Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

This week has been full of miracles!!
Sister keeler and I are just in awh about everything! we could not be more blessed!
I hope in this email today I will be able to express to you the feelings I am having and how amazing this week has been and how amazing this work is. My mission thus far has allowed me to increase in my understanding of the eternal perspective. It is amazing. What truly matters in this life is bringing forth the kingdom of God. As we seek the kingdom of God first we will be blessed. Sister Keeler and I had an amazing pillow talk session last night- simply about this life on earth, how these are the last days & things pertaining to that and it was quite revelatory.. haha :). We truly feel on our missions we have a perspective where we feel we are looking on the outside in on the world. We are completely out of the world in our own missionary bubble and with that I feel the veil has just gotten thinner in our understanding in what really matters in life, what our purpose is and how easy it is for others to get off their discourse in returning to Christ. My mission is continuing to change me and has converted me to selfless service in the Lords kingdom on Earth and giving myself to His will and His errand because we are the Lords hands. 
Anyway this week was filled with amazing events that I will explain to you quickly!!
So Tuesday we had a lesson with Quincy where we were BOLD! We pleaded with the Spirit to be with us before the lesson (as we were nervous) and the spirit guided our words and pushed us to be bold and lay it down! We taught the restoration and resolved her concerns with God being a man, it was amazing! She understood and committed to read daily to pray and experiment through reading the BOM as that is her convincing evidence! Quincy  is very much aware that it is not a coincidence that we have met her and are teaching her, her husband is actually reading the BOM as well! We had a great lesson with Elise as well in her home around a wood fire, we talked about the atonement alot and she is doing great and was excited to begin stop smoking program on thurs.
So Weds morning President Leavitt gave Sis K and i call and asked if we would like to have dinner with him and Sister leavitt that evening... we were like YES! Weds we got dumped with a storm, it was CRAZY! Sis Keeler and I had a plan to do and contact 10 ppl that morning and we were committed so we left apt at 10 that morn and decided to walk to the grocery stores.  There was no one out the wind was nuts! So we walked and talked to 10 ppl in the grocery store.  Everyone thought we were nuts for walking- we decided to get into the apt and do some inside work.  It was probably best as there was like zero visability on the roads, so for Weds we did alot of inside work.  It was a blessing, near 4 there was actually visability and we could actually see just crazy wind.  We were able to drive slowly to President & Sister Leavitt's house. Its funny this storm there was expected to be no power for a day or two so we had candles and stuff but power never went out. So we had dinner with PL and Sis leavitt, we formulated an email with President that he sent out to Andre, then we visited with them.  I just love the two of them, so blessed to have such amazing mission president who cares so much for us! After dinner because of the horrible roads we stayed at presidents house, we planned to teach a lesson over skype at 8 that night and we could use the skype equipment there.  We stayed and basically had a 1 on 1 training with Sis K and I pres and sis Leavitt about facebook, calling potential and so on, it was so GREAT! We have grown so close to the Leavitts, as we live so near ... sis K and I are just again in ah and feel so blessed.. like seriously why did we get this blessing to be serving here and work so closely with them!! ahhhh!!
So we taught Pam that evening over skype it was amazing!! Seriously Pam is wonderful we hadn't even taught her the restoration yet and she knows its true, she has already told all her friends and family that she is converted to the mormon church, she is an answer to many prayers! In her prayer at the end of the lesson she was like " Heavenly Father I am so grateful really I am just so pumped" haaha it was funny she felt a little embarrassed after her prayer but she said afterward, I didn't know of any other word to use other than pumped haha.
So Thurs we volunteered at the hair salon, which was great nice to see Quincy there! We also served two sisters in the ward, where I cut their hair, one of them is a YW Savannah and Raven. It was great we are truly setting a great example and working with them, every Sat we are going to have basketball hour where we play ball with them and they bring their friends to come play with us.  We will begin and end with prayer and spiritual thought! But we also began the Stop Smoking Program with Elise in a members home it was great.  We told her we would eating nothing but fruits and veggies with her for the week of her doing the program and so we have!
