Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4, 2013

So this has been a good week! Actually a slower week from what we have been use to in this area, sometimes our "success" in regards to key indicators and lessons are marked off of peoples agency! But we have made a stellar vision, plan and set some solid daily goals and I have faith that as we  follow it exactly the Lord will bless us with success. Goal planning is life changing, something I will do for the rest of my life. I have realized on my mission its all about progression and changing ourselves, there is always something we can change and improve.
 This week I really realized that this is the Lords work, not ours and that we just have to be humble servants of the Lord, allowing us to be capable instruments in Gods hands.  Just like Alma in the BOM "bear with patience all manner of afflictions" and have a steadfastness faith in Christ! I just LOVE it.
I am so greatful for our family, each week I talk/emails to you all it motivates me to do my very best each and every week.  Thank you family for being so amazing and supportive :) we are all so blessed to have one another.
Alright so this week!
So first week with Sister Aslett has been wonderful! So much fun!! Sister Aslett and I have a relationship like how sister Keeler and I had. We would be friends naturally if it weren't for our missions and her living in England! haha. But I love her!  She is also quite hilarious and has the desire to work hard and we do!  
So we had zone conference this week in Halifax it was great.  Sis Starkie who I served with on the island was there and that was so nice seeing her. She is STL for the Nova Scotia North zone! She is wonderful, it’s our dream to serve with one another...I don't think that will happen though. We asked PL once and he said "yea thats smart put those two horses together so they can run so far into the ocean that no one will ever see them again" haha it was funny. After the zone conference we had a hr long leadership meeting with the ZL's for both zones and DL's and Sis Starkie and I. 
This week we have had very spiritual lessons with Kate and Tanya together.   Kate wants to be baptised so badly!  President Leavitt is actually interviewing her tonight. And we will go from there! They are both wonderful and we have had some amazing lessons.  I have faith they both will be baptised.
We were able to do lots of street contacting and finding this week, we picked up one new investigator named Thomas, who is interested because he finds it amazing how we are so sure and have so much conviction in what we believe. He doesn't really know if there is a God, but is willing to pray about it and act and experiment upon our message.  
Traci who is preparing for Nov 30th is doing great! We pray and hope that she continues to choose to make right decisions to  strengthen her relationship with God. 
Sis Aslett and I have had some quite interesting memorable experiences this week; which has lead to some good laughs. I love serving with her because we truly balance one another out. Elder Prince and I were talking and in a companionship there has to be a "good cop" and a "bad cop" and in my companionships I am usually the "bad cop" haha the bold one but it works out good and yet again I am the bad cop. She is quiet and kind and soft, but not insecure, it’s quite nice.  Serving with Sister T was great in preparing me for training! Anyway Sister Aslett is great at just taking the humble way of things I guess you could say; for example, dealing with ignorant people at the doors sometimes one of my weakness! Lol I tend to kind of give a little attitude back or just give it back haha... and seeing how shes just so polite and kind, really is nice to see and a example for me. But this week we were knocking and Sister A and I came across a Christain family and literally this man on the doorstep prayed for our souls he was very anti and went on a big rant and did not want us to say anything back.  Then half way through his rant he said I'd like to pray now and BOOM he just went into a prayer haha.. we were like oh wow okay he said "Lord help these young ladies find the real Jesus Christ, as they have not found you yet" It was quite funny Sister A and I were really trying not to laugh because it was quite ridiculous but after his prayer I looked him in the eyes was like " Well I'd like to inform we you we have found Jesus Christ, thanks for you concern anyway have a great night" we just walked away. His wife was pretty mortified I am sure because he just looked crazy and very un Christ like.
Anyways I had my first call night as a stl this week that was interesting, as a STL i want to do my very best to help these sisters improve. I feel being a leader is like a pipeline where water passes through and I can either be like a pipeline that just collects the water and allows the same water to pass through to the next pipe or I can be the pipeline that collects the water but also purify's the water before allowing it go through the next pipeline. I decided I am just going to love her but also be bold and real. I can't wait to go on visits with them we will be doing that next week, and just see how they do things and do my best to motivate inspire and improve with them!
We had a wonderful "member missionary class" last night! We had a hour class at night where we talked about how we "can not predict and prejudge" in regards to who is fit and ready for the gospel. We did some roleplays with the members on how to invite people on the bus (like what Blake did this morning!) and on inviting friends to church etc!
MOM and DAD: you should by Elder Christienson's member missionary book its unreal! Its called"the power of everyday missionary" i believe. 
The elders had two baptisms this week! And we might have another two this week if not next week for sure! 
I love this gospel so much! I am reading in Alma 60 right now! Its unreal just the steadfastness faith the strippling warriors have and Moroni and his army! It is such an example. Because although they experienced sad time and sorrows they never doubted their faith they clung to what they new to be true. 
I love being a missionary, it truly has helped me understand surrendering our will and having our will be Gods will.  Every day we have to submit all things to the Lord it is a continual process and I love it!
The Gospel is so true, I love missionary work, it always is changing and provides opportunities for us to continually step outside our comfort zone and rely on the comforter to stretch and grow ourselves but also saved Gods children. Every rude person, every ounce of cold weather is worth being able to save but just one soul, even if it is our own. 
Sorry if my letter is mumbling on and boring this week!
But I love this, these our the days that will truly never be forgotten!! 
I thank you all for your love and support and examples :)
Sister Pizzey

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