Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 2, 2013 - Whats this -30 weather?? We got +5!! BOOM!

So this was yet another amazing week!! I just love being a missionary and the time we have to serve is just so short!
I am just so grateful to be a missionary I just love it these are the best days of my life that will always be remembered.
So Monday: We had a lesson at members home the Bonds for our golden star investigator Jordan... we walked in and Jordan is playing the piano for the family singing along with the kids it was like a "moving scene".  It was hilarious, he was in a suite and bow tie, it was quite funny ... we had a great lesson with Jordan! 
Tuesday: We had a great lesson with (investigator) we were really able to get to understand her situation in her life better.  She is a like single parent and a kid that if you think Blake was high maintenance think again.  But she is doing well, her biggest thing is attending church. We need to get her to church!! Tuesday we started teaching another guy named Jordan from Bermuda and we actually put him on date for Jan 10th he soaked the message of the Restoration up like a sponge! (Sis T and I actually met him in Sept... haven't been able to get a hold of him and decided to try calling him again and set up a appointment with him this past week).
Wednesday: Patrick (guy in Jamaica) and I talked over the phone again.  It was weird Elder Bateman (Jordan) called him day before and set up missionaries to come see him that day! and He went to church yesterday! whoop whoop! Crazy how Elder Bateman and I are working with one another with an investigator that I taught here, who is now in Jamaica where Elder Bateman is serving.  It is a crazy small world and the Lord so is intricately involved in this work! We had a great lesson with Cameron Wednesday about the priesthood.  He actually started tearing up in a Mormon message we showed him, that I recommend you all to watch its called " Power of the Priesthood".  We had a another wonderful lesson with Jordan at a members home Weds as well where we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.... Jordan is very hilarious so Sis A and I have to make a sincere effort to be real but keep things dignified haha... and Sis A and I have a relationship where we just get each other and know each other well.  So well that whenever I see her holding back giggles, I just go into fits and have, well a Kell bell laugh attack, it is horrible ... just really can kill the whole reverent atmosphere we try to create.  But any ways we were able to put Jordan on date for Jan 10th!!!!! We are so excited!! He is very elect he gave the best response when we asked him about praying to know JS a prophet etc. He said "well when I went to pray, it was like I already knew it was a yes... like I prayed and I was just like yes I already knew that".  I was just like YES!! He really just gets it.. and has said he has noticed his days are just lighter and better now as he been praying etc.  He said, "things that bothered me before or would get me down don't really effect me no more".  BOOM the Light of Christ is just increasing and increasing the gospel is so true! We also started teaching a very mature 18yr old young lady - we are really excited to be teaching an elect girl that is searching for the truth! We had a wonderful lesson and she is so excited to learn more! We found her street contacting!
Thurs: We had another lesson with Jordan (Bermuda Jordan) and well he got into a bunch of anti and he dropped us. Nothing we could do but I know we planted a seed and that he will be a member one day just not know.  We were able to do lots of finding and meet with two LA families we are teaching right now. 
Friday: We had a great lesson with (investigator) with a member where we taught POS and temples... she is getting it, just a slower movement with her. We had a lesson with a potencial named Perscialla she is apart of this "Christain fellowship" group on campus. And I already know a good majority of those students. She actually brought her friend Martin who i have taught... this is a group of people who "act" to be devote Christains and followers of Christ.  They can be interesting, they don't know the Bible and try to ask questions about mesage of the Restoration that are pointless and make no sense and when you answer them with scripture by showing in the Bible its true they have nothing to say; they just try to squeeze another question out that makes no sense. Just really shows how you need faith to be led to truth and a softened heart that is receptive to the Spirit that will always guide us to truth! They don't read or pray to know truth either. So we read bit in 2 Nephi 29 and the first thing these two said after reading from BOM was.... is there a translation to more modern day language for the BOM ... like why is there these and thous? what is this?.... " I just looked at them and was like OH my GOODNESS this world we live in this generation and society" (in my mind obviously) I just was like NO. haha it was kind of funny. But boy oh boy I can respect people when they aren't interested but not when they claim to know God and such and don't at all because they put no effort in! Needless to say we did not pick them up as new investigators. In the middle of the lesson though "Tree" walked in 
(one of the guys that asked us on a date our neighbour) and of course they new him from "Christian fellowship" so they called him over and he was like "Oh my neighbours!" I was just like ugh this is digressing we need to leave! haha, funny to look back on.
Sat: Us and the Elders went to Halifax to the mission home because from 10-1 we had Leadership training for ZL's and STL's. I bore my testimony at it. It was a great meeting. Sis A worked with the Halifax sisters while I was in it. It was great to see Sis Starkie (who is STL) President Leavitt talked with her and I and told us to start working together more calling each other and working together with all 4 sets of sisters in Nova Scotia and that as time goes on and more sisters come in the mission, we may eventually serve with each other as STL's !! So we are pretty stoked because we both just love working hard and doing our very best and being exactly obedient. 
We had another lesson with Jordan just another great one! He feels good for Jan 10th but little nervous.... he has been thinking about driving to go see a friend 2 hrs away and sharing the gospel with him... (you just know someone gets it when they are thinking of friends and family that could use the gospel!)
We had a Christmas party Sat night at the church and (investigator) and her boys were able to come, Gage and Amanda, Jackie and Mark and the LA family we are working with! It was a great success!
Sunday: Jordan was able to come to church again, he just was yet again man of the hour! He actually stayed for choir after and joined the choir, it was funny during choir a member looked at me and was like "oh he isn't wearing a tag? He isn't a missionary??" haha they actually thought he was a missionary! I was like nope not yet, he is an investigator! But he totally led the men in singing! Everyone loves him! The W.O.W was spoken about in a talk.. so he knows about it! We will be having a lesson with him as we all are having dinner at a members home tonight! We plan to actually teach the WOW today with part of Plan of Salvation. 
After church we went and contacted a referral whom we picked up as new investigator her name is Elaine she is married in 30s and has the cutest little boy.  Her friend is a member in Australia and she has had lots of contact with the church! We will be going to her house for dinner this week!
It has been a great week and we have had the opportunity to invite many people and teach as well! I love being a missionary. I am learning so much.
This week I really learned to have a strong testimony of Matt 10:39. I am here to become more of a Christ-like servant of my companion, sisters I train over, members and investigators. I want to continue to forgot my self and change my nature of having more charity and patience. I am learning things I know will benefit my future family that I don't think i would ever be able to change and work on if it weren't for serving a mission! I am so blessed to be here, thank you for supporting me I am forever grateful! 
Just as baptism is spoken about in Romans 6:4 my mission has allowed me to "walk in newness of life!"
I LOVE you all very much and have a great week!
Remeber to read and pray daily!
Sister Pizzey

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