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June 9, 2014

So I have like 37 minutes. and I just don't really have the energy to write a long email haha.
I was going to send a lot of pictures today but it doesn't seem to be working on these computers for some reason!
Well it was a great week anyway though and we had two exchanges, the first one I was with Sister Jarvis in New Glasgow. I just love the sisters in New Glasgow! So humble and ready to learn! We exchanged Monday evening so last money we left Cole Harbour at 3:30 PM and met halfway so we could get back in time to end our preparation day and get the week started!
That evening we had a dinner appointment we had a great member visit; where we shared, pray, look, speak & invite. We asked for referrals and they didn't know anyone but they kind of hesitantly suggested "well go see our neighbours their some what new here and we don't see them too often but your welcome to give them a try." So we were like OKAY lets do it! So we went and knocked on their door, they opened it and asked us to go around to the side door because they don't really use the front door.  We go see them and they are a great younger couple that are dating, and just had a baby.  The dad wasn't interested but after having a good real  genuine convo Crystal the mom was like here take care of our son and I want to learn.  So we went and sat on their beautiful porch.  We went through her religious background and our expectations, we taught the restoration and BOOM we committed her to be baptised for July 12th! It was such a blessing!! Those sisters hadn't picked up a gator for weeks it was nice to just show Sis Jarvis all the steps faith, warm genuine conversation, teaching to needs and boldly inviting! We were both so excited! Afterwards we ran over to the members home who live next door and told them what had happened I mentioned ... I was able to attend their "relief society district" that consists of 6 sisters and 1 set of elders which is elder Davidson (Maryns bro) he is the district leader and his companion who is still relatively new. It was honestly the BEST district training I had ever been too , Elder D just pulled it out he is a great District Leader. We love working with him, Sis K and I, as we have to communicate quite closely with him to train the sisters.  We are just on par with one another and he is very unique and had some of the best group role-plays I've ever had on my mission.
We got real nice and burnt the next day as we were out contacting all day long.  We were able to invite many people to learn and pick up a few great potentials, one whose sister has been a member for 25 years!
Wednesday we had a great activity with the youth! We had a "mini MTC" the YM president took my call letter and he changed it and he literally sent out "call letters" to all the youth assigning them to their mini mission, it was so real! We actually had one mom call us and asked why her daughter got a letter from the prophet to serve a mission for June 4th haha it was great! So they all came in, each youth at their name tag and were assigned companions, the elders worked out a fun skit of the morning wakeup, wake up, pray, workout, eat, studies on time, it was fun! Then Sis K and I did a training, we ended up doing one of the group role-plays from Elder Davidson's district training it was wonderful! Then we had a real live "TRC training" we mimic the first night of the MTC where all the new missionaries go in a room and teach as a group to a "investigator" who has a legit set up like a couch, mini living room.  We got a chinese recent convert who is hilarious to come and be a the "fake investigator", the the youth had no idea though. I told them that we just met him a couple weeks ago and that his dad died a year ago... haha they all were quite nervous. But it was very spiritual seeing all the youth one by one stand up and teach to Ryan and testify and answer his questions, it was very spiritual to see the future missionaries in the room. ahhh I just LOVE IT! I am so grateful for the experiences and to know what the MTC is like and to have that experience as well! This is the best time of my life!
On Thursday, Sis Fenn, a brand new missioanry who just came out, I was on a exchange with in Cole Harbour and it was great we talked to 40 ppl that day, it was hard for her.  We just worked out hearts away and biked for 3 hours, it was fantastic I LOVE it! Sacrifice truly brings forth the blessings of heaven because we picked up two new investigators that day! One of whom has friends and family that her and her husband both have that are members! I feel great about her!  Sis K and I may be heading on another visit in couple weeks to their area to get things in to shape and help and serve them!
Yesterday all four of us missionaries bore our testimony it was great! I am really enjoying serving with the elders in this ward, we are working together in awakening the ward to take part in this work ...  I bore my testimony about my love for the Book of Mormon I just LOVE it!! I am reading in Mosiah right now, yesterday my favorite scrip. of the day was Mosiah 1:3-7.  I just realized how when king Benjamin is talking about the plates and how they would be dwindling in unbelief and that is the EXACT same for us without the Book of Mormon we would be dwindling in unbelief.  love the scriptures and I love feasting on the words of Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is inspired words from God for these last days to inspire us in ways we can become better and increase our faith, it anchors us with eternal truths in this world of changing values!!
My fav scripture of the day today is Mosiah 2:9 we need a heart  to feel, ears to hear, eyes to see and feet to follow.  I encourage all at home to soften their heart to the teachings of Christ to not harden yourself away from change. Soften your heart and take part in missionary work!
Here is a amazing message Pam wrote on the relief society page on face book today;
"I would just like to say how grateful I am to have the Gospel and the great people I have met through the Church of Latter Day Saints in my life. Today, like most other Sundays, I almost feel like what is discussed in church and even peoples testimonies have been tailored to fit me. I know everyone, or at least most feel this way and one of our brothers had even mentioned this in his testimony today. I just feel so much better after being at church too. Today I came in and was asked in Gospel Principles about how I was and the move was going and I started tearing up because I felt so stressed and frustrated about it and the Sister Savannah Webber came in and told us the exciting plans of her and Brother Brandon Webber getting married in the San Diego temple. My happiness for her just wiped away any negativity I was feeling and it just lifted my spirit to know a fellow Sister and Brother are to be sealed in a temple and I am so grateful for her sharing this with us. I love you all and can't believe how I've become so attached to the church and everyone in it. But this would only make sense because this is the true church of God. I just keep having so many wonderful things happen that make my testimony stronger. Also, I need to say I am grateful for Sister Stephanie French coming into my life. She usually drives me and my children to church and I often get a few lessons on our drives as we often discuss things and she gives me advice and teaches me or reassures me with whatever is going on in my life. Being a new member there are still things that I need clarified a little more, and new member or not, everyday is a learning process and we will always be constantly learning and growing closer Our Heavenly Father. I am grateful to all my Sisters and Brothers for getting me this far and keeping me going. And I am especially grateful to the Sister Missionaries who took me under their wing and helped me learn what I needed to to get baptised and receive the Holy Ghost. I am just truly grateful and believe God has a plan for everyone and that He will present things at the right time in our life and it couldn't be any more of a right time to convert as it was now. And I say all these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."
It is amazing I love her so much!
The Lord is good to me and all of you God loves you all very much!
I love you!
sister Pizzey

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