Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 13, 2013

We had a wonderful phone call from Paige for Mothers Day!  Hence the shorter email ...

hahah I LOVE you guys sooo much! I love how you sent that picture to me! (picture of family skyping) haha sooo funny. And Dad nice joke there you’re a funny man. I really do love being on a mission. Sister Judd and I get along real well its great. So tonight we have dinner (who hoo, dinner for once!) and we are teaching a member’s fianc√© tonight, it’s awesome I can’t wait! 
Then this week we are going to really make sure we stop teaching some investigators that are taking up time and not progressing.  We are going to start unique ways of finding and well planning them, then starting them! We have lots of planning to do this week! I feel great things are coming with progression of investigators! 
I have changed my focus for personal study even more this week- so I’m focusing on one thing a week to really study like hard core study, and I’m giving myself a week to really break it down and allow time for revelation and inspiration to come from HF. So this week I’m focussing on PMG chap 10, may take 2 weeks who knows! And then of course, BOM reading and lesson plans. I have made a change also when reading the BOM to always write down every thought I have and insight I have, because that is my own personal revelation and then once a week I want to read back on my personal revelations. So family when we read the sticks (aka scriptures) don’t just read! And don’t do it when your half asleep ready to go to bed! Wake up early start your day off with some spiritual nutrition from our Father in Heaven - get spiritually fed! Then start your day and write down have a study journal, for your own personal revelation from your father in heaven! Because that’s the way we do it baby!
Haha well sorry this letter is lame, but I LOVE you guys so much! And I’m going to send some pictures !!
xoxoxo Love sister Pizzey

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