Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hello Good morning to you on the West side of Canada!
Things here are going nice and summery :) the sun is shining and it is a great day to be doing the work of the Lord!!

Well this week has been great.
this is my letter to President can give you a understanding of my week last week!  (Paige writes to her mission president each week in the areas of self, area & companion).  I thought I would include self ...
Self: This week has been quite amazing. I feel there has been alot of growing. I find it amazing how much we turn to the Lord when we are pushed outside our comfort zone; it compels us to get down on our knees and rely on the Lord so much more than what we were doing before. That is exactly what this week has been. Going from serving with you best friend someone you can basically read one another's mind to serving with Sister Echols has been an adjustment but something I am really grateful for. It has pushed me to be so much more focussed on the work, this week I have been able to receive alot of revelation and faith in my heart and in my actions it has been amazing. I know that we have seen many blessings because we have relied on the Lord in every way. This past week has been amazing I have just felt so close to the Savior I experienced a feeling of so much trust in Him, that He is aware and in control of the work here and as we are faith-filled we will see success. I have seen satan put thoughts of doubt, fears and worries in my mind that are really all a resort of "inward" thinking this past week. It has been interesting to catch myself in that cycle and jump right out of it because inward thinking is just a downward spiral. I feel one essential part of becoming a successful missionary is thinking outward, when we think outward our fears don't with hold us from seeing miracles, and we see the light instead of the darkness, thinking outward you just don't see darkness you only see the good and your just happy doing the work of the Lord. Outward thinking is so key to having the spirit and guide me in this work! This week I desire to setting aside time to have meaningful scripture study so I can teach with simplicity with power and authority through the scriptures.
So that has been my week! I have been able to grind down and focus and work my heart out! I have been getting up everyday at 6 AM and studying hard, I write in my journal then work out quite hard I have moved up alot in my exercises I was at 3B+ the chart for 5 BX and now I have moved up to chart 4.
This week i have felt so close to Heavenly Father it is amazing, I have received so much clear clear revelation.
Revelation just like I will be praying the first night with Sis Echols and just receive answers that are so clear one of them being;
1) be of good cheer
2) the future is as bright as your faith
two other ones as well i just have no time to write, I am just working on being optimistic, and being humble, willing to learn from SisE because I have a lot to learn from her.
We started teaching a great lady named Debbie, she is wonderful. We found her in such a crazy unique way, Sis E met her once when she served here last fall.  She was quite sick and could never meet with them.  Then we ended up teaching her this week, when she was healthier. She wants to be baptised July 12th, we will be moving that date back but she is so prepared!
Faith precedes all miracles!
We bike, we talk to everyone and we are being blessed as we are doing the Lords work.
I am learning so much. I love my mission. I desire to just give everything to the Lord and completely forget myself. These lessons I am learning are going to last me eternity.
I am going to Newfoundland tomorrow with Elder Evanson for the day.  We leave at 5 AM, tomorrow 3 elders are coming to pick me up from our apartment and sis Starkie and Sis Turner are staying here.  It will be weird to be with 3 elders and myself, I will be awkward but I am excited to learn and also share the things I know. Matt and Erica left yesterday to Newfoundland, they are living in a town called Clarenville, where actually a couple from Utah live.  We are probably going to continue to teach them over skype, and Matt met with President Leavitt Sat morning.  President said it was a great meeting!
Matt wrote me a nice note of his testimony it was amazing.  He said that they knew God sent me to them to bring them into this truth. My heart is so full for the experiences I am having with these amazing people out here, I knew I was called here for many reasons but one of them being to teach the Whalen's. They are convinced I am will be called to NFLD haha. 
Transfer letters are this Sunday, I don't have a clue what is happening. I have been a STL for 6 transfers, I could stay one or stay here I don't know! haha I am excited and am happy to be where ever the Lord needs me!
I will be serving in Truro this Sat with the sisters, just myself will be there on a trio with them. It will be great! I love the sister I serve and I love serving them and filling their ears with the knowledge and excitement I have for this work!
Missionary work changes lives on all ends!
I love this gospel and I desire to serve in it my whole life!!
I love you all, have a great week
And mom and dad for your 3rd hour just focus on the basics, there is no silver bullet to temple worthiness.  Just simple consistency with children, read together in the family, pray together, priesthood fathers blessings, fhe "seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things will be given to you".  In these last days we must do the basic Sunday school answers, read pray for meals morning and night, service, church attendance. Find talks that talk about that, but i think today the biggest thing in home and families is being 100% open with one another. I feel our home growing up we were very transparent and open with one another. I have seen that because in my companionships it is very open to be with all my companions where some struggle with it because they aren't use to talking open with people. But i was raised differently :)
LOVe you!
Sister Pizzey

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