Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013

Whooo I am sooo wiped today!  We have done alot of hard work this week but it was well payed off!
I am going to have my first nap today, I have never napped of Pday but you know what I am doing it today ! and I cant wait! haha.
Okay so firstly; gators- when i said gators in past letters it meant invesitaGATORS for short not a family last name...haha just to clear things up!
So last Pday I had to buy two pairs of spandex- hence the sportchek payment last week so sorry! But i was sick of my skirt blowing up in a gust of wind! haha
A member fixed my bike for me yesterday ! which was awesome!
So Tuesday was rainy but I don't know what it is, there is something great when being a missionary as you trudge/bike through rain, drenched with wet clothing on your body; it certainly is character building! haha. But in all seriousness it was amazing so fun! With good company being Sister Judd, we were able to LOVE biking in the rain. We actually were able to meet one of our new investigators Tuesday as we biked through the pouring rain.  He is a man in his 60s and is a barber and we love him! He is awesome, it was an amazing first lesson we had with him Thursday. let me explain...
So we were teaching the restoration and the lesson was all over the place, we explain god is loving Heavenly Father and get to prophets and somehow he brings up baptism and asks about that and if he needs to get re baptized from when he was as a baby.  So I pull out Matt 3 where it talks about Christ baptism and explained how he walked all that way to be baptized by John because john held the proper authority to baptize.  We continued teaching him, he is a funny guy and I feel and have faith he is prepared and will be fully converted. His phone can only make calls he can’t receive, so its really hard to get a hold of him.  We leave notes on his door and then he calls us, but he has been MIA past couple of days, and our note we left on his door from two days ago is still there, so we’re hoping he’s still alive ... literally :/!
I dont know if I have mentioned (investigator) at all in the past he is in his 50s.  He is from Nicaragua, he has been taught since 06 on and off.  He is a former we picked up few weeks ago, he has read the BOM knows its true wants to get baptized, but his wife and kids aren’t supportive so its a big struggle for him. And he is trying to get them to be more understanding and okay with it. He is legit, he says once I’m a member, I’m a member ... I’m not going to do this for 2 years then quit, it is life long. We have been having crazy spiritual lessons I actually teared up when testifying and so did he, im really open with all the people we teach (when the spirit is prompting me) about how this gospel has changed my life. And I have with (investigator) been very bold with telling him its important to not delay the day of baptism.  He knows and understands and is full of gratitude.  At the end of our lesson he wrapped his arms around and squeezed, hugging me and my arms were down by my side and i was like ahhhh (investigator) i cant hug!! and he was like I know but I can still hug you haha it was funny. But we actually were able to give him a Spanish BOM this week, its actually quite funny i don't understand why past missionaries haven't done that before. Because his Spanish is his first language so i feel that this will help him alot!
(Reactivation member) progression ahh! amazing. Each week is huge! Sister Judd was even like wow with the change from Monday to Sunday huge change. Its weird cause as she is going back to church its not like how it was for me just attending ysa on my own and having it be more personal (which was what i needed) she has to go and attend her family ward with her mom and family with all her church leaders.  It is hard sometimes and she says it is so hard.   It has been amazing seeing the spirit help us and help her.   Silence as a missionary is your best friend that's the time where the spirit really speaks and teaches to your investigator.
We picked up a lady (investigator) she is a mother of 16 yr old and 20 yr old she is from Taiwan  and she is a saint! We taught her at the church this week and gave her a church tour, there is a language barrier but she was able to understand everything lesson, just took a little longer though! The Wang family from our ward is out of town right now; they also are from Taiwan so we can’t wait for them to be home and help translate.  Just to give you guys an idea about how much our font is used- We gave her a tour of the church and were going to do this spiritual experience where we show her the font and possible read during that, so we open the font and spiders are in it! and its dirty! It was sooo awkward but kind of funny I was just like "ahhh well this the baptismal font... but it usually is glistening and yea!" and closed the doors and was like alright movingon! haha . Another funny thing after that lesson she offered us a ride if the weather was bad to go to church, so i was like ya! Because that forsure’s that she will be attending church, so sat night i call and ask for a ride just to ensure she will be coming! So she drops us off at the door and says she will go park- Sis J and I being stupid go sit down in sacrament and save a seat but can’t find her anywhere! So we were confused, did ditch us! But turns out we called her after church and were like "Vanessa whats up?!" and she found a seat somewhere else cause she also couldn't find us (at the beginning of church they were ordaining people like raising hands you know) and she thought that when everyone raised their hands it meant them saying we believe and she felt embarrassed because she doesn't, so she thought she had to leave cause she didnt raise her hand! We felt horrible! haha. So we learned are lesson to wait at the door for investigators, so dumb of us! But she laughed when we explained what it meant and wasn't offended or anything, thank goodness, she is such a saint!
