Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec. 16 - 2013 - Finally we have some snow, now it feels like Decemeber!

So another amazing week has passed by! Boy oh boy time is just flying by I can't believe it will be Christmas next week like what the heck?!?
So yes we did have a snow storm on Sunday and todayish! And the town just shuts down when that happens... literally haha like church was cancelled yesterday haha I was not impressed. But, yea so no church yesterday; we don't have winter tires here just all season so it is a little sketchy.  The driving conditions are different because the snow is moist and temperature varys from -18 to -6 so can get quite slippery. It’s crazy the car will get like two inches of ice all the way around like a little ice box!! SO yesterday we didn't drive.  We did a lot of Area book finding and met with Cameron for one last time because we actually found out this week that he is moving back to Bahamas's for next semester! He can't afford to stay and is hoping to come back for Fall semester. 
Alrighty, so it truly has been a great week and I want to tell you all about it so I will just begin by writing day by day!!
So Monday: We had dinner at a members home where Jordan came.  We taught him the W.O.W and it was wonderful because Brother Bush is a retired scientist and he had all these great facts that support the WOW! We committed Jordan to live it and he is game... as of after New Years :/ but We are teaching him tonight with another member and plan to be popping bottles with him and pouring them down the drain :) he just bought 30 bottles of wine and we committed him to give them away as Christmas presents or allow us to pour them out :) so he agreed to do both! 
That evening we also picked up a new investigator 1 of 5 new investigators we picked up this week!
Tues: We had a District training in Sackville which went great! We have some Elders in our District that aren't finding alot of success, so Elder Woodward asked me how we have and also asked how we contact so many people.  I shared, then he asked Elders in that particular area and they just kept saying excuses on how "no one is interested, everyone turns them down and how blah blah blah all these "reasons" why their area sucks..." I just interrupted him and was like "wait a second.... do you elders have the faith that the Lord has people for you to teach?! The Lord is preparing people and he wants you to be teaching but its all according to your faith" was pretty bold but I couldn't help it. He just swallowed and was like ..." I guess I better take a read of Alma 32" haha. But afterwards Sister Aslett and I worked in Windsor we did alot of finding and contacting.  We were able to invite 50 ppl to learn in those couple hrs., then we had a dinner appointment with this awesome family the Beckwiths (we will be at their house for Christmas Eve) But Jordan also attended that dinner appointment! We taught part of the Plan of Salvation and it was great as well! then we went to Kentville tried to contact a referral, didn't get a hold of her as we were walking back to our car we stopped a mom walking in the apartment and actually ended up teaching her the Restoration in her apartment and picked her up as a new investigator! Then we went and taught Caroline Bryan who we ended up dropping this week but we had a great lesson with her in which a member attended as well! 
Weds: We had a hard time getting hold of Cameron this week, he gets extreme exam anxiety and literally does not sleep for days its crazy.  We knew his residence on campus, but they are impossible to get into so we offered up a prayer and we walked to his res.  As we arrived we were blessed to see a huge rock wedging the door open, it truly was the Lords hand in our work!! We had a great lesson with him about enduring to the end; but we also found out he is moving. He is going to continue attending church in the Bahamas's, and meeting with missionaries. The Bishop of Kentville ward actually served for 5 mnths in the same ward in Bahamas's, small world!  We had a "Free Hot Chocolate" Booth in Wolfville same place where we had "Free Hair cutting" booth as well! Everyone just loves us in Wolfville and alot of people know me. I really enjoy it here! We had a very Spirit filled lesson with Jo I couldn't even say exactly what we talked about.  We read all throughout the scriptures and were completely directed by the Spirit. She knows its true and her heart is softening more and more! She will be attending church SOON! We had a dinner afterwards with RC Tanya then ward council! We also had an amazing lesson with Nicole and a member, it was one of the most powerful lessons on my mission! She is seeking for the truth (pretty sure I told you about her last week) and at the beginning she asked some great questions which pretty much led to a legitimate testimony meeting where Sis A and I and Makalya the member shared our testimonies.  The Spirit was just pumping! It was really amazing because Nicole was late the member who is my age, were visiting for 15 mins.  She told me her story and its pretty much me before my mission.  Her bro came home, she became active but she really struggles because she feels so inadequate and can't understand BOM so we had a great heart to heart and she just was in shock that I use to be in active, she thought missionaries were perfect. (She attends diff. ward- we use her because well we just have to learn how to work the area and find and get to know members and through her bro I met her in Oct) But I feel Nicole needed the lesson just as much as she did; so we taught the Plan of Salvation and wow it was just amazing, words can't describe but Nicole just really gets it. I was able to talk alot about my conversion as it came up with Spirit directing. And she just was like do you think it was apart of Gods plan for you to stray and come back to make you stronger? It kind of took me back and I was like hmmm I don't know but it certainly has really helped me understand others and know with surety this can make a difference! So Sister Aslett was able to extend great baptismal commitment for Jan 24th and Nicole is on date!! She is in Ontario till Jan so we are teaching over skype for the break! 
