Friday, August 1, 2014

July 28, 2014

Well this has been a crazy busy week, looking back on it I don't know how we got through it all it was so busy! I am going to try to type and write as quickly as I can in these 20 minutes. This week we have had alot of spiritual expierences and miracles as well!
First off Sister Howell and I meet at the airport and guess what for the 2nd time we have met one another we show up wearing the exact same outfit,  AGAIN haha it was quite funny.  I was wearing the dress that mom and dad got me for my birthday and she had the same one on haha so it was quite funny, so for the evening as we were knocking we were walking around wearing the exact same outfits.  We had to explain to everyone we met that this wasn't some uniform or normal thing to be matching.
Tuesday morning we left early on our way to the district training in Truro. I was giving a training at it, it was a great experience.  I started off my talking about the atonement and how we all grew in our personal testimonies of the atonement, but as well where we got out basic understanding of the atonement. Then I invited everyone to close their eyes and erase all that knowledge (to the best of their ability) and to picture who they would be if they were not raised having any knowledge we were all raised in.  It was quite  aspiritual expierence for everyone to visual that person and to open their eyes and talk about it.  It gave us alot of gratitude for all Jesus Christ has done for us in our lives; that everything good in our life is purely because of Him, our lives would truly be nothing without him.  So afterwards I asked what would we have to do to get ourselves that we pictured to understand the truth of our message that we share as missionaries. My purpose was to help the sisters really put themselves in the shoes of those we contact and invite to learn, to help them understand what others need to understand or feel to connect the dots in their hearts and minds that this something that they need! So that is all what lead to the focus of the training teaching by the spirit and the atonement of Christ. Teaching by the spirit will pierce others souls and help them understand that we are called of God and that God sent us to them!! THe Spirit is what converts others not us! We read in D&C 50:14-24, where we had a good discussion about the meaning of those verses.
Afterwards I came back to cole Harbour with Sis Jarvis as Sister Howell went to New Glasgow, it was really great to show her how to work with members, Heavenly Father was really blessing us that day because during our time with one another, like 5 members called me to tell us about their missioanry expierences and so on it was great! I feel it got her excited to take the skills I trained her in, in member work back to Newglasgow.
I had an amazing exchange with Sister Fenn in truro the next day it was so unreal!! Sister Fenn is such a kind soft spirit!! I had an amazing exchange with Sister Fenn this week, at the beginning of the exchange I just decided that I wanted to focus on having charity and seeing what would happen if I just loved her, supported her, and showed her with out telling. The spirit was quite strong throughout the whole exchange and I know we both left feeling edified and rejoiced with one another! We were praying about who we should find in their former book, and at dinner I came across this record.  So we went and contacted this former and it was in the creepiest hallway we had to walk down.  Sister Fenn was quite terrified, a guy answered and the person we were looking for was not there.  We ended up talking to him and asking if he believed in God he said not really but I have been reading a book let me go grab it ... he left and he came back with the Book of Mormon! He had been reading the Book of Mormon!! We were so extactic we had such a spirit filled lesson with him at his door, he has come from rough circumstances and actually almost was murdered in May.  He had a broken leg and has been completely humbled the past couple months, we were able to pray with him. He has been longing for understanding greater sense of purpose for His life and now the missioanries in truro will be teaching him! It was an amazing experience this really is the quick "elevator" version of this expierence but I don't have time to share more.  I have had many great expierences this week and learning opportunies. I just love it and look forward to the week ahead.
I decided I want to write in my journal more, to get my thoughts down. I know the gospel is true, that we are called of God, there is no greater time than now at this time of the restoration to be a missioanry I am so grateful to be here, I love my mission and the amazing examples that I am learning from here.
Hope you all have a good week.
sister Pizzey

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