Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 - 2014 this week... what the heck?!?

This is your crazy daughter here Sister Pizzey!
So for the whole mission we are doing a challenge for the month of January where we are reading the Book of Mormon in that month and I can't wait! We are reading 15 pg's a day and its not highlighting writing notes about what we have read it is just reading straight through... and guess what....

Anyway this was a great week! We have been blessed to continue to find new investigators and contact many people and actually put a new investigator on date! We were blessed with being able to have church yesterday and the Cantata as well!! Jo and Bob Davis attended and Jordan was able to make it to perform in the choir which really was a Christmas miracle! Considering he was stuck in Yarmouth Sunday with no ride here which is like (2.5 hrs away!) It is actually a funny story how we were able to work that one out!

So Monday:
Sister Aslett and I kncoked the whole evening it was great!! We actually knocked into a family who has 7 children and total kingdom builders he told us he is pretty well mormon because well.. he has 7 kids.. I laughed and said "well what the heck sir where are your records?!" hahah it was funny. But he doesn't want to learn because he has no time... lame but hopefully one day! Its funny here, when you go knocking when its like -5 degrees and snowy everyone just looks at us like we are crazy. AB winter is alot colder here I love Maritimer winters thus far!

Tuesday: Tues was Christmas Eve which was so wonderful! Seriously Christmas as a missionary is just the best! I really have realized how all the commercialism and business of buying gifts etc. really waters down the true feelings and joy from the Spirit of Christ that is felt during this time of year! Sister Aslett and I went to Shannex the old folks home we serve at and went to every clients room and sang them 2 Christmas songs, it was wonderful! Such a small easy thing for us to do that made a world of a difference for these people! No matter how good or bad of voice you have, they will make you feel like you have a voice like Beyonce singing those Christmas carols! This is something I want to do as a tradition each Christmas Eve day from now on! Its great, you would all be surprised I can actually sing alto now during songs, its so fun! Then we went and visited some LA members in Windsor and brought them some Christmas cards.  Then we went to the Beckwith's Tuesday evening where we had hot dogs and milkshakes (their Christmas Eve tradition) and watched this 1950s 45 min Christmas movie.... I find movies so boring now. I had to get up and "go to the washroom" and walk around haha... I just find sitting and staring at a screen boring! SO kill me!

Weds: Was Christmas and boy oh boy Sister Aslett and I were in for a big one haha... it literally was a day of eating! We had a delicious breakfast with the Gee's then we skyped and opened presents! Which I love the presents very much thanks so much! Then afterwards at 2 pm we had a Christmas dinner for RC Tanya and whole bunch of members at the Walkers home, then we had another dinner at 5 pm! haha Sister Aslett and I had 20 mins between appointments for dinner so we pulled over and slept in our cars in the church parking lot for 20 mins- that turkey can be draining! Sis A was so tired after dinner at the Walkers, she sat down on the lazy boy chair and slept haha! But the dinner apt. in the evening was at Sis Mollis's whose daughter passed away last year, she is single lady with no family, it was probably the highlight of the day sharing Christmas with her; just so humbling to see her in her big house alone, no presents for herself except from her visiting teachers... and she's happy; we can tell she has a real close relationship with HF. It's just amazing how this gospel is all you need in life even if you don't have much at all!! I find so many people don't understand or actually believe that, but it is true! We read the Christmas story with one another and had some good laughs as well! That evening, right there, was where I really just took a moment and looked around and thought to myself THIS IS THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST!
Afterwards Sis A and I came home planned for next day and watched "Joy to the World" and went to bed. We have loads of chocolate and treats from everyone = not good!

We actually started teaching a lady named Tina, older lady in 60s, we put her on date for Feb 7th and she wants her husband and grandchildren to learn about this. We also started teaching another girl who is 20yrs and already has 2 kids.... We will see how teaching her goes. But it was a good day where we were able to find and teach!

Friday: We were in Windsor and we had a great lesson with another new investigator that we began teaching this week! Rene! She and her two daughters and her niece came to church yesterday! We met her couple weeks ago street contacting in Wolfville! She is really down to earth! We also had a great lesson with the Forgere's (LA couple- i believe i told you about last week) We taught them on revelation and it was powerful really turned into having hope and faith and perseverance in receiving answers. We read in D&C 6 & 8. We watched the Patterns of Light mmessage by Elder Bednar. It was very powerful. I truly have faith they will be reactivated.. I was able to testify how my parents prayed for a while like good few years for me to change and how I am sure at times they thought "what is the point? are my prayers really being heard or answered??" and how at times it may feel that way, but that Satan is the one that puts those thoughts in our heads and how we just have to continue to do the daily things knowing and having the hope and faith that God is hearing and blessings will always come forth whether they be now or in the future.  I wrapped up those thoughts by saying I know that I am where I am today because of the faithful, persistent, prayers of my family members. It was quite powerful and gave brother Forgere a lot to think about in regards to not giving up.

Saturday: We knocked - I love during the holidays everyone is home which calls for some good knocking time! We had another Free Hot chocolate booth! It was funny while we were knocking we were knocking in this condo complex area and few people were not answering so after like the 3rd door in a row of no answer, I took a big piece of ice snow and threw it like the hulk screaming, as a bit as a joke with Sister Aslett (keep in mind its like very deserted this area... or so i thought..) and as I looked up after looking like a freak; Sis A is in fits of laughing and then I look up and there is this girl just stranding there. I was like "NO! I promise you I'm not crazy... all 3 of us just burst out laughing it was quite funny and embarrassing, But she is really great has blue hair and we are teaching her tomorrow!! So who knows maybe she needed to see that we’re weird and human to feel the need to meet with us! Hahahaha ohh dear.... lesson learned though, ALWAYS BE DIGNIFIED.

So it was wonderful to finally be able to have the sacrament on Sunday after church being cancelled two weeks in a row! Seriously huge testimony builder of power of the ordinance of sacrament! Sister Aslett spoke in church and gave a wonderful talk it was great! The whole ward love us together! Its a great companionship. We then had choir practice for the concert, and we were able to organize a truck driver (members friend) to pick Jordan up so he could make the concert and that in its self was a big fiasco! His phone was out of service and none of us could get a hold of him, then finally we did and the truck driver waited for like half hr for him! It was quite funny and stressful but he made it and it was great!Yesterday we had only 15 minutes free to contact and we had a goal of 20 ppl to talk to for the day and we looked at one another and said okay in these 15 minutes we will "just do it!" - We truly did see that "necessity is the mother of invention" we found the most unique ways to talk to many people during a slower Sunday afternoon, it was great and we reached our goal! Afterwards we looked at one another and just said to each other "wow if we handled every situation the way we did with those 15 minutes how many MORE people would we talk to?!?" So we have decided to take that attitude into every daily situation for this week. And so far today through our shopping etc. we have been able to find two potentials that are quite promising! haha who would of thought?! Just kidding... but I truly understand just being friendly and talking to everyone that things just flow naturally and its fun and enjoyable! We will be teaching him tonight and he is still on date for Jan 10! We had dinner at  Bob and Jo's as well then the Christmas concert! It was a great concert ! I sang alto i love singing alot!

It has been a great week! I enjoyed seeing you all as well! I hope you have a wonderful week this week ahead! I love you very much!

xoxo Love Sister Pizzey

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