Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 6, 2013

So this week has been amazing, truly amazing. I feel so blessed. The devotional last night was awesome and I love being a servant of the Lord, and doing everything for others, not myself. My goal this week is to become better a true disciple of Christ.  I loved the way Elder Walker described him yesterday (CES fireside) and I want to become more like that and never thinking of myself, but fully for those in Charlottetown.

So it’s been a lot this week, a lot of crazy things have happened, amazing things and well some crazy things so get ready!  Forgive me if my letter is all over the map, I’m just going to begin from the beginning of the week and try to move from that time frame.  So we began teaching a girl who is dating a boy in our ward.  Larry have not been able to meet this week, he’s been really busy with work and I think court stuff.  I’m just really looking forward to see what happens after his court date.  We are still teaching a former member (mother and daughter).  The daughter is going through some very very difficult times right now. The daughter doesn’t really have much interest and she isn’t fully there! So we are going to teach her mom and hope the spirit will direct her as well, we have prayed lots and feel this is the best route because when we focus the attention on her she pushes the opposite way. We committed them to read and pray every day so we will have to see if there is progression this Thursday!

Wow this has been an amazing week for (investigator)!  We had 2 lessons with investigator this week, the Spirit was so strong we all were very emotional.  It honestly was like watching me a yr ago I was anxious and in shock with what I was feeling.  And (investigator) was feeling exactly the way I did.  It was awesome the spirit directed our thoughts fully and I was able to help (investigator) out so much because I knew exactly what (investigator) was feeling.  (Investigator) came to the YSA activity which was a huge success btw! Had like 15 ppl there!! That is an unreal turn out, believe it or not, here on PEI! haha.   There have been so many miracles this week for (investigator).  The Lord works in so many ways and truly is aware of his children and is mindful of what we need, everyone! I know that we met (investigator) at this time, and we can help (investigator) start a new chapter and just move on.

We started teaching a less active member who is so receptive and excited about the gospel! Friday and Saturday of this past week we got two people on date for May 25! Church was so awesome yesterday we had 3 investigators there and 4 less actives at church!

We met this guy Saturday night his name is Asibowana - yea we call him SIbo, haha. He is from Africa and was looking for a church when we bumped into him on the street.  We were on our way to an appointment so we talked with him for 10 mins and invited him to church. We got his number, organized a ride and well he came!!  He brought his BOM we gave him, stayed the whole time and loved it! He then came to the CES devotional last night as well! And wow well this guy has the light of Christ, he lights up the room with happiness and is really receptive and started reading BOM and we are going to be teaching him this week. We talked with him after the devotional and then found out his story and wow. He has lived in Canada for 8 months, is a miracle that he is alive. He has lived in like 7 countries, fleeing from the civil war, I would list the countries but well you know me lets me honest, while he was listing them off they went in one ear and out the other haha. I’m the worst at geography. But he and his family were fleeing from country to country during the wars; he lost all his family, and is the only one living and doesn’t understand how he is. He said he’s been in many near death experiences. Thinking about is past is too painful; he just pushes the memories to the back of his mind.  I was tearing up he was telling us, man it was sad, but so awesome at the same time to be able to testify to him that his family will be with him and he will see them again.  It’s an amazing story.  And I know Sibo is going to be someone great and change the lives of many through the gospel.

So we also started teaching (Investigator) from Niageria.  We oringially met his roommate Raymond on the street.  We set up an apt with him and well when we showed up we were stood up! So (investigator) answered the door and so we told him who we were and asked if we could teach him and he said yes, he had a half hour.  This is what I said, "Well go put on a hoodie, we will give you 2 mins and we will teach you on the grass across the street" haha.  And he just kind of looked in shock and was like well okay. So he came out in 2 mins and we taught him, he is excited!  His prayer at the end was so powerful; he feels like he met us for a reason and said “thou is so mindful of me”! Like what!!! So he also came to church! And funny thing guy who stood us up ended up coming to the CES devotional last night!

We set up service this week and we are going to the Old Folks home called Garden Homes right by our house! We go every Weds and we pretty well have free rein to do whatever, room visits, sing with them, whatever! So it’s awesome.

Things are going great here!  Sis Huppe and I have been teaching amazing with one another it truly is how it says in D&C as one, and we just work off one another backing up what one teaches by testifying! I made it my goal to really try my best to teach with simplicity and directly from the Spirit and it’s been really amazing seeing the Lord speak through us by the spirit. Words cannot describe!

Jacob 5 is my favorite scripture in the BOM!!! There is soo many parables that can be taken into so many different ways to apply to our lives and to learn from. 
But for the plaque, if it has to be one scripture it would be Ether 12:27.

Mom you are the best mom EVER thank you so much for the package and the shirt I LOVED it! I have been soo fortunate and blessed with the life I have been given, its unreal. I thank you for your patience and examples that you have set, you both are amazing people that have such strong testimonies and are such great ppl and well because of that has made an amazing role in my life! I love you guys so much!

Today we are going to go tour the island with Sis MacDoogle.  We are teaching like all guys.... haha. I don’t mind it; it calls for a lot of member present lessons!

My new comp. actually served with Sis Huppe for 6 months! It’s so weird how Blake has met her, kind of cool!  And it’s weird thinking how Blake is experiencing the whole east coast of Canada because it is way different from home!  I’m going to miss sis huppe.  We have had a lot of fun together and grown close.  I  am very excited to serve with sister judd, from what sis huppe has said she sounds wonderful!
 As for Sunday with talking with you guys its important I stay focused and I’m choosing to not communicate with you guys.

hahahahh kidding! But Saturday night would work best..... from 6-8 my time? But I understand you can’t do that so we will do 7-9 pm here and I will skype you at 8pm.  Anyway I hope this makes sense, and yea! I will be calling at 8pm this time, and well be by the phones! 
Anyway here is another chapter to the book!
I LOVE you all so much and can’t wait to chat with you in few days !!!
xoxox love sis pizzey!

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