Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 30, 2013

So I just love being a missionary I just thought I would start with that just in-case you did not know that! 
I just love it! I want to be a completely different person by the time I am home, serving as a missionary has opened my eyes and changed my life. I LOVED the Relief Society Broadcast, it really talked about how we are Covenant people! And how we need to not take for granted the responsibility that comes from the covenants we have made with the Lord. All the way to sacrament and being excited for that sacred cleanse and renewal of our promises with God each week! I find as members of the church its easy for us to get lenient and too casual with the way we honour and continue to be obedient to the promises we have made to God, because it should never be casual! My eyes have been so opened to how important it is to be continuing to expand our knowledge and understanding  of the gospel and continuing to put Christ's character into our own character and remove the parts of our own Character that is natural and not Christ-like and remove it entirely from us!
This gospel is amazing, I love allowing Gods plan to swing through and take control over my life because it always lead to happiness! He has all power and wisdom and His plan always is what's best! Its too bad because on my mission i have come to realize how its not common that people have enough faith to endure and follow his plan, but I know as we bear trials with patience we will always be happy through God & Jesus Christ and this true Restored Gospel. 
Every week we teach the Restoration to soooo many people and I feel I am planting many seeds!  I would say we probably at least, introduce and invite this message to 280 ppl average a week and that we actually teach the full lesson to average to 15-20 ppl. 
We will be having two baptismal interviews this week one for Hope who is 72 and Bailey, it will be so fun because we will have two baptisms on one day! Bailey is 13yrs old is from a part member family that was LA that we have been teaching since I have been here. We had a wonderful musical concert yesterday that was a huge success I talked about that in my letter to PL as you can read above.
We started teaching a Japanese girl named Nako this week (we met biking up a hill I biked up to her and was panting out of breath and biked beside her as she walkd, we picked her up the next day), a chinese guy named Jordan (we knocked into), Mohammed who works with Bishop at his work, and Gloria (the wife of the guy Sis T and I helped moved a few weeks ago!) Gloria is from Uguanda and Mohammed somewhere in Africa- he is actually Muslim but is open minded and I feel potential will come from him haha none of Canada. 
We really have been working well with the Elders lately where we pass over investigators so we actually are passing Jordan to the elders he is 21 and just makes sense for them to teach him and they are passing an investigator who is in her 20s and use to be into drugs two yrs ago and just needs the gospel!  We will be teaching her tonight I can't wait!
Its funny as you plan things with God and through prayer he will always help you; with the Bishop we have been going through LA list.  We have met 5 LA's street contacting who didn't have info or address on the ward list!  God just dropping them in our path I love it!  He is so aware of each and everyone of us! 
Things with Erika have been bumpy she has taken few steps pack.  She still is reading and praying daily and believes its true just feels discouraged about being able to change. We will be seeing her on Saturday and hope and pray that things will work out!  We are having great success with LA couple bro and sis Heaths, they both love us so much and we have been having many Spirit filled lessons!  
I love this work so much and I am so grateful to be here serving as a missionary. This has changed my life. Although I am not here for me; I am here to bring others to the amazing change and miracle this gospel is for everyone and helps others see what this gospel has done for me.  It is very true that as we lose ourselves in the service of others, that is when we find ourselves. 
"With much is given, much is required" look forward to the future with much optimism and excitement!  And most importantly open our eyes and enjoy what is right in front of us; the moment and the many blessings God gives to us! 
I can not wait for conference this weekend! I will be thinking of you all as we are watching it at the same time!!
Be bold, step out of your comfort zone, and pray to ask God what he would like you to do with yourself in this time of your life, continue to be converted!
Love Sister Pizzey


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