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December 23, 2013

Alrighty so this has been a very busy week in the sense of us being out of our area alot and driving from Wolfville to Halifax then from Halifax to Dartmouth then Dartmouth to Wolfville then to Halifax again then to greenwood! It will be nice to have a full week in our area!!!
Weather here is very interesting... we had NO church again yesterday... CRAZY- this would of been my dream 2/3 years ago; my dreams then are now my nightmares! hahah seriously no church = bad news bears that is two weeks in a row. Having no church yesterday was questionable the roads weren't horrible, they were just slushy. Temperate was 0 degrees to -3 degrees and it was raining all day. Car will be like a ice cube, I enjoy scraping it off its fun, I get very perfectionistic with it. But weather is good now its very mild and just calls for some very slow careful driving then we are good!
So Monday: We went to Jo Davis's for dinner and had a wonderful lesson with her.  The Spirit was strong and she knows it’s true.  She is just taking baby steps and will come to church this week hopefully (if its not cancelled).  Then we taught Jordan over skype; we taught tithing over skype (because he was home 3 hrs away) it was a bad idea to teach tithing over skype.  Didn't go over well but we are still working on him and he is praying to understand more.
Tues: We were able to pick up a new investigator who is a single parent of 3 boys ! We will be teaching her in January again.  She is great, we met her month or so ago street contacting.  We were able to finally set up  a time to teach her it has just been hard to find a time that works for her. (shout out to Blake because our potential area planner is neat, she sure did not fall through the cracks) Were able to invite the message of Restoration to  a lady and her mother but we did not pick them up as new investigators.  We had a great lesson with this LA family that evening, powerful lesson. Their name is the Forgere's they both are converts, they use to attend the Windsor Branch that closed down over a year ago; Brother Forgere wasn't active for 19yrs then he completely reactivated 2yrs ago.  They stopped going 1.5yr ago ... when the branch closed down. They were drained from all the responsibility. But we are going to start teaching them it is really exciting!!
Then tues night since we were halfway to Halifax we went and slept in the Halifax sisters apartment for zone conference the following day.
Weds: We had zone conference it was a very powerful conference. President Leavitt is so inspired he had an amazing training that was from Apollo 13. I think President Leavitt is the only person that can take  Apollo 13, showing clips from the movie and turn it into a very powerful Spirit filled training. It really is crazy one of the assistants here gave a training as well about consecrating ourselves to this work; he shared his conversion story and he had a mighty alma the younger expierence just like me. Very weird how similar our stories are. I left the training very enlightened with more desire to devote this 2nd half of my mission to serving to the best of my ability and just laying everything, EVERY single ounce of my self on the altar of sacrifice so there is no way I miss anyone the Lord has prepared and planned for me to meet as well.   He talked about how our missions mean more than what we really comprehend, that we have all our family past and living cheering and watching and leading and guiding us (made me think of Grandpa) I truly know that Grandpa is so involved in the work here with me. I am so grateful for this mission, it has truly layed the foundation for my whole life my whole eternity!!
We had a talent show afterwards it was hilarious!! I have some videos of some of the things that were done you can see when I send my memory card home, you will see and laugh. Believe it or not Sis A and I and Elder Beckert and Prince all performed a musical number together! Then we had leadership training afterwards for an hour.
Then Weds evening I was able to go and teach Erica!!! It was great she now is in the book of Enos!! She is still progressing and said she will be baptised probably in April!! She is quiting smoking slowly but knows its true and it was wonderful seeing her! The elders in that area always joke and say she always brags about me to them ;) She will be attending addictions recovery classes in New Year that the Burgans run around Nova Soctia. I just love her so much!
We stayed the night in the mission home because the roads were too bad to drive, Sister Starkie and Burton did as well!
Thurs: We made cookies with the old folks at the home we serve at it was great Sis Aslett and I were able to sing them carols afterward they loved it! We did some contacting and taught Jordan with a couple from the ward, it was an alright lesson the husband in the lesson totally dominated... some members just don't understand how conversion happens. Haha but anyway we got through that lesson then we had choir practise afterward which Jordan attended, then we went to a LA house and we met her boyfreind and it was a great lesson her boyfriend had alot of great questions that are easily answered by the restoration we were able to read through the articles of faith with them and pick him up as new investigator! 
Friday: We actually traveled to Halifax and learned 7 songs in like 2 hrs with all missionaries in Nova Scotia.  Then we all drove to Greenwood where we performed in the musical concert there! It was an amazing concert! Elder Call (BYU music prof serving here on sr mission) organized it! We all sang beautifully! I  was little like "seriously a whole day off from work for music at first?!" in my mind when I first found out about this but it is okay it turned out great and I swallowed my pride and enjoyed it! :)
Sat:We had another Free Hot Chocolate Booth again in Wolfville with the Elders! We were handing out invitations for the Christmas Cantata (which was postponed to this Sunday due to weather) It was great and so much fun!! The whole community knows us and is aware of us and loves us! It was soooo hilarious Sis A and I left the booth and told the elders that we were leaving to go tell people about the booth and contact and direct people over.... so Sis A and I leave haha (I will have to explain this over skype pretty funny) BUT I will also explain now; so we leave and there is a group of carollers going into the stores carolling on main street and they hold out a song book for us and Sis A looks at me hesitantly and I look at her and I say "YES! Lets join in!" So I hop over, grab the book from her hands and we just join in and Sis A is laughing at me. So we go through the stores on main street with this choir spreading the Spirit of the Reason for the Season! And then we say "hey everyone we have a free Hot Chocolate Booth over here follow us!" So we take the lead of this whole choir of carollers hahaha and the elders see us in a distance coming back with a flock up people behind us singing along as Sis A and I lead holding the songbook walking slowly to the Hot Chocolate Booth hahaha it was pretty memorable and hilarious. Elder Prince was just like "nooooo they didnt noooo" So Yes we gathered the whole group over and it was just great way for the whole community to see us and see that yes we mormons too celebrate Christmas! And We also saw a former investigator in one of the stores whom we stopped and talked with, then hurried along and continue our singing!!
Then we went and helped out at the Christmas Party as well, were we were able to meet alot of the old peoples family at the old folks home it was good, we had a great lesson with Jordan that day as well! We had a great lesson with an investigator of ours, Elaine.
Sunday: there was our area and one other area in our zone whose church was cancelled so Sis A and I thought of the idea of having a conference call and each area sharing a Spiritual thought in the morning, so we could have little bit of Spiritual rejuvenation; it went out wonderfully!! The Messages that were shared we used all throughout the day in the people we taught and met! We knocked and taught some LAs and have some promising appointments set up to look forward to this week!!
It has been a wonderful week! I feel there always is such a big hill to climb up but I know that when things are hard and we are climbing up we are on the right path! I feel my mission has changed me so much ! This gospel has changed me! But I never want to stand still and stop progressing! I know that as I surrender my all, the Lord can work through me and change my nature! 
I love this gospel and this work! Its the best days of my life!
These are the days that will never be forgotten!
I love you all and hope you rememeber the reason for the season. I must say this has been the best Christmas truly feeling the Spirit of Christ! Christmas is a time to feel the Spirit of Christ, Family and Gods love by serving others and God!
I LOVE it missions are great the gospel is great and Gods plan for us is amazing!
Sister Pizzey. See you on Wednesday.... ;)

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