up 7 new investigators in those two days! and just WOW is all I can say about how we found these people, I am so excited to share with you the details of this week!!
So Monday we had a dinner with a family in the ward, and they actually had a non member family a single mom and her two daughters. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and were able to have brother and sister misner share their testimonies! We picked up her as an investigator and will be seeing her this week! Then Tuesday we went to go stop by Andre's house and we met his wife!! She is wonderful and we will hopefully be teaching her this week! Andre will not be getting baptized this week because of his work, he can not get work off; he is still searching for new jobs so he can attend church and progress in the gospel but things are still going good with him! Tues nigt we had a STL skype call and we found out Sis Broadhead (use to be my STL 30yr old from Cardston tank show missionary) has extended her mission for this transfer and for her last transfer she will be a travelling sister training leader so she literally will be travelling around the mission going on two day visits with the STL's in the mission.  She is currently now serving in Halifax but partially pretty well as she will be out of her area so much, so her and I may be travelling week 4 of this transfer to go train the sisters in Mongton and train and learn from them! Sis Keeler and I are so excited for her to come work with us!
We went to the temple Weds morning and WOW that was amazing...Then we went that evening and took all the new 8 sisters street contacting down town Halifax with the assistants and the STL's in Nova Scotia South zone and that was wonderful, we all split up.  Sis Lund and I a new sister went street contacting she was terrified but we actually found a new investigator for the assitants (as he lives in their area) together which was pretty exciting! Then Sis K and I and the 3 other sister which were working with us went and worked in our area, Sis Turner and I worked with one another she is a great sister missioanry who came out in Sept, she was in St. Johns and now is in Fredicton.  Her and I had a great old time with one another!
So due to short time I am just going to skip to Saturday but from Weds to Sat, we had great days it was wonderful but Saturday is where the magic happens!!
So Saturday we taught Heidi another single mother who was a referral from members in the ward, and she has cousins that are members from edmonton! We had a great first lesson with her and her daughter loves coming to our church! She was going to come on Sunday but they were sick so we will be seeing her again this week.  Then we had a hot chocolate booth; before the booth we prayed and pleaded asking Heavenly Father to place the people we needed to meet in our path ... so we met 3 LAs, a La who was actually from Raymond Albeta and Sis Keeler knew all of her family that have been La for years, we met Michael a potential  investigator and his son, and we also met Brother Macdonalds--> (LA we are working with) we met his non member wife! and also had some amazing gospel conversations with few other people.... like what are the chances?!? We were extactic and that was all within an hour!!
So after the hot chocolate booth we went and picked up Jessica Edis a member from this awesome family in the ward that we have grown very close with, and we went to a lesson with a family that the elders knocked into.  They said they love sister missionaries so we went instead of the elders, and WOW this family is amazing!!! Susan Paul Jennifer and Paul the Magrath family - let me tell you this ... so they met with sisters 4 years ago but the sisters got doubled out so they never heard from the missionaries no more, but as well when their 11 yr old daughter was 8 they attended a baptism at our church for her friend, and now  they left their church 1 year a go and are looking for a church where their kids can learn.  It truly was amazing to see the seeds planted from these faithful sisters and member and we were truly reaping what they were sowing.  SO we had such an amazing lesson, we picked them all up as new investigators and will be seeing them again this week, they are so SO ELECT! Truly was a lesson described in D&C 50:21-22,  when Jessica and us all got in the car after the lesson we all just screamed literally full of excitement and happiness!! Ahhh these truly are the days NEVER to be forgotten.
So sunday morning we had a skype call with the whole zone and the zone leaders are just on top of everything now it is amazing and so exciting.  We are all on the same page now and just ready to work our very hardest. So we had a skype call where we set out expectations for the whole zone, the ZL's asked Sis K and I to teach to the zone about vision goal and planning cycle.  We explained that and commited the zone to all make one for their areas for this transfer, was bit nerveracking but the Spirit guided us in what to say in that one! But afterwards we were studying and Betty our investigator called us at 10:45 (church startsa t 11:30) and was like I would like to come to church today!! We were under the impression prior too that she did not want to come, we francticly found her a ride and Betty came to church!!
It was testimony meeting and a rather bold sarcastic funny member of the ward whom we had taught a lesson in his home that week and have been able to get to know him lately; got up in fast in testimony meeting and rebuked the ward because of no one was getting up to bear their testimony.  He said "I have a friend Betty who i promised this morning she would love church for her first time and well how is she going to if know if no one comes up", and then he continued to talk about our lesson we had at his house.  He said "and we had a great lesson and our house and Sister Pushy (referring to me haha) shared a sweet testimony in our home" haha it was funny but I literally have 8 minutes left and can't explain his testimony in more detail but it was very funny and the ward got up and bore their testimonies but he called me sister pushy over the pulpit! haha.
So Sunday night we were knocking on a street that we have felt inspired to knock for couple weeks and we finally had time to do so; so we were knocking and we kncoked into Sista Quincy! She is a hairstylist who is ghetto black momma haha that works at the salon we volunteer at.  Her daughter opened the door and I saw her in the background and was like "Sista Quincy?!?" haha it was sooo amazing she had us in her home, we came to understand that she had her mother and mother in law pass away in the past month.  She has a strong strong faith in god, we taught an amazing lesson and well we will be teaching her this tuesday! Like what are the chances!? Seriously if this ain't the lords work I don't know what is?!? No one can deny this!!
We have seen miracles happen this week, we are seeing this area flourish and seeing the fruit of the effort; this is all from Heavenly Father because this is His work. I praise in rejoice in God and His plan and purposes for us! I felt like Ammon this morning as Ammon states in Alma 26!
It is an amazing day to be a missioanry and I am so thankful!!
I love you all and thank you for your prayers I pray for you and the Low family as well, I am so sorry to hear for their trial at this moment!
Love Sister Pizzey xoxox

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