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February 24, 2013

here is a great mormon message I feel is so important for  our world today. I totally use to be like the people in this video and I am so grateful for my mission and how much my eyes have been opened from this and how important it is to put the technology down if it is not enhancing our inviting the Spirit and spend I time more worthwhile.
I recieved that braclet this week and I LOVE it! It makes me think how much of a blessing it is in our lives to have our eternal family how blessed our WE!! <3
So YES I am staying in the Cole Harbour ward with Sis Keeler i am soooo happy!! This week has been a crazy busy week and a lot has happened in so little time!  Sis Leavey she was serving in Dartmouth, Blake and Lindsay met her in Newfoundland went home after being out 1 year.  She had to leave home because she was very sick, so her companion Sis Meihe has been serving with us since Thurs and Sis Meihe will be going to Truro this Thurs to open the sisters area there and train a new sister missionary.  It was sad to see Sis L go, but good as well as she really was suffering. Being a Sister training leader I have learnt soooooooooo so soooooooo many things, you have absolutely no idea, words can not even describe. I am so grateful for all that I have learnt, but to say the things I have learnt quite simply would be to love, have charity and serve others serve serve serve and love!  I have learnt alot about humility and caring less about me and more about others- putting others first, calming down and not jumping the gun on things, listening more and talking less. I love this past transfer I truly have come to see some deep weaknesses in myself ...  I love missions because you go through the "pride cycle" so much and you really come to understand that as you grow closer to Christ our weaknesses will be shown Ether 12:27.
I am so grateful for all I am learning I can honestly say without these expierences I would not be half of who I am becoming without them- every moment I am just in ah and think in my mind "why? why am I so blessed and lucky to be having these expierences and on a mission and serving at a time such as this in this freaking absolutely fantastic mission!?! like why? why me?!? " Every sacrifice that is required with the Lord we truly are blessed 10 fold.
So this week well lets begin on it!
So we are just seeing the most dersastic changes in this "COOL Harbour" ward.... that is what Sis Keeler and I call it and last week a member quoted us for saying it over the pulpit in sacrament haha. But it is unreal!! Every Sunday ward is just happier and happier or it appears that way! They are dishing out wonderful referrals left right and centre! And beginning to soak up our efforts with them it is really nice to see! They are offering to have our investigators to be taught in their home and just so excited about our volunteering opportunities we are doing! We just got an amazing new ward missionleader who is on fire as well! One of the elders in our ward is being transferred out, he is just ready to go and we are not sad to see that! haha sounds harsh but reality of it. We will be having a new zone leader replace him and he is just amazing he was a district leader in New Glasgow and we worked with him as we are sister training leaders for the sisters in his district and he is exactly what this ward and zone needs, so we are stoked and ready to tare things up here!! He is an intense missionary and that is what i like haha... I just really appreciate, respect, admire, look up to missionaries and people that understand the importance and magnitude of this work and how this is the Lords work we are His work, and we are working with Him and that it should not be taken with frivolty...
So Tuesday we were able to teach Andre at President Leavitt's house we taught him 10 commandments and Law of Chasity it was a great lesson and one where talked about in D&C 50:verse 20 or something... "Taught by the Spirit and he recieved by the spirit and we all rejoiced one with another!" It was great and President and Sister Leavitt think he is great, we were able to talk about the lesson afterward and Sis K and I were able to walk away with alot that we learned on how we can improve!! it was great! We had a great District training as well!
Weds: We had mission leadership training as well which was great I learnt so much and realized quite a few areas where I feel I need to improve in! Then Weds evening we had a our visit with New Glasgow it went great! I was with Sis Curtis this that evening who has been out 1 transfer and she is just the most humble christ like kind shy person.  I felt so much love for her and we had a blast, she lacks confidence so everything she did I just praised and helped her recognize how great of a missionary she is! I felt bad for her i just wanted to squeeze her.  She was experiencing some things with her companion. I encouraged her to be more open and ...we had a blast! the next morning I was with her comp., we volunteered at the hairsalon and taught a lesson with eachother. It was good!
We started teaching two new investigators this week the ball is rolling quite well here! Amazing to see how the Lord works we met the 2nd gator in the lesson with Latisha the first gator we found and her name is Emily we really feel we just found Latisha to meet emily. They are both 17 Latisha just turned 17 and has a 4 mnth old.... and Emily is just very elect and has family that are members in Ontario and a bestfriend in Montreal that is mormon, Emily has actually looked on mormon,org! We taught Emily last night for the 2nd time with sister in the YW presidency in the ward.
Saturday we had a sykpe with the Sydney sisters where we trained them because they live like 5 hrs away that was great, with did that at President Leavitts house.
We had a nice chat with President Leavitt afterwards, I asked him for a priesthood blessing where I was able to have a good 45 min talk with him. I got sick this week (did not take away from the work though)  so mainly that was the reason why I asked for one but as well I was just kind of beating myself up about some of the weaknesses I have been recognzing in myself; we had a great talk where I feel really good about the direction I am going and how I can master goal setting and continueing to progress forward grace by grace, he felt the devils tool for me is to have me feel too down on myself and discourage myself by making me think I am incapable... so true.  Pres. Leavitt gave me great advice and instruction as always.
But I literally have 3 mins left to write, sorry for short details of this week just know that I am loving my mission having a great time and am so happy to be serving here in this ward with the sisters in this zone, I can't wait to what is unfolded and this work is so inpsired I am so greatful for the Leavitt's and all they do, I feel so blessed to be here just so inpsired! I don't think words can describe my feelings haha.
But I love you all and have a great week!!
love Sister Pizzey

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