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May 27, 2013

I’m like rejoicing right now I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. That is all. I love you all SOOO MUCH and I’m almost in tears right now with how happy I am and the love that is filled in my body; love of life, love of being a missionary, love of my Heavenly Father, love of the Holy Ghost, love of the AMAZING family I have. I am sooo blessed and I love you guys so much!
So MONDAY:  We did contacting and finding then we had an appointment with investigator and we showed this AMAZING temple video and then we talked of the big one. WOW and it was amazing, it truly is remarkable, the Spirit like ahhh I’m amazed! I say things and I’m just like woahh this is not me talking and I can remember things and pull scriptures out that just pop in my head and read them to help bring more understanding (because the scriptures is the ultimate tool!) and she completely understood and the spirit was soo strong! I love teaching with Sis Judd!
TUESDAY: Was an amazing day! First have we had studies then district meeting. Our district more than doubled, our key indicators from last week and we all are doing amazing Elder Jarvis (our DL) told Sister J and I that 45 indicators is un heard of for a biking area in our mission...! (Which we have every Tuesday from 10-1 including lunch)  Sister Judd and I got a priesthood blessing from our DL Elder Jarvis and WOW that was amazing he doesnt even know me! and the things said well were just amazing and that right there just confirmed my testimony of priesthood! truly authority given from god to act and speak in his name. After the meetings we switched and Sister Starkie and I served together I was fasting that day because I was shaking in my boots about (investigator) app! haha but it went awesome! First off (investigator) dad’s couldn’t come and (blessing!) her mom was there who is equally if not more negative against the church but she would allow us to actually speak. But to be honest I couldn't tell you what I said but all I know was it wasn’t me, it was the Spirit talking along with Sis Starkie and it went amazing! We helped (investigator) out a lot and stumped her mom. As bad that sounds haha the spirit was there so it was a good and bold! But Sister Starkie and I tore it up! We got 3 new investigators that 24hrs picked up a LA and began teaching her. Sis Starkie is awesome! I learned sooo much from her.  Her brother I actually met in the MTC; he is a teacher there.  You can tell he was amazing hard working missionary like Blake and she’s following in her bros footsteps as well!.. We both said to one another lets brag to pres about how well we get along and hope he gets the hint to have us serve with one another one day ;).   Sister Judd told me that in her letter from President; Pres Leavitt said to her quote “Sis Starkie is a Sister Pizzey" lol.
So one of the investigators Bob that Sis S and I picked up is hilarious! He is from China and is soooo excited about this he came to church and was sooo excited about his free BOM and how we teach him for free, his mind was blown away about it, haha its hilarious.  He came to church and he left and slept on the coach during sacrament ... and then came to 2nd and 3rd hour and loved it! haha he is a funny guy. and apparently in priesthood when he introduced himself they said bobs an investigator something like and asked if he would introduce himself.  He said" Hi I’m Bob and I’m actually a member because I want to be a part of this and am going to be a member" and then everyone in priesthood applauded and laughed !! haha.
So weds and thurs were days that were tough filled of people cancelling appointments, going to contact referrals and no one being home.  It was hard days and I kept saying to Sister Judd "Don’t worry the Lord is preparing us for something great! And the adversary is trying to discourage us.”  It was very true because Friday and Saturday BOOM they were awesome!
Friday we did weekly planning till 2 then we went to teach Bob that went good.   All of our investigators, all 13 of them there is only a grand total of TWO Canadians, the rest are Chinese or African and Nepalese; so really I have been called to a English speaking mission but sis judd and I feel it’s not. haha. Because of the language barrier you really have to know how to teach with very SIMPLE language and translate what their broken English is asking.  We use the few words they know, to teach! haha its awesome but through the spirit we can get by.  Then We taught Vanessa Lee and she is from Taiwan and boy oh boy language barrier with her is the toughest one! We got through it - I mean she came to church Sunday!
Then Saturday! Was amazing it was 11:45 am and we had gained a new LA and a new gator! Then we got over to Bobs house because we had an appointment with his roommate and a guy name H.Y. answered the door.  I had met him at his house a month ago and so we ended up teaching H.Y and Edmund and got them as new investigators! They are two really smart guys and have a hard time with faith, and knowing that as you pray and read scriptures it will draw you nearer to God. But as they asked hard complex questions I was just sticking to simple doctrine to answer them and it was amazing on how strongly that brought the Spirit in and testifying! They were really interested from then on. And H.Y. who is 3 yr physcology guy said point blank month ago I will never believe in higher power looked me in the eye and said I’m interested and willing to read and pray only because it really intrigues me when you talk about this.  I can see in your eyes and the way you speak about it that you passionately know that what you’re saying and teaching is true. Then we taught Joshua George and man Josh is a stud! He is in 2 Nephi already and we have only taught him twice! He is from Nigeria and he knows his bible! But he also is not a bible basher he truly wants to do what HF wants him to do so he prays and read asks for the HG to be with him as he reads BOM.  He can see that it compliments and testifies the same doctrine as the Bible does. He is praying about Baptism and we had another member present at his lesson and he asked her how she came to know this was true at the end of our lesson as well, so she got to bear her testimony as well! He is upset because he had to work on the Sabbath quote on quote from Joshua’s mouth - he just needs to work to make money for his school courses but will come to church this week! It’s just time for him with receiving a testimony and answers from God and he directed all his questions to so had no questions this time!
This week has been amazing! We biked through the trudging rain all day Saturday, but we were busy and had sooo many places to be! Something amazing about biking and rain and being a missionary- I can truly feel the spirit lift my soul and the lord helps push me on my bike as we trudge up the hills. We also filled our tires with air sat. And well that made a difference! haha I did not realize how low in air the tires were until we filled them.  Yesterday was awesome we saw a Nepalese family walk past us and we were in the middle of talking to a couple and I was itching watching them slowly move further and further away from us.  As soon as we were done with that conversation I look at sis judd and was like did you see where they went! And she was like ya they turned left- then we sped up and chased them down! haha and picked them up and will be teaching them again this thurs and well again quite a language barrier but just another day in the life as a missionary in PEI ;)
It’s been an amazing week! Thanks for sending a package with Irene. I love you all soooo much and keep you in my prayers!
LOVE SISTER PIZZEY I keep you all in my prayers- John14:18 ~ holy ghosts is amazi

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