Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

So I have some sad and very exciting news to share with ya'll today! 
But first I am going to begin with answering questions!
I am happy you all liked the video and wow was that alot of work! It was my idea, Sis Keeler and I organized it all. It is of the sisters serving in the Metro. They aren't in our district, they are across the harbour from us. Sis K and I are in a district of all elders no sisters. Sister Starkie I have served around my whole mission, she came out a transfer after me and served on PEI with me in the same district.  Sister Starkie & Turner are STL's for the other zone in Nova Scotia. Elder Bodine is one of the office elders; he actually came out with us. So we came up with the idea; we took all the footage, organized the "vision" of what we wanted the video to look like, the questions to be asked for the video footage, and then we thought we could trust Elder Bodine with the rest to edit it and put everything together... we were wrong with that haha. He created the video in a day so Thursday after our exchange sister Keeler and I headed over to go take a look at it and WOW It was just not at all what we expected it to be like and had no gospel message to it or nothing about our purpose as missionaries and nothing about the story of Enos it was like a video of 6 YSA girls who love there dads not at all about 6 dignified sister missionaries who have come closer to God through their fathers and are bringing others closer to God. So we decided to take things into our control.  Sis K and I wrote out on paper all the clips and the timing and sat down with him and micro managed it all, told him to stop go back erase, add in so on and so forth. Finally Sat morning the video was completed but it really was a miracle in the timing that we completed it and how well it all tied into one another and worked out! Many times I would just say well lets just stop and pray, elder Bodine would just roll his eyes, but Sis Keeler and I relied on the spirit and well Heavenly Father blessed us with a video like the one we made, it truly was a miracle! But it was well worth the work because over 5000 people have viewed it over facebook!! President and Sister Leavitt love it!
So here is the good and bad news, I will give the bad first and save the best for last;
Sister Keeler is getting transferred to St John, New Brunswick today, we are driving at 11 AM today to Moncton, Newbrunswick where we are meeting our new companions and then me and my new comp. Sister Echolls will arrive back here at 5 PM.  We got a call Saturday night and we were just like what?! the assistants were just like "yes we are sorry President just called us and were splitting up the dream team" It still seems quite surreal - I mean we were expecting it to be at the end of this transfer for sure, but it is a mid transfer change, well actually more so like an emergency transfer. 
President and Sister Leavitt attended our ward yesterday after sacrament we met with them both and they were able to explain why.  Sister Wilkinson and Sister Echolls are the sister training leaders in one of the Newbrunswick zones but have had some issues ... but I am excited and I know this is a blessing I am going to learn lots and I am excited to do what I can to help out. Sister Echool’s actually has already served here for 4 transfers she was the sisters that were here before they closed it down. I am just so greatful for the time I have had to serve with Sis Keeler, words can not describe the things I have learnt and the wonderful experiences we have had. It is time for us to both grow and learn and I feel great things are instore for Sister Echoll's and I.  It will probably be a temporary 3 week thing till the end of this transfer then she may go back to being a normal missionary somewhere else. But who knows I have hopes we will love serving with one another that we will tare it up and that we will be kept together! 
ALSO!!! One of the assistants just called me and told me that next week they are having mission leadership training and for this one it would normally be where we all leaders mission wide would be in person here in Dartmouth.  President Leavitt has decided to be changing things up where all the leaders in Newfoundland and Newbrunswick are gathered in one location in each province and will be skyping into to Dartmouth where all the Nova Scotia missionaries will be, BUT to make things exciting me and Elder Evanson (he is one of the assistants) will be attending the training in Newfoundland!!! like what?!?! This is crazy! So Elder Layton the other assistant is going to Newbrunswick, I am not sure who he is going with, and Elder Evanson and I will be flying early next Tuesday morning and attending the Newfoundland training haha like why me?! I don't know, but I will take it!! They don't know how long we are staying yet but it may be a couple days so we can go on exchanges there... so I would go on exchange with the sisters obviously and he would exchange the elders. I can't wait!! Such a blessing! Although it will be weird being with an elder one on one travelling on a plane.... hopefully our seats are separate haha and or I will be way awkward. 
Also there are no sisters serving in the Dartmouth ward, the Dartmouth ward shares the building with the Cole Harbour ward, I was talking with the Bishop of that ward after church and we are currently teaching a LA and her daughter, we are preparing her daughter to be baptised in the Dartmouth ward. He was expressing he would love to have sisters in the ward how they have much work for the sisters to do, so we may be covering both Cole Harbour and Dartmouth ward (yea Utah missionary style!) So we are just waiting to hear back from President Leavitt but I would love that, we already know that ward quite well and bring some of the YW with us in the Dmouth ward!
Its been a great week, I had an exchange where Sis Hughes from Sydney came here and Sis K was in Sydney with Sis Christianson. It was a great exchange, we Biked everywhere and I was able to train Sis Hughes in a few areas as she is a new missionary.

We had a general authority tour the mission, Elder and Sister Snow it was great we had zone conference and we learnt so much.
I am so grateful for President and Sister Leavitt, they have changed my life. President Leavitt is just so smart and on top of everything! Everything the general authority trained us on President Leavitt was already there, guiding us in that right direction. It is amazing to see how the Spirit works because when we are on  the right track we are doing what the prophet would have us do, or a general authority would have us do, or or mission president and mission leaders would have us do because the spirit will inspire us to do because this is the Lords work, we are all the Lords hands and the spirit will inspire us all in the same direction to be instruments in the Lords hands. 
Elder Snow was like "missionaries should talk to 100 ppl a week " it was funny because President Leavitt was like "in this mission we talk to 215 ppl a week" haha it was great but we really are!! All of us talking to over 200 ppl a week! There are going to be a harvest of souls ready I feel and know it I have faith! And I feel much is in-store for Sis Echoll's and I as we serve together in this area!
I love you all!
Sister Pizzey

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