Thurs: We were able to have another wonderful day where we picked up 3 new investigators! We actually knocked on a Chinese guys door named John a month ago and we left him a card and he went on and referred missionaries to come and teach him so we went back and well John speaks ZERO English like I have taught Chinese people before and been able to squeeze by but with him NONE so I was like hmmmm how are we going to do this... then BOOM idea came YAO from Charlottetown ward who is LA and I taught alot. So I got permission to call her and then on Saturday we came back and taught him with Yao over skype where she translated it was magnificent!! He has such a desire to learn and we taught godhead and prayer; Yao was able to testify of the feelings of the Spirit and at the end we were able to commit BOTH Yao and John to read selected chapters in BOM and Pray; Yao was also able to pray in Chinese in the end to teach him how to!! It was wonderful; My heart is just so full when I get to see someone I love so much and had such Spiritual experiences through teaching.  Again the relationships I have formed on my mission have been such a blessing an are truly ETERNAL! I LOVE it!!  We also started teaching a former investigator and her mom as well and will be teaching them tonight again!! They were going to come till church was cancelled... Maritimer s I tell ya ! Thurs night we had a great lesson with Jordan again where we taught Law of Chasity and haha wow that was a funny lesson but he is going to live it! It really is amazing he has had some very powerful Spiritual experiences on his own as we have met with him that are just leading and guiding him to his baptism! He really knows it!
Then Friday : We had lessons the whole day! and were able to serve at the Old Folks home as well! 
Saturday: We did some quality street contacting we were able to talk to 60 ppl! Sis Starkie and I skyped each other just correlate about Nova Scotia Sisters!  We had a lesson with Jordan where we we talked about callings once he is baptised and he is just ready to serve and take on a calling! We even talked a bit about mission! He is just so elect he feels he is to "idle" so he is going to attend the weekly 12 step addictions recovery class to not be so "idle" haha! its great!! We had a wonderful lesson with Cameron on Sat where we read Helaman 14-15 RECOMMEND YOU ALL TO READ Its just a great chapter showing how the Lord will protect all who are willing to follow him and be obedient no matter if you strayed or always have its just a matter of staying consistent once you have been converted. Then we had that amazing lesson with John and Yao!
Sunday: We met with Cameron again to say our goodbyes.  Church was cancelled and wouldn't see him there, we read Moroni 10 (Sister Asletts choice) and Cameron loved it! Such a good parting scripture! We then did alot of inside work which absolutely KILLED ME, just because I like to be out working. I felt like an animal cooped up all day; i don't know how before my mission I could just so consistently sit inside all day.  We did that for 4 hrs as we called every former in the area book and did some great goal setting very effective, but I am just so use to moving! I feel like I have picked up on the syndrome Blake has haha. But seriously I would just get these out bursts of energy as we planned because I felt so enclosed Sis A would just look at me and laugh... haha I am pretty sure I will be the craziest out there comp. she will ever have ;) 
Anyway we were blessed with alot of success we taught alot this week and with members especially! Its all because this is the Lords work- we know that we are the Lords work and that we HAVE to make it His by going out and serving with our might! And marking success from with in. Although we have been seeing in numbers and teaching some elect people, I truly can say its because with exact obedience we see miracles! I love it so much and I know "For with God nothing is impossible!"
Oh yea in our District training we had a testimony meeting in the end-it was powerful! I got quite tearful in mine (which is a surprise i normally don't cry) But I just talked about how a year ago I filled out my papers and then it was just a crying downward spiral from there haha but my heart is just so full of gratitude to be here on my mission. The blessing it is to be a full time servant of the Lord. My life has been changed and I am sooooo grateful a year ago I made one of the best decisions of my life to serve a mission. I can not imagine what things would be like without this experience all the people I am meeting and companions that I am learning from and being changed from. I truly know that this purpose of this life is to come to know our Savior Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven, and that we best can through living the Restored Gospel and working on our conversion everyday as we forget ourselves and help others with theirs. This life is about aligning our will with Heavenly Fathers just like Christ and do this all for the glory of our Father not for any other reason. I am just so happy. In life there is happiness and joy- they are TWO different things and I truly have come to taste of the eternal Joy from God, and I know it can be eternal if we Endure to the End. 
We are so indebted to God. 
I could go on and on and I don't be to rant but I know this is the Lords work, as we humbly just go and do and have faith in Him who knows all things; its amazing I remember a year ago I didn't even know which books were in the Book of Mormon or the Bible! At zone trainings at the beginning of my mission when we would be pulling our our scriptures I didn't know which one to pull out I would wait to see what my comp. flip to first! I remember in the MTC Sis Keeler teaching me about the Millennial day because I never heard of it!! And at that time all I knew was that I just had to do my very best and the Lord would make up for the rest. Now I have gained a whole new knowledge the fact that I can just flip open from scrip to scrip in lessons, explain the context, address concerns through the Lords words in scrip, not my own it is a miracle. And As I continue to grow and learn I see its natural to rely on my self more but as I catch myself doing that I know i need to repent and continue to be humble, do everything I can and rely on the Spirit and our Father in Heaven and do it fully for the Glory of God because I owe him SO MUCH and like I said am completely indebted to him ....
just like I am indebted to you dad ;)
any who I LOVE you all so much and crazy I will be seeing your faces in a weekish!
Sister Pizzey

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