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June 30, 2014

So this week has been quite a week of adventures!

This week I had a scare with my eyes ... I went to a doctor because my eyes went blood shot again and well the doctor told me I had a eye condition that would cause blindness.... yessuri that sure did cause a lot of stress. But luckily I was referred straight away to an eye specialist.  I went to see them this morning and after 2 hrs of eye testing, dilated pupils so my eyes are blurred, yellow drops in my eyes, so on and so forth I am good and do not have "uveitis". Woah that sure was a scare!

I am staying here in Cole Harbour, and I am staying with my companion and we are still Sister Training Leaders. Going on my 7th transfer, we are getting a new set of sisters in Dartmouth one of them being Sister Sanberg who was in the MTC with me, and Sister Olsen will be coming in our zone who also was in the MTC with me. They both just got released from being STL's and for the last two transfer will be returning to normal missionaries.

This week was a busy week, a lot of travelling, we were in our area for 3 days. So we were not able to go and do a whole lot of work in our area. Sister Echols is a singer and had to travel to New Brunswick for one last concert, she took the bus from Truro on Friday, and I was on a visit with the sisters in Truro from Friday till late Saturday night. Sister Echols and I did not get back in to our area till 1 AM Sunday morning so we are still quite exhausted today.
On Tuesday morning Elder Evanson and I took a 6:55 AM flight to Newfoundland that was so cool! Flying into the Newfoundland it looks like your literally just flying onto a huge rock in the middle of the ocean! By 7 PM Tuesday night we were back on a flight heading back to Halifax. Back in our areas by 9 PM.  It was a great trip, it was so nice to serve around some new blood and attend a training around missionaries that I have never served around! We had such a great group discussion about working with ward members, and how to work with ward leaders and Less Actives. I love all the missionaries on the rock; there is such a special spirit! We all felt the spirit and had a great time together. It was nice talking to the missionaries in Bay Roberts (which is the branch the Whalen's will go to) they are quite excited to begin teaching the Whalen's.
So I would like to talk about a couple things this week, one being my visit with the Truro sister; it was so awesome! I got there Friday evening, the sisters in Truro are struggling with finding success, and as well being motivated so there is always a lot of pressure and stress in my mind coming into the visit. Hoping things will work out, that I will be able to help them, and that we will see success, work well with one another and walk away being edified and inspired from one another. So we begin with knocking and we knock into this father.  We are talking to him for quite few minutes he is explaining how he doubts there is a God, how he use to be searching for truth a few years ago.  His friend walks to the door and they invite us to come to their back yard as they are having a BBQ with their girlfriends out back. So we all look at one another, the two sisters turn to me waiting for me to answer and I am just like "sure ! Why not!" so we go out back and sit down with the 4 of them. We end up blessing our BBQ food with them, and teaching to all 4 of them. It turns out 3 of the 4 of them have met with missionaries with in the last 3 years! We are just challenging and testifying left right and centre. They were all quite receptive. But the one man who originally answered the door was a bit argumentative. He just was quite logical and had a lot of things to dispute about the creation, Adam and Eve, we handled the situation in such a great way that it actually drew his one friend Pete in because we were just quite respectful and humble but as well boldly stating and teaching the truth by the spirit. So Pete kept jumping in and defending us against his friend and it was just a really cool situation.  We were able to sit down with them all for a little over 20 minutes, and pick Pete up as a new investigator. After as we were walking out of their backyard the sisters were just in "awh" about the situation. We were all excited! Then we decided to go parking lot and store contacting, and I just stopped and had great conversations with every person we passed, whether they were in their car and I walked up to the window, or shopping in the grocery store. They were again in "awh" because they didn't realize how many situations you can put yourself into as a missionary if you open your eyes and go out of your way to talk to everyone. But not only that if you are warm real genuine and friendly you can really just talk to anyone, build a relationship, teach to their needs and have them understand why they need this message, it was amazing!! So the first people we talk to in the grocery store is a family from the Phillipeans.  Ron the father actually use to play ball with a whole bunch of members back home at the LDS church. They were so receptive and very excited to meet with us and learn about eternal families! We set up a appointment with them for the next weekend! We all were just rejoicing! As we walk out of the grocery store we see the Philippineo family honk and wave smiles beaming on their faces as they drive away! The sisters were just like wow!! It was amazing to see how Heavenly Father really does bless us and I always find on visits and exchanges that the Lord really is guiding me.  It was a miracle to see how much the fruit of our effort was right before our eyes, it was a great visit and I was able to train the sisters alot on being a fanatic about talking to everyone, about being bold, and having faith! This work truly is a work of miracles!! We saw many more miracles that day in a half together.
On friday, my eyes got blood shot again! So I decide to go to a different doctor than the one who I had previously seen 2 weeks ago, this doctor was extreme he looked at my eyes and said quote on quote "this is serious, this could lead to blindness, there is nothing I can do to help you".  I was just like WHAT?!?! So he was very quick but blunt. He said my eyes were the perfect picture of one who has "uvietis" that it is a life long condition not an infection.  SO he said he was to refer me to an eye specialist that may take 1 week to 10 weeks ... I was like "woah woah woah sir.... you tell me I could go blind but that I can't have any help for 1-10 weeks... that is ridiculous!!" so he said to go to the Emergency at the hospital... so I go and get all checked in. The doctor I had there was a lot nicer he actually took a look at my eyes. He said the the doctor was over killing it, that my eyes could be red from  allergies, or a infection or uvietis that he isn't sure. He did some tests but still didn't know. So luckily I got into the eye specialist today at the Halifax hospital I go there, they put all these drops in my eyes they are numb, my pupils are HUGE, and I had blurred vision. After a doctor testing them for over an hour, they said I don't have uvietis which is a relief. But that I just need to lay off the contacts so make no redness (which I have done for like 6 weeks).  They said to not wear them for 2 weeks then if redness comes back after wearing contacts again to come back.  They tested my eyes above and beyond and yea Weird hey!? But my eyes are feeling better and the redness has gone down I have a eye drops for allergies, may be from that? But on the weekend my eyes were like bright red!
Our investigator Debbie came to church this week, she is so great! She was telling everyone how she is getting baptised on July 26th.  She said the closing prayer in Gospel Principles. She is progressing and doing well! We are continuing to teach the Whalen's over skype and we will eventually pass them over to the missionaries in NFLD. I am excited to see them over skype and see how they are doing with preparing for baptism.
I love the gospel so much, I love prayer, I have really come to grow in my understanding of how to pray, and how to listen during prayer. When we take moments to just stop and listen as we pray, we will receive answers promptings and feelings of peace and love. I know God hears and answers our prayers He loves us, and prayer is when we become reconciled to Gods will.  It is where we can know His will.
I love you all very much .
I pray for you.
And I invite you all to serve with the missionaries in your ward, to not stay comfortable in your activity in the gospel (not the church) the comforter does not need to be with us when we are comfortable :)
I love you all and serve the Lord with all your heart, give your heart to Him.
Sister Pizzey xoxo

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