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June 10, 2013

This has been another amazing week!! I love being on a mission I wouldn't change this experience for the World there is no other place I would like to be right now but here. There is no greater calling and no greater more enjoying work than this work! I love the picture you sent man Kensey does look great! That is so awesome that you have been having soo many events at our house, which sounds like so much fun! I can’t believe the ward split up, that is very exciting but also crazy! Sounds exciting for you guys! Man it’s going to be so awesome to be a member of a ward some day, I just love the gospel and church and people - I am for sure going to highlands ward and going to do my best with helping that ward become better and the missionary efforts in it. Thats cool to hear about your relief society thing and there are many angels amongst us! As missionaries I know that when we go knock door to door etc. that it is not just Sis J and I, that there are angels travelling amongst us and helping and protecting us ! And I also know that there are many angels amongst us preparing the hearts of many people! Alma 13: 24! BOOM.
So lets get started on this magnificent week of blessings!
So for Preparation day Summerside Elders came up and Montague sisters came up to Charlottetown and our whole district when to cows ( this amazing ice-cream place that started over in eastern Canada).  We toured the cows icecream factory, they have chocolate covered chips! Amazing haha yikes, but yea we all hung out and toured; it was lots of fun and Montague slept over at our place Sunday night because they were to be here Monday for pday.   (Montague is like 45mins away)  They slept at our place Monday night as well- they went to work in Montague for 6, came back at 9 because every tues we have district meeting at 10. 
District meeting I did the Doctrinal Discussion and I spoke on Hope. That went really well as well. I was a little nervous because I first I didnt know what approach I would take.  During pstudy (personal study) I had faith that as I studied the topic and organized many ideas somehow the Lord would help guide me to formulate and know of what I needed to speak on. So I spoke about how hope is a leg of a three legged chair along with faith and charity and how the 3 of them go hand and hand. But how Hope is the start to it all hope leads to all! So we read in Moroni 7: 40-45 It went really well! I could go on for a while on this but let’s move on! 
So we had exchanges this week.  Sis Davis and I served together here in Charlottetown and it was good.  President Leavitt takes time every transfer to travel to every area and visit our apartments and interview us one on one so that is really nice ! He is quite a funny man. He searched everything to our freezer and searches through all our food making jokes its quite funny.  I really love that man he is the best Mission pres. and is such an example of everything he teaches or tells us he does, he literally talks to everyone! And so successful in business you can tell because he has such creative ideas for our mission!
This week has been awesome though the Holy Ghost is soooo real!! We received sooo many promptings and whenever I do I just do whatever the thought may be! Many times this week we were in Browns qt. a student housing type area and the thought popped in my mind go knock area 9 in browns qt. So I looked at Sis J and was like lets go housing 9.  She wasn’t too keen, but I was like no! We are doing it! And we did and we met a man who was just praying to god and was crying and needed us there! We have taught him twice since, he is very broken going through a break up.  He  was just baptized Baptist and very confused about what god wants of him and BOOM here we are. So things with him will be moving slowly but I know HF needed us there right there and I felt so blessed to be able to assist in the Lords work at that time.   Another time we were in an apartment building and (investigators) no showed us. I felt prompted that we needed to knock the whole apt. Building, we did and we met a Filipano man who was interested and had a family that has met with missionaries before.  We are planning to see him this week! Another time this week were hurrying, biking to the church for an appointment, we were running late.  Sis J was in front of me and we biked past this man.  Sis J said hi to him and continued to bike down the hill,  so she’s way ahead and I felt like no I need to stop and talk to him, so I said Hi and continued to bike past fast.  I really felt bad as I drove away so I stomped on my breaks (sorry break* only one of my bike breaks work right now :) ) and glided and spinned around and biked up to him and talked with him.  He is from Africa -Burundi and he has been in Quebec past 4 yrs and just moved here looking for a church.  He has a heavy heavy French accent (but nothing new as all our investigators pretty well don’t speak English ... perfectly).  So we talked he gave me his address and number and two days later we taught him and he came to church Sunday and loved it! And we will be seeing him this Thursday! HOLY GHOST IS SOOO AMAZING GOSPEL IS TRUE EVERYONE. I know that this Gospel is true for many many many reasons temples etc! The Lord is soooo mindful of all his Children and wants them sooo badly to return to him through the grace of the Saviors atonement and the priesthood powers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our church! 
The Nepalese family we ran down in our bikes the other week are soooo elect!!!So prepared! We have a Gospel Fundamentals book in Nepalese that we teach from with it is life changing! They are loving it ! They Love the Gospel and how HF loves them- they say all the time God sent you to us to help us. And they are amazing. We showed up for a lesson at their house and they had their family over and we taught them and their family so all 4  of them.  The family was eating this message up!! They LOVED it and after the lady stood up and gave me the biggest hug
I feel soooo blessed to be able to teach soooo many people from other parts of the World, The Lord loves all the children, I have learnt soooo much from all these people. Humility being one! They are sooo humble and so happy with how little they have! Truly is an example for me and I know the Lord has sent me to meet these people to teach them but to also teach me and have me get some perspective! I feel sooo blessed because with teaching all these people with their many many different languages (where the church doesn’t even have much stuff available for their language) we have to be simple teachers! We have learnt sooo much how to teach with the simplest terms but for them to fully understand the gospel as well! The Lords has helped us sooo much! Teaching simply is sooo hard and something I struggle with and I know the Lord is blessing me with these teaching experiences because he is allowing me to learn and turn my weaknesses into strengths! Ether 12:27. I have soo much I’m learning and to continue to learn. I feel soo blessed!
Yesterday Sis J and I at the beginning the of day were like let’s just work so hard today that when we get home we will be ready to die and pass out! haha. And we did! We didn’t eat dinner till 9:15pm yesterday, we left the house at 9 am and returned home at 9:15. We left and ended up teaching 3 lessons that we didn’t expect too.  We just kept working off of prompting and prompting, and we felt like we really needed to go see Sis Henderson a LA lady instead of dinner.  We did and we were so grateful we put aside our hungry feelings.  When we showed up, she had that week collapsed 5 times due to low blood sugar and didn’t tell anyone! She had broken her nose and had two HUGE black eyes, we were in shock so we helped her get changed, made her dinner and the elders came over and gave her a blessing. It was sooo sad and I again felt to blessed that the Lord loves her sooo much and sent us to her.  She said she was ready to breakdown right before we showed up and that the Lord answered her prayers.
This week again truly has been amazing! I LOVE the ward I’m serving in everyone loves us and I know everyone sooo well . We get our transfer letters this week and I am really hoping I stay! haha. I would be more than happy to stay here more than another week! NOW mom don’t be a stressed out this week worrying if I’m staying or not or how I will handle things if I’m moving.  It’s not my will but the Lords will if the Lord needs me to be somewhere else.  I will go and do what the Lord has commanded because 1Nephi3:7 ! haha. Many people we are teaching in the near future will be baptized.   
This week I have been studying Mosiah 10-13 and man Abinadi is the man!!! I love him!! He is sooo bold and I love how he didn’t see the fruit of his labor.  But he stood strong and held to his faith in what the Lord had given him, he was not shifted in the influence of others ! He was an anchor! Abinadi is awesome and it’s my goal to be like him! Ether 12:4 BOOM it’s a good stick. The BOM is awesome! Love it! It truly is a blessing that we have one we can read.  As I’m teaching people where the BOM is not available for them in their language and they would love to be able to just simply read it as we can.  So don’t take advantage of that amazing blessing that we have!
I LOVE YOU all ! 
Love Sister Pizzey

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