Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

So this week has been good and hard! It was a learning and growing week. Things didn't go as they were planned, lessons fell through and didn't just work out for the way we hoped for them to. But it is okay! We needed a week like that to wake us up and see what we need to work on, because we have literally had 6 weeks of miracles and we need one to wake us up and to make sure we are continually on our toes! Coming into the 7 weeks of being with the same person all the time 24/7 is something I have not experienced before and has caused me to learn alot about patience. Because you all know me I can get in a zone when I am annoyed by the way people do things that are weird and different in my eyes. So this week I have worked with not allowing the Spirit of contention, and not to get in the way of the Spirit of the Lord. It has been hard at times! But having charity is what it is about, everyone! Its just the happier simpler way of living! 1 Corinthians 12 and 1 Corinthians 13 puts it sooo perfectly! CHARITY CHANGES CHARACTER and thats what it is about changing our character, we are always changing and its up to us to be who we want to be and it all starts with change of heart!
So we began teaching a LA last week whose father use to be a Bishop and now is a former member and VERY anti - anti is toxic. Never read it! So we are working with her and her mom is active (divorced for her dad) and 1 of her sisters is active all 3 of her other siblings are very anti as well to the point where they do not talk to there mother and yea just lots of drama! I am soooo grateful for my family! So she is having a hard time with coming back and her anti side of the family having a issue with her.... so we are seeing her tonight! 
Things with Robert have been good.  We have had a little set back with one of our lesson with Danielle.  They came to church Sunday which was great!
We are continuing to teach the Nepalese family and they are great! Anita we found out yesterday is 5 month pregnant ! And that would make sense why she has been so sick lately! They were suppose to go camping this weekend and while we were sitting in church in walks Bal!  It was such a nice surprise! They couldn’t go camping because she was sick, so he decided to come to church and we taught him that afternoon.  Just with Nepalese culture they like to do things with permission from his family so we hope their family is okay..If not we will build his testimony stronger and stronger to with stand that!
We ate Lobster at the steens house this week and that was amazing! I will send pictures and I am probably going to send home a usb drive of pictures as well from whole mission so far. But WOW lobster here isn’t nothing like lobster at home! And we had a huge bowl of mussels, they were amazing!! Dad I was thinking of you and how you would be loving this. When we come back to tour the mission I will have to take you to the Steens!!
So that new family from Dominican that I mentioned last week, They are from Haiti and are amazing!! They LOVE missionaries! We went to go visit them this week and her sister who isnt a member translated for us  because they speak zero english. They have been memebers for 8 years and went to the temple every month, they have a 15 yrs old son and a 7 yr old girl.  They use to have another son but he died in a car accident 4 yrs ago with the oldest son, he was the middle child, very sad.  They said if it weren’t for the gospel they dont know how they would of gotten through it.  It’s just amazing to me that the gospel is just the same all around the world!  That you can literally move to another country not speak the language at all and be taken care of and loved! Mom you mentioned this to me when I was LA yrs ago and it is sooo true! And i love it! We started teaching a big guy named Dale he is from Bahamias and wears a pick in his hair he is awesome! He has the big black guy accent and will be like "Child! let me tell you about Job!" haha its awesome, being a missionary is awesome.
We had zone training this Saturday which was great.  I love the elders and sisters we serve with in this zone, especially the sisters! Elder Dupont is not in my zone. I am done 12 week training now and my day begins at 10 now ! so weird! I was able to serve a couple in our ward who have no money and cut there hair- i love being able to do that and they looked great after!
I love the BOM and I have learned soooo much while serving a mission, more than I could imagine.  I feel I would be sooo lost without these valuable life lessons I have learned. Just as it is important for converts who are preparing for baptism or LAs who are meeting with us missionaries to read and pray daily, it is just as important for us members to be doing that as well. Read the BOM and continually take Moroni's promise read and pray ask if it is true so we can continually learn and grow and experience those feelings of conversion. In the World that we are living in reading and praying, family home evening is our protection from the World and temptations. The times are different than they were 10 yrs ago 5 yrs ago, just attending church and following the commandments are not enough- being a 3 hr church member will not protect us. We need to build our foundation upon a rock, we need to follow the prophets counsel and be exactly obedient so when the storms come we wont be swayed. HELAMIN 5:12. Its a slippery slope. Get a food storage 72 hr kit together Calary= scary! The Prophets council is not to restrict us or is not "too intense" it is to promise that we will not go astray that we will do what the Lord wants us to do exactly to give us Eternal truths in a World of shifting values. What we acquire and learn here is going to help and benefit us in the life to come, we are missionaries we are the army of Helaman and we are here to do what the Lord needs done! So prepare yourselves to be the benefit for this world for our brothers and sisters in this life and most importantly in the life to come! 
SO much LOVE
Sister Pizzey xoxox.


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