Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 17, 2013

FIRSTLY Sis J and I are still in Charlottetown we are so happy and will be here for the Summer it is GORGEOUS HERE!
SECONDLY Avery looks soooo old!

All righty so this has been an eventful week! And yet another week, where Heavenly Father has been blessing us sisters in Charlottetown. I AM SO HAPPY I’M HERE TILL AUGUST AT LEAST- I will be here for Danielle and Roberts wedding and his baptism! And I was here for their baby’s funeral in April! It’s such a blessing to grow sooo close to people on the other side of the country that I would have never met! And I know this transfer blew by!!
So let’s start with Monday, So we ate at a families house in the country,  We get the truck and the elders drive our lovely green flowered bikes haha!  We went to their farm; they have chickens mini horses, it’s awesome and gardeners- I think I’m going to garden when I’m a mom.  It was awesome, they were just shooting referrals at us left, right and centre so we were pumped! Then we went to teach the Dezeree family (Anita and Bals brother and bros wife) and it was hilarious! We had the whole Nepalese community come; we started with 3 and ended with like 12 people in the room haha!! It was hilarious, we began teaching and people just started filing in the house one after the other till we had like 10 Nepalese people gathered around while we are teaching THE TRUE RESTORED GOSPEL everyone! It was pretty funny, and they love us! So we got some new investigators from that, and they always feed us after with cookies and pop or juice because we don’t drink tea its usual coke or something and well I love coke but sis J hates it so it’s also pretty funny!
Then at the end of each transfer PL has a training conference for all the ZL's and STL's that was in Dartmouth. Sis J is a STL so I went to go serve in Moncton/Riverview/Dieppe area for two days while Sis J was there.  I served with Sis Lewis, this was her first transfer.  She is from Salt Lake South, lived in Blake’s mission but doesn’t know Blake though. But it was awesome serving with her! It’s crazy just to see how much I have learnt and same with her as well. We had lots of fun together.  I just loved her investigators and they all hoped to see me again someday as well! We got to sit in on a lesson with the DL there and that was awesome as well, I got to learn soo much! So Sis J got back to Moncton weds night at 8:30pm so then we got back to PEI at like 12 midnight.  I know I felt like a rebel! It was funny while we were driving I had to pee so at like 11:30 we had to pull over the side of the road and pee on the side haha it was really funny and had to keep the door open because well you know we have to be within sight and sound of each other! And yea a big truck had to drive by right as I was doing that as well, sooo really funny! haha too much info|?? sorry!
So Thursday we got to see Sis Henderson and she made us hot chocolate and cinnamon buns while we taught her.  I was already feeling sick this whole week, had a smoker voice from sore throat and head ache, Vitamin C was my best friend! After Sis J and I left her house, I was about to burst.  We get on our bikes and we are legitimately gagging the WHOLE ride home \!! haha It was ridiculous and ridiculously funny at the same time - no word of a lie we were swerving biking sooo slow because we were dry heaving the whole ride home we couldn’t help it! Sis J puked on of road and keep in mind this is like 1 pm haha people are out walking dogs enjoying the day and please don’t mind us missionaries we are just puking here! Ugh it was bad!  I couldn’t help but laugh at the same time and same with sis j def a good memory. So we get home and both run in the apartment I run to the toilet puking while she is puking in the bathroom sink..... hahaha yea it was disgusting but also soooo funny! So we slept for couple hrs and went back to work weirdest thing! So I have had crazy mucous nose and throat but today is ALOT better- my voice gives out but today is good!
So Thursday we actually picked up (investigator’s) dad as a new investigator.  We are still teaching Anita and Ball and were aiming for baptims for them end of July they are just asking permission from their family (culture thing for them) I feel HF has just been dropping investigators in our laps!
We go to teach Bob our hilarious Chinese investigator who is sooo unique and corky and he brought his Chinese friend Danny! haha Bob and Danny are like the exact same! And Danny is sooo excited and Bob was sooo excited to share this with him. Funny thing at church on Sunday sacrament is quite hard for our investigators that don’t understand English too well.  Bob left and slept on couch during sacrament ... remember! And this time we left to get a coffee.... he is so hilarious, we just love him! We are also teaching Jack Wu and he is 22 from Taiwan and is sooo faithful and obedient to everything we teach him he just understands and it all just makes sense.  He is a golden investigator and wants to be baptized but is moving to Toronto June 29th, then will be in Taiwan for July then permanently living in Toronto as of August.  We are going to continue to prepare him for baptism before he leaves and then contact missionaries and give them the low down on them and make sure that they will continue with him! I’m still happy though all the same kingdom!
So  Robert is soooo awesome! He cannot wait to be baptized July 13th - their wedding is July 6th which  we are invited too!! and we made him a calendar day yesterday and tomorrow we will be booking all our apps till his baptismal date.  He LOVED it, he is so elect and loves the gospel and feels so blessed to have met us. I hope I can attend his and Danielle’s sealing in a yr to their little baby Ezailia, who passed at two weeks old.
Church was another great week! We had 5 investigators attend and all stayed 3 hrs and loved it!
So Yao a RC from China -we have been working with her, she is from China.  She usually stays just for sacrament but this week after sacrament she got a priesthood blessing and after the blessing she decided to stay so we were stoked!!
I have been practicing haircutting! Last pday I cut the Elders hair and this week will be cutting a couple who don’t have much money for haircuts.  It’s such a fun things to offer as service!

So our bikes totally shut down on us this week; both breaks stopped working.  From a bike accident haha so we took them into the bike shop. This Bike shop loves us, we have been there 3 times now this transfer so they know us quite well and give us great deals! So they gave us these sweet Marry poppins bikes, we took pics I might have time to send them to you today! But they had cruzer breaks and 1 gear so we road those for 2 days, and cruzer breaks are like the breaks that you have when your 5 yrs and push back to stop, it was pretty funny! So we drove those around and on Friday night we were driving and these guys yelled at me "MARY! MARY! Come back! Mary poppins! “it was pretty hilarious. Soooo many funny times this week! Are bikes are fixed and had a lot of repairs done.  The miss. took care of the costs.
Lots of changes in the mission leadership our ZL got made to assistant, and our district leader got called to ZL.  Also changed from being 1 ZL to two ZLS so Elder Jenson and Elder Jarvis will be serving here in ctown with us as district and zone leaders and sis j STL is here - I feel so blessed to be serving here! I got to sit in on the DL (district leader) STL (sister training leader) Skype training on sat. And hear all the inside deats. and learn haha so yea it was awesome. They are doing a new thing everyday where we memorize a scripture.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing miss. pres. and has set things out that it is so easy to be a successful missionary.!

Did you guys get the elder holland talk i sent you?!
I’m studying in Mosiah 18 and WOW Abinadi the man! He has so much FAITH.  It’s amazing my mind is blown away and the Gospel is soooo real and true and any honest meek sincere finder can and will find the truth in the BOM of this True and everlasting Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ for these last days. We are so blessed to have a Prophet and to know this!!!

I LOVE YOU ALLL SOO MUCH HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAREN AND KAMRY!!!! I’m happy Blake is alive and functioning!!! SERIOUSLY!  I’m happy B and J got to enjoy a trip
I will send pics next week I have soooo many good ones I’m aching to share.  I just don’t have time today.


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