Friday we had a great lesson with Betty and she is still going through financial stress but we are still preparing her for April 19.  We are having dinner with her tonight in a members home. We as well were blessed to begin teaching this lady who is LA member from Raymond, her name is Megan that the elders found later that week.  She moved from BC but knows Sis Keeler’s family.  She wants to come back to church and has a 9 year old daughter named Onika who wants to be baptised, so we began teaching her on Friday as well! Wow such a blessing!
Friday night the Trurro sisters arrived and we had our visit with them the next day.
So Sat we started with a training that sister Keeler and I had over skype with all the sisters in the zone, it was at 9 am for the hour in companion study. We trained them on the things we learnt from Sis B on our visit with her! It was great! I love training and teaching with Sis Keeler we just bounce off one another and are very balanced!! It was really good and we were able to roleplay with the sisters and leave them all with things to focus and work and roleplay on in their companion studies.  Then Sister Christiansen went out and talked to 10 ppl came back to the church, did a bit of her 12 week training then we had a church tour with a girl named Tianna who is 18 years old.  We met her couple weeks ago bus stop contacting and finally were able to teach her!  Turns out her and her sisters bestfriend is a "passionate hard core mormon" in Montreal and she is very interested, we gave her a church tour and had a wonderful first lesson.  She said her sister Skianne is interested and that they both would be at church tomorrow. So we picked her up as a new gator! Afterward we had a "Free Popcorn booth & balloon animal booth" outside of walmart... haha yes you heard me right! Sis meihe can do balloon animals and it was the most perfect idea EVER!! Because it drew in all the young families where parents will do anything for their kids.  We have all these families gathered around the booth which they had to wait at for 15 mins or 10 mins for a balloon because of the line, us missionaries would talk to them for a time sooo prime! So we had alot of great gospel convos where we were able to spread the light of Christ! And we also got two SOLID potentials from it!! It was sooo great! So sis Meihe and I worked with one another for that afternoon afterwards...
We had the Womens Broadcast, president and Sis leavitt actually had an event at their house where all the sisters in the metro and anyone we are teaching could come so we brought Sis Belford with us.  They had refreshments at 8 pm, sis Keeler and I enjoyed our bananas with no ice cream or sweets haha but Pres and sis leavitt got a kick at that, then we all watched the broadcast!  WOW that was AMAZING!! I LOVED when they got the 8 year olds to stand up and sing the song, she hummed it was amazing how quickly they knew the song and started singing it.  I had goose bumps! I loved the video of the older lady that showed her married, with kids, then grandkids, and showed her at the end of her life looking at her prosterity, and smiling after her husband passed.... like that is what life is about and for!! I am going to have like 7 kids one day! Seeing all the cute primary girls and hearing the speakers when president Eyring said the Lord will be bring His children to higher spiritual grounds made me think how the younger generation truly are elect valient spirits in the pre existance that they have been saved for these days for a reason and that these younger daughters of God that are being born and raised in the covenant are going to have strong firm grasp to the gospel it is amazing!! Made me think of Avery talia how they truly are valiant little choice spirits of the Lord.
So Sunday was amazing we had Tianna, Skianne and Pam at church! Pam and her two kids were there, she loves church and so did Skianne and tianna the ward welcomed them! Betty could not come last minute but will next week. We had a dinner apt with Bishop it was amazing, we are totally on the same page with him he was saying to us how he is appreciative of our work. Him and his wife are so young and just remind me of what it would be like and Blake and Linds in the future if he were a bishop they are cool! We had an amazing lesson with Pam Sunday night where we were finally able to teach her the restoration and we committed her to May 10th! Her bday is May 11th and she was like YES that feels so right, she prayed about it in her heart and was like it feels so right, she is seriously on board.  She commented on our facebook page yesterday, we saw it this morning it is amazing haha she committed everyone on facebook to open their hearts to this church! She is stalwart!
We have truly seen miracles brought to pass in this area!  Through faith all things are possible ...  this is the Lords work and we are His hands!
I love you all hope you enjoy another chapter to the novel :)
"We are surrounded by those in need of our attention, our encouragement, our support, our comfort, our kindness. We are the Lords hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children. He is dependent upon each of us" President Monson
Whoo hoo i am stoked for conference! Encourage you all to go into conference with a question!!
Love you so much!!
Sister Pizzey:)

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