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October 28, 2013

Yes Sister Keeler is training for her first time as well in Newfoundland, she has been in the same area- Bay Roberts her whole mission and she and Sister Broadhead are STL for Newfoundland. 
SO my new companion is Sister Aslett she is from ENGLAND and she is 24! I was so excited when the assistants called Weds morning and told me they met my comp. and that she is English I just about died of excitement ! Hearing an English accent all day is wonderful!
Our apartment is on the 5th floor of apartment building, has two rooms one for our office and for our room, small kitchen and table haha nothing special! I can take pictures?
So this week has been a week of a few set backs but it still had some other wonderful things happen as well! 
So Di that guy who wore Jewish robe ended up basically anti'ing our investigator who was coasting to baptism for Nov 22, very frustrating and sad and Jesse is left very confused, we haven't been able to see Jesse since Weds. The Elders are going to stop by his dorm and talk to Jesse. And (investigator) started smoking on Wednesday and went on a downward spiral pretty well. She wants to be baptized and believes and wants to changed it is very sad to see how certain substances just bind people down from reaching their fullest potential. But I know that this is the adversary trying his best as the time comes near to these two peoples baptismal date and I have faith that things will work itself out. When situations like this arise I know that we have set an inspired goal of 9 baptisms in this ward before the new year and that as we are obedient optimistic and have faith God will lead us to those that are ready and inspire us on how to prepare these souls for baptism. 
We actually went to (investigator) yesterday and I walked in and there was weed on the table and cigerattes and her friend was there and I just walked in looked around and looked at her and said " what are you doing?! You think THIS as I pointed and looked around , is going to bring you happiness?! I really layed the law down and for about an hour was lead by the Spirit completely as to what to say, but I basically just said to her that she is worth so much more than all this. It was quite a spirit filled lesson and we all were tearful and she wants to change, she suffers from depression and its a tough road shes on but I know we would not of met her now if she couldn't change. I am so grateful for the experiences I have been through because I truly know that through Christ we can do all things. I was able to share some scriptures of strength. It was funny while we were there I looked her friend in the eyes and said to him " are you willing to support ...? will you not smoke around her and do this outside" then I talked about how important it is to have friends that fill in the potholes in our road not make pot holes. I was very bold but it was needed and I know how important it is. Missions just prepare for motherhood that is forsure! haha.
Things with Traci is going absolutely wonderful! She is on a cloud with this gospel!! Her best friend is a member, her and Traci are just loving the Book of Mormon. - That is the absolute most important thing getting them grounded in the BOM and understanding that any question they have can be supported in the BOM and that every answer they get from it can be prayed about to know if it is true. We are able to talk and invite many people this week and I feel we will be able to find some solid investigators this week!
We were able to pick up a couple this week in Windsor, Gage and Amanda; they had a baby 5 months ago. Funny thing is for the last few weeks Sis T and I have always seen them in Windsor walking around and they will be on the opposite side of the street etc. and we are always like dang we need to stop them!!! Finally With Sis A I was able to! We taught them and turns out his mother is a LA member! They all came to church Sunday! So we are working with them and hope to help them have the blessings of the gospel in their family.
So Transfers were on Thursday so we drove to Halifax on Thursday, Sis Aslett and I were able to go and see Erica in Halifax and have a lesson with her that was wonderful! Then Friday morning we left Wolfville at 7 am Sister Aslett and I had to drive back to Halifax and go to the mission home...
since I am now a STL we recorded videos which will be used for training for the zone conferences this week and well forever be showing new missionaries in their orientation etc.(talk about pressure!) President Leavitt has started this new thing where we are recording videos and he shows them for learning. We recorded two videos one on "How to talk with real people" and the "Book of Mormon." So the first video is focused about talking.  PL felt as we are focusing so much emphasis on talking to everyone, we want to have successful conversations with the people we stop, not frantic awkward bombarding the gospel conversations which most missionaries have haha. So at this meeting it consisted of the assistants, halifax zone leaders and Sis A and I. We had a group discussion on what we feel needs to be taught to missionaries that can help them have more natural conversations, talking slow, introduce, be open, real share info, ask questions, sincerely listen, invite. Basic things that when in the moment with nerves most missionaries will forget, so afterwards we recorded a discussion about that and that turned out well it was great because Sister Aslett was able to talk about how as a new missionary it is that way and then we all discussed how we can train our selves to be better. 
Then the second video was about the Book of Mormon and how important it is to have our investigators know how to find answers in it themselves and become grounded in it so that the BOM is their backbone not us. This video consisted of Sister Levy (who is a convert), me, Elder Jarvis(ZL) and Elder Zozeewamee(assistant) and President.  So PL started with Elder Jarvis asking him to share an experience about an investigator who was grounded in BOM and how that changed things for him, he shared a great experience.  Then President was like Sister Pizzey - could you tell of a personal or mission experience that the BOM has played a big role... in my mind I was like nooway  i am going to share my conversion from BOM on a video that will be shown forever throughout the mission.  I literally was planning on talking about Robert (convert from PEI) but as the time came for me to speak my mouth was filled with sharing my experience with the BOM; I talked about how the BOM truly changed my life and how for me I had negative feelings about the church and concerns and how 1.5 yr ago when I felt like I needed to go back to church I decided to read the BOM and how the BOM literally resolved all concerns and questions I had and answered what no person ever could have.  It was quite powerful and not expected.  The way I explained it was a way I never had before it was definitely the Spirit, then Sis Levy talked about the role the BOM played for her as a convert. It turned out to be a wonderful video but now will be played throughout the whole mission and used forever President Leavitt said haha or at least till the next mission president chooses to not use it anymore, so that is kind of nerve racking!
So this Weds we will all be watching ourselves on the big screen at zone conference won't that be a treat ;). 
Anyway the Elders are having 2 baptisms this Sat.! Which makes 4/9 ... 5 more to go! and I know we can make it !! " For with God nothing shall be impossible" Luke 1:37!
I love being a missionary, I love serving others, and I love this gospel so much!  I feel so inadequate to this call but it really is amazing to seeing the enabling power of the atonement - the Lord will truly qualify us in our callings, He will make up for the rest after all we have done! I love it and I truly am seeing the enabling power of the Atonement everyday in my life as a missionary, the things we do aren't natural or possible without the grace of God.
I want to do my best and be the best trainer I can and STL, I truly was prepared for this from serving with Sister Thompson, Sister Aslett is great.  I am going to help her feel confident and see the joy in this amazing life changing work.  Her and I are getting along great and I just love her english accent. I just am very focussed like in studies its silient and I am full heart and mind in studies, those first 3 hrs are so important in the morning it truly starts the day off good or bad, and some missionaries I feel ditty dattle during studies and waste time and don't realize how much more meaningful it could be if they just FOCUS so I am going to help her with that as I did with Sister Thompson.  With Sis A I want to help her heart be in the work as well and just to forget ourselves and go to work! 
I love you all!
It is so crazy that fire in the neighbourhood! I am happy you are all safe and sound.
Sister Pizzey

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  1. How wonderful to read this blog as Sister Aslett is my niece! It's great to hear how she's doing as she starts her life in the mission field, and she is obviously in good hands with her companion. Thanks so much for taking care of her!