Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Boy oh boy oh boy it has been an hectic interesting week, I have had 3 different companions this week, and including Sister Echols that would make 4.
So where to begin? Well!! Lets just begin with the update I have to share then I will just begin with describing this week day by day.  There has been many lessons I have learnt lessons that will last me a life time. Sister Echols is being transferred to Yarmouth which is 4 hours away, she will be serving with Sister Lee who actually came out with me, they will be finishing their missions together Sister Echols will have 1 more transfer after we go home.  We are leaving at 1:30 PM today, driving 2 hours then I am picking up Sis Mangleson who is serving with Sister Lee bringing her back here then at 5:30 PM we are heading to the airport and I am dropping her off, then at 6:20 PM my new companion Sister Howell is arriving!! She has been out for 4 transfers and I will be training her to be a new Sister Training Leader. She is great!! I met her in Newfoundland the day I went there for a day, we actually showed up to the training wearing the same shirt :) haha, she is 22 from Utah, is a nutrition expert so basically I am just going to eat everything she eats and lose some LBs :) and as well work hard!!
Poor sister she is going to be thrown into the deep end this week ... she arrives here tonight, we go work, then we are leaving early tomorrow morning driving a hour to attend a District Training in the "relief society" district where Elder Davidson is the district leader for a district with just 6 sisters.  He has asked us to give a training for 30 minutes, then afterwards Sister Howell wll be going to New Glasgow I will be coming back with Sister Jarvis for a day exchange, then on Wednesday we are meeting back in Truro switching companions, and Sister Howell will come back to Cole Harbour with Sister Taylor and I will be staying in Truro for another exchange with Sister Fenn, then by thursday night we shall be back in our area together to work with one another!! haha. It will be a hectic week, but I know the Lords work will go forward and that this week will be a week where we will rely on the spirit and see many miracles by doing so!
So most likely I feel I will be ending my mission in Cole Harbour with Sister Howell. And if that is the case, when Emily (Sister Lambert) gets here on the 23rd we will be the STL's that will take her and her crew of sisters out street contacting the Wednesday after they get here! So i would forsure get to see her and a  high chance we would be able to go out on the downtown streets of Halifax and street contact our lives away!! I would be more than happy to stay serving in Cole Harbour, miracles are happening here and I just love this ward so much!!
Here is my letter to President Leavitt this week;
We have seen many amazing blessings this week, on Monday I was serving with Sis Mahoney, her visa ended up showing up on Wednesday so she hopped on a quick flight on Thursday to Salt Lake City so she could join in on her original report date soon enough. It was fun serving with her. We had 8 member visits this week with the ward and they were amazing!! Such a amazing spirit in the work of salvation when members and missionaries serve and work with one another!! I feel such a strong love for those in the Cole Harbour ward, we showed up at a families house in the midst of a fight and we were able to come share our testimonies of how much missionary work has changed our lives, we invited them to PRAY, LOOK, SPEAK, and INVITE and then we invited their daughter to come out with us knock for 2 hours.  She said yes, we came back half hour later and took Zion out (the daughters name) working was such a strong spirit and I know we left such an amazing spirit in their home. As we were leaving the parents said this was so inspired, Zion needs this and we were all in the middle of a fight and we really needed the spirit in our home. Zion actually was speaking in church this Sunday and she was able to bear her testimony of missionary work and share her experience she had with us!!
Working with members this week really reminded me of a story in the Book of Mormon; in Alma 3-4 when Alma the younger just got the church organized in the beginning of Alma, it is just after they how thousands died from fighting in war with the Lamanites and the Amilicites, after thousands were killed there began to be continual peace throughout the land among the members of the church. Eventually as usual though the pride cycle begins and some of the members began to forget their Lord Jesus Christ, their hearts got set on vain worldly goods, not on God and with that the spirit eventually began to decrease in their life which resulted to them not desiring to serve one another and doing what God has commanded. So Alma begins to recognize this change among the members and he goes out and decided to go meet with the members and this is what leads to Alma chapter 5 where alma lays the law down... but I was reading alma chapter 4 this morning and Alma 4: 19 "And this he did that he himself might go forth among his people, or among the people of Nephi (members of church), that he might preach the word of God unto them, to stir them up in remembrance of their duty, and that he might pull down, by the word of God, all the pride and craftiness and all the contentions which were among his people, seeing no way that he might reclaim them save it were in bearing down in pure testimony against them."
We also were able to meet with another family whose daughter is 16 she is on the fence about things.  We had lunch with them and as we were giving our message I stopped and asked the family if they could call Coceil down (the 16 yr old) so they did she came in and sat and we bore our sweet testimonies from the bottom of our hearts about our missions and the change it has made, we read a scripture looked up and invited her to come work with us this Tuesday afternoon for 2 hours, she said yes!! It was amazing the spirit was so strong! Afterwards we asked the family if there was anything we could do for them before we left and the mom with tears in her eyes said "no you already did it". I just love missionary work!! Missionary work is not for the missionaries and it is not just for us missionaries to reach out to non members, it is to bring ALL to Christ!!
We began teaching a LA Stephanie Kenny this week, she was baptised almost 2 year ago and fell away quite quickly after, she is 24 and we have met with her 3 times.  It is a miracle to be in contact with her, missionaries have not been able to see her in ages! We are going to be taking her out with us this week to work with us!
The day we came out with Zion at 8 PM we knocked on a door and BOOM got in and picked up a new investigator!
We have two members planned for this week in coming out and knocking with us! 
Thank you Jordan for your last email I really appreciated it. I thank you all for your example.
I bear my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ, I know He lives, I know he love us and I know he is aware of us. He can heal us, He can strengthen us. The amazing part about missionary work is that Heavenly Father really does not NEED us to do it, they don't need us to bring their children to them, they really could send angels down and do it all on their own and it would be a whole lot better than what we ever could do. BUT it isn't that way because they want us to feel of the joy they have, they want us to experience the blessings they have. Missionary work is preparing us to become like God one day, to live with Him, in order to live with Him we must be like Him... And well, lets think about Gods purpose : "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" Moses1:39, so should be ours then!! God is not asking us to burden us He is calling us to bless us and prepare us for eternity!
He loves you I know He does, I love you.
I have come to see that we are so imperfect and that Heavenly Father is so patient and caring with us, I am learning on how I need to emulate this. The lessons I have learnt from serving with Sister Echols will benefit me for my whole life. I will be a different parent because of this time, I have learnt so much from my mistakes and weaknesses and I desire to love, allow others to use their agency haha and not be forceful. I love Christ's gospel- our Heavenly Fathers plan and I am just so grateful to be here!
I love you all and please read ALma 4-5as a family
Sister Pizzey <3

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