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June 3, 2013

Okay we were a little surprised last email no mention about Kensey’s baby?  (questions we ask paige)
Your thoughts, ha?
hahaha yeaaa sorry I had so much on my mind!!! But that is very exciting!! Tell her I say congrats and she is the best looking mom I have ever seen after a week of giving birth! And Emily looks absolutely stunning at grad! And I like her dress the best.

This week truly has been amazing. I feel the same way as I did last week but even more! Emotional almost I am filled with the Love of my Savoir and am blown away at how true this Gospel is.
Our area is doing amazing- Yesterday our zone leader called sister Judd and I and said our area is the standard of excellence for the zone and the whole mission! And asked us for advice on what he could give to our zone. We surpassed our goals for this week finding 8 new investigators - 3 new families consisting of two sets of parents and one single mom- all the kids are below the ages of 8. Between us and the Elders we had 10 investigators at church 6 of them being our investigators! The Lord has truly blessed us and I feel sooo in aahhh amazed and full of gratitude to be serving in a time such as this and a part of this work. The standard of excellence is set at 35 for the mission and we surpassed it this week by 20 keys over 35... Not that numbers matter but it truly does help us see the Lords hand performing miracles in front of us.

We won’t be teaching (investigator) anymore.  There is no way we can be teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her dad around.  So Anita and Ball is the Nepalese  family there 7 yr old daughter name is Sasita she is adorable is legitimately is a little brown Nepalese version of Avery.  Like if Avery was brown she would be Sasita haha! We were able to teach them twice this week and the Gospel art book is our best friend! It has changed the lessons with language barriers and helped bring a lot more understanding to the investigators. Our second lesson Lal and Talusche were able to come with a married couple in early 20s that were baptized in January and that helped a lot! They brought them to church Sunday and their friends now.  They  hang out all the time! Ball said he had a dream and knows the BOM is true - hasn’t read it yet but knows it’s true.. haha so we are like SWEET! So Bal told us that yesterday after church so we are planning to put them on date this week! I love teaching foreigners- Chinese people always provide herbal tea. and the Nepalese people always provide great Nepalese food!
Then we started teaching a guy named Kalvin in our ward (he was baptized in Jan. he is from the Philippians) roommates and that was awesome... We actually met Kalvins roommate Jerry on the street and set up an appointment with him and then showed up to realize "oh hey Kalvin we didn’t know you LIVED with jerry or even knew him" So their other roommate sat in and we picked Jerry and Fernando up as investigators! Kalvin was kind of shocked because he said when past missionaries came to teach him his roomates would always hide in their rooms and weren’t interested at all.... haha i think us being girls may have helped but whatever gotta do what you gotta do I guess to help bring others unto Christ and come to know the TRUE restored Gospel of Jesus Christ ;) haha.
Then we met this guy named K'nyaw from Thailand on the street and set up an appointment he is Christian- Sis Judd was kind of hesitant thinking okay this guy isn’t going to go anyway but I was pumped! So we showed up to his house to teach him and not really sure what to expect... and ask he opens the door we see that he has a beautiful family! With a wife that can speak better English than him.  She has taught Sunday school on the refugee camps in Thailand where they previously have been living for 15 yrs.  And there is two beautiful children ! It was amazing and we picked them up as well. There story is amazing the United Nations split up the refugee camp and divided them throughout the World; they have family in USA, Denmark etc just all over! The Lord loves them and sent us to them!
Then we chose an area to knock through prayer and we really felt strongly about Victory Ave- and so the 4th apartment in the first apartment building we knocked we met Jessica! She is a single mom with a 5 yr old and 3 yr old just got a divorce a yr ago. And first thing she said was..." O hey I go to Zion church but been wanted to change churches would you like to come in?" We are just jaws dropped uuhhh YESS!! SO we teach her first lesson- and before we get to the Great Apostasy she is already saying I feel the Bible has been translated so much blah blah blah and were just like oh yea!!!! Let me tell you yadda yadda yadda. And she just loves it! So we picked her up and taught her two days later with the primary president in the ward, they hit it off! And she came to church and they blended right in- her family honestly looked like members the little 5 yr old boy showed up in a white button up collar shirt beige cacky pants and dress shoes, for crying out loud!!! It was sooo awesome and they loved it!
So Yesterday at church was AMAZING I honestly was ready to start crying for joy and amazement at how the Lord loves his Children so much ! He loves all of us! We had 6 people come and it was fast testimony meeting (meaning I was little nervous what people would say) so I said a prayer before it started and the Spirit was just flowing in the room! Jessica was just in ahh nodding her head- Joshua was taking notes! Danielle and Robert (La and Robert our investigator on date for July 13) got up and bore their testimonies!!! YES our investigator Robert got up and bore his testimony and said I know this church is true! Sis Judd and I were about to jump up and applaud we were soo excited! It’s so funny how I feel about my investigators; I feel like a parent I get sooo overwhelmed with joy, excitement, happiness emotional when they do what HF asks them;when the light bulb clicks in their mind at church and in our lessons. I just love them all so much! It was an amazing day and I’m just on a cloud is the jest of this all! The Ward was amazing with all of our investigators! Everyone reached out and fellowshipped and made everyone feel just like family.-MAKESURE YOU ALL FELLOWSHIP AT HOME FAM JAM IT MAKES A WORLD A DIFFERENCE FOR NEW MEMBERS AND INVESTIGATORS. The Elders and us were just ecstatic about the success in Ctown.
The Ward is all so excited about missionary work and the Bishop loves us! He is the best Bishop ever he is so involved in the Ward and gives it his all, it’s amazing!
It has been an amazing week. The Lord is great the Gospel is real. 
I love you all very much! I can’t believe that picture of those kids in the ditch hahaha like what?!? And our fam man you guys are all a bunch of beauts I love you alll sooooo much! Dad Sis Judd thinks you look the same age as our bro in laws! I love you all! And hope all is well. I keep you in my prayers especially Breanne and Jordan!
LOVE Sister Pizzey.

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