This week was great! I was able to cut Adriannes hair, we helped a LA clean her house, we were able to get 3 people on date, and pick up another new investigator and let me tell you about him!
So he came to church last week, and turns out he knows our ward mission leader from church so that worked out perfectly! And we taught him with Dave (mission leader in ward) and he came out with alot of questions.  You can tell he’s trying to understand and doing researching as well.  (Little sketchy) but wasn't bad, so we addressed those concerns.  He had one on the trinity and how we see god, Jesus Christ and holy ghost as 3 separate beings.  I feel he was little skeptical but he is going to continue reading BOM.  We showed him Restoration DVD he asked to keep it we were like ummm YEA! but it was amazing at the end he asked us how we all came to know this was true so Dave being a convert of 1.5 yrs, he is 22 shared his and then me and that was really cool as well.  The spirit really put my conversion and thoughts into words that explained very simply, but strongly and boldly and laid out a painted picture of how major this gospel has changed my life, and sister Judd did an amazing job as well!  But it was sooo cool the spirit was so strong and we had like a testimony meeting at the end and he truly was listening sincerely- and then it was silent.... Sister J and I were loving it! And then I extended baptismal question to him- and he was silent and was really thinking. He said well I already have been baptized and stopped and continued thinking and we were just staring and then after like 5 mins of silence he was like I'm going to have to read and think about that. But it was amazing because I didn't matter that he said yes or no - it was amazing to see him take the question seriously and to truly think and want to know and find out if this is what God wants. It was a really cool experience.
We are beginning teaching (reactivation person’s dad) this week. He is a former member and use to be a Branch President. It will be interesting to see what happens but we met him outside his apt. and I was just - (well there is no way beating around the bush) so i was just like are (name)? We are missionaries yadda yadda yadda we know (name) quite well and we were sent to come to your apartment to meet you and begin teaching you, would we be able to set up a time to teach you? and well we did! (Reactivation girl’s) sister was just like "wow your just performing miracles with our fam. aren't you!" haha it was funny.
The other day, well yesterday actually, Sis J was biking in front of me and my tire hit her back tire and well I went for a fall! I flipped forward but, gracefully fell in the middle of the road (in housing area) I did the whole tumble and roll approach it was pretty funny! I kind of just sat there in shock like ... did this really just happen?! Sister J was dying laughing and then I started laughing we still laugh talking about it is was pretty funny, and I walked out with nothing bad other than a scratch!
We are doing exchanges on Tuesday and Sis Starkie (new missionary from st.george Utah she is 19 and is awesome!) and she will be coming here in Charlottetown with me! and We have a full day! of teaching  so I think im going to fast that day for help! haha. We are teaching the investigator who brings her Dad, who is kind of anti.  The mom said “we doing a good job laying the law down to him and he is taking it" so that felt good i guess... haha but the spirit will enable us to do things what we are beyond capable of doing so i have faith and trust in that!
There are sooooo much more I would like to explain but it takes forever! But I am having amazing memories that I will hold dear throughout my life!  My pstudys have been amazing this week! I have learned soo much, I will read like 3 or 4 verses a study sometimes but will have a page of notes on those verses and will search for definitions and other verses supporting them its an amazing how much of a change it brings when you really study the scriptures. Today I was reading in Mosiah 2 and UHHHH! King Benjamin!!! what a stud! I love him and its my goal to be exactly like him i read from 18-24 and wow his humility I mean I'm going to try my best to be a servant of the Lord like him. I love Mosiah 1:5 READ IT and i love it because it makes me thing of how much it is a blessing to have the scriptures the knowledge and strength it is in our lives. It truly is amazing and is easy to take for granted. And I know  that without the scriptures we do dwindle in unbelief and I have also experienced that in my life.
I love how everything we do here is preparing us for the next life D&C 130 18-19 lays that out perfectly and help me realize how i should prioritize things in my life!
I love you all so much thanks for your emails love and support and I pray for all of you.  
Anyways thanks for your examples and prayers especially you mom and dad I love you!!
xoxox Sister Pizzey

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