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December 2, 2013 - Staying in Kentville

So another great week! We were blessed with an amazing baptism this weekend! And also I am blessed to continue to have my 4th transfer in this ward be here in the new year whoop whoop!! 

Transfer news: Sister Aslett and I will be staying with one another; Elder Prince and Elder Beckert are staying in Kentville ward as well! They added another set of sisters in Sackville ward (hr away from us) So I will be STL of 6 sisters now in our zone. They split up companionship of Halifax Family Sisters, but both of them will still be in the zone still and will be having 2 new sisters in the zone.

This week has been a great week! The investigators that we are working with right now are not many but they are solid people that are kingdom builders with real growth!! We will really be having a growing week coming up this week as we will be focussing on more street contacting and we already have some appointments set up with some promising potentials! 

The ZL's started sending out an email to the zone with pictures attached whenever we have a baptism and ask that we write a little "blurb" about it.... this is what Sis A and I wrote... 
"At the beginning of November we set aside 1.5 hr. daily to university contacting. On November 5th we stopped Cameron during our contacting time and briefly talked to him for a couple minutes as it was cold out and he was in a hurry so thankfully we were able to set up a appointment with him for that following day.  We taught the message of the restoration that next day then met with him two days later and extended a baptism commitment for 3 weeks later.  We had a hard time since he lived on campus with poor teaching environment so we really used the members to help us with that by having lessons at the church, then having lessons in members homes. This really changed his progression and made it really natural for him to become apart of the ward so quickly! It was a really great baptism in which members he had formed close relationships with were able to attend and be apart of his baptism and confirmation and make it a great experience for all of us."

So we are currently teaching a concert pianist who is 22; we found him through an investigator that we were teaching. He is great and is such a kingdom builder. He is very outgoing and has a bit of ADHD ... so in lessons I have to play the bad cop a bit and be like "whoooo there settle down now lets invite the Spirit in to our lesson".

We had a lesson with Cameron in the chapel at the church with the Burgans (couple in the ward) it was a great lesson Monday night.

Tuesday we had District training and I gave the Doctrinal Discussion and that turned out to be really good as well and a great training.  Our DL Elder Woodward is a wonderful humble missionary, then after D.meeting Elder Woodward and E.Sutter were on visits with us we went and visited with a member and did roleplays on how she can invite her friend to meet with us.  The next day she did and we will be teaching her friend this upcoming week, so that turned out to be a success!  Cameron had his bapt interview that day as well!

Wednesday Sis A and I went and did some service in the hosptial in the Physc. ward... I was cutting hair so we cut 4 patients hair and it was funny one lady hated it. But I am pretty sure it wasn't me it was her I mean we were in the phsyc. ward. But it turned out great! And will be starting to do that weekly cutting hair in the hospital.

We had a lesson with our investigator at the church as well with a couple who will actually be having us over for dinner tonight with him. Jordan came to church on Sunday and he was like the "man of the hour" everyone LOVED him... he said to us.. "I thought I would dress up by wearing a suite and looking classier.  I didn’t expect everyone to be dressed up, it turns out everyone wears suites here!" haha it was quite funny, he literally blended right in. The Bishop came up and introduced himself to him and was like did you just move here; then the Bishop came to the understanding that he was not a member and that we was being taught by the missionaries. 

We did a craft with the old people at the place we do service (old folks home). SO This past Wednesday we get a call from a unknown number and BOOM its Patrciko the Jamaican guy we were teaching for so long!!! He called me from Jamaica! It made my day, he called to say his car was broke and that he had not been to church because have that because he lives 25km from church but he also called to give me his knew number and to pass it along to the missionaries in Jamaica.  So I gave it to Elder Bateman and he will be calling him  TODAY WHOO HOO it made my day!!

Cameron's baptism was wonderful!! I spoke on baptism... he said to me " well you are the most powerful and passionate would you speak" I laughed and said well I will do my best to make it a passionate talk Cameron.  I really don't think it was :/ it was brief I didn't have any time to prepare!  But Mom you will be proud to know that Sister Aslett and myself sang at his baptism, yes Kelly we stood up and sang "Come follow me" I couldn't believe we did... not like me.  But what can I say this mission has changed me for the better! and It was a great musical number we sang the 1st and 5th and 6th verses from that hymn! Cameron loved his baptism though and said he felt as though he was walking on air!

We had a wonderful Sabbath Day yesterday! Cameron's confirmation! And for some reason after he was confirmed he did the "father, son, holy spirit" taps on his shoulder and head.... I almost died... We’ve never seen him do it.  I think it was because he was nervous in front of everyone. But whatever it was memorable... we laughed afterwards us missionaries it was like he did a shout out to Heavenly Father after recieving Gift of Holy Ghost haha.  But Jordan came to church and that was great as well!  Then we found some great people to teach for this week! And then we had a wonderful lesson with Jo and Bob Davis- Jo is the LA endowed member married to non member. It was our first lesson with Bob. With all 3 of them (inclusing Sister A I feel like I am serving a England mission! But we had a wonderful lesson Bob is very stubborn. But in the middle of the lesson I went to washroom and knelt down and prayed. Afterward we had a great lesson about the gospel and how its need for weakest of ppl and strongest we really were able to give him  a few things to think about. I really feel like this gospel needs him and that he will be a Bishop one day!
I was able to bare my testimony in fast and testimony meeting as well about how the scriptures soften our heart as we read them and help us be able to feel and understand Gods love, influence and plan for us!

It was truly a great week!! Time is flying and I look forward to the week ahead!
I read John 14-17 this week it was a wonderful read I recommend all to open up and read it! 
Thanks for your support and have a wonderful week!
Sister Pizzey. 

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