Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014

First off I wanted to thank you all for the packages!! I LOVED them I have gotten many compliments on the dress and skirt and I just love that necklace it is so cute!!! Reminds me alot of the necklace Breanne gave me last year for my birthday. THANK YOU!!! As well I loved the package Breanne sent me and Grandma sent me a really nice card with money so thank you thank you thank you I love it and really appreciate it!!
So this week has been quite challenging... I am just learning so much and with the help of President and Sister Leavitt ... So it is a learning process and I am learning alot about not allowing others actions to effect my happiness, so continue to stay happy postive and loving, I am learning to be more patient and understanding and just having faith and hope. The assistants gave me a priesthood blessing and alot of re assuring words were said and I just have faith, hope and trust in this all!
But that being said there is a sister who is a member in Truro (a branch about 1.5hrs away) and she has a call to Salt Lake City Temple Square mission and her visa has yet to arrived. So she will be serving in our mission till her Visa arrives. President Leavitt has decided to have Sister Echols to spend 4 days/this week in the mission home where she can take the stress off of missionary work and rest and the sister from Truro will serve with me.  I can pretrain her for the MTC!!  So tonight after our lessons we are going to the mission home and I will be dropping Sister Echols off and picking up this sister! I am some what excited and feel it will be good for Sister Echols. Funny thing is when I went and visited Truro sisters for day in a half few weeks ago I went to this sisters farewell lunch in, so I have met her and her family as well and she seems great and just excited to be a missionary!!
So that is the plans for this week!
Serving in the Cole Harbour ward from January till now has been amazing!! It has been such a blessing to be serving here and see the change of the missionary fire in hearts of the members from the Bishop, to the ward council it is infectious! This ward was refiners fire and was known as "Cold Harbour" ward but it is amazing because I truly feel this ward is turning in to one of the BEST wards!! The new elders serving here are great. We are working together to just include the members in all that we do! The members hearts are softening and being more open to actually PRAYING, LOOKING SPEAKING AND INVITING!! The ward is now going to have activites once a month ... they as a ward council are going to reach out to LA's and INVITE!! This is literally miraculous!  We were able to plan with the ward council.  Certain fellowshippers from the ward that will be assigned to fellowship Debbie and attend all her lessons from now until her baptism next Saterday on July 26th!! it was great and I know and have faith things will continue to progress!
It is quite interesting when we read the scriptures the Book of Mormon daily, when we are magnifying our callings, doing the simply daily "seminary answers" the spirit will inspire us all to the same thing- and that right now is to take part in the work of salvation! To be a member missionary and to not be sleeping through the restoration! What a blessing the gifts of the Spirit are and we all have different gifts that can bless different people in our own unique ways and many people need us to serve them!! I love this gospel and I desire and will always have it go first in my life then everything else second. :)
But Debbie is going great! her baptism was announced on Sunday and she is excited, the ward is excited and so are we!!  We met with 5 members last week and are planning to meet with 7 members this week so we can strengthen, serve, bless and inpsire the ward! I love this ward and I have high hope and faith that great things are instore in this area to flourish.
This is the Lords work, no unhallowed hand will stop His work from progressing!!  I am a missionary called of God to do the Lords work; I know it, I love it and I live it!
I pray you all have a great week, and have an opportunity to serve someone in the ward, to reach out to one whose faith is weak, to ask the missionaries what you can to help them. We are here to work together to gather the lost sheep in preparation for the Lords coming. "It is the eleventh hour, and the last time that I shall call laborers into my vineyard." D&C 33:3  The time will soon pass when we will miss the opportunity to join in the harvest and thrust in our sickle with our might in our own individual unique God given ways. This is a great time to be a active member of Christs true Church on the earth today, there is no greater time than now, we must join in; the joy is oh so sweet!! Let us follow our Saviour Jesus Christ, all for the Glory of God.
"Dilligently doing things that matter the most will lead us to the Savior of the World."
I bear my testimony that these things are true, that God loves you and that I know the Book of Mormon is true. It gives us plain eternal truths. Put it to test, read it, pray, ponder and ask God if it is true. I promise you it is worth it!
I love you all.
Sister Pizzey

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