Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7, 2013

So this has been another wonderful week!
I love your emails and I thank you for them so much, I have such a great family and so much wonderful support I love you all very much!
So yes we will be having two baptisms this Friday! And on Sunday it will be Sis T's and mine 7 month, crazy time does fly, 7 months sounds like a long time but this all hasn't even felt like 7 weeks. But having two of our investigators receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on our 7 month sounds fine by me!!
So this week has been amazing!!! Conference was amazing I LOVED it conference is literally like way better than the Oscars ever were as a missionary! I loved Saturday conference session! Uchtdorfs talk was amazing and sooo applicable for so many people we are teaching right now! I feel like an idiot I forgot my notebook from conference session and wrote down a whole bunch of talks that I loved that I wanted to share and talk about today! hmmmm :< well next week I will have to do that I am writing that down in my planner right now! Elder Ballard's talk was amazing, Elder Giff Neilson (I met him he toured with Elder Holland in April)  was wonderful of course, and of course Uchtdorf’s! But there was so many more and my memory is drawing blank! NEXT WEEK
SO we were able to have 5 investigators come to conference this weekend! And 2 non members I of which is a referral from a member who she brought to church and we will be teaching this week!
We had a wonderful week we picked up a investigator! She is prepared and is on date for Nov 8th we started teaching her on tuesday.  She is my age and is a recovering Narcartic addict, she has a 3 yr old and gave her up for adoption to her aunt.  Just a horrible horrible life she had, she has so much guilty feelings from her past and I feel I am here to teach her, we had a tearful first spiritual lesson where the Spirit was so strong.  She understands that she has lot of changes to be made but the atonement is real. She actually came to church yr a go and knows the addictions recovery couple really well.  She will be baptised I know it! My heart is just so full thinking of her! She reads the BOM a ton and loves it!
Erika haha I love her! We are teaching her more and will be fasting with her tomorrow and then having dinner with her and breaking her fast.  Her and Matt just love the Book of Mormon, yesterday we went to her house between sessions.  We showed up there at 4:15 and said we are going to conference and you are coming, she said she couldn't because her boys were out and she had no makeup on and keagan and isaac hadn't eaten yet.  So we told her to go get ready and that we would take care of her boys. So we went to search for them in the neighbourhood we drove around the neighbourhood two times, could not find then anywhere then said a prayer.  We then felt the need to drive once more then I spotted a bike on a drive way so we got out walked in the backyard of the house that had the bike BOOM we found the boys told them to race us back to home, so Sis T and I and Keagan a 6yr old and Isaac a 12 yr old all raced home, ran in their house, we fed them cereal for dinner and BOOM by the time it was 4:45 we all left to conference soundly and she was able to watch it and enjoyed it! Afterward we had a lesson with them and they did the nightly ritual where Keagan says the opening prayer then Erika reads from the children's BOM with them then Isaac says a prayer, then keagan then Erika did then I did then Sister T. It was amazing most Spirit filled thing on my mission. Power of Prayer is amazing. Hearing a 6 yr olds prayer is amazing Keagan said " and I miss you very much" in his prayer so amazing a 6 yr old understands that he once lived with his Father in Heaven- the gospel is SO TRUE the Book is blue brothers and sisters!!
So Baileys baptismal interview was a success on Friday! He is a stud and understands everything perfectly very bright boy and has a strong knowledge of the gospel through our lessons, reads the BOM and enjoys it. Hope will be having her interview tonight she was origanlly on Friday but she had a horrible health day and could not leave her bed. Some days her Parkinsons disease is horrible where she has to take 21 pills to help it.  She received a priesthood blessing yesterday and is feeling great today and ready for her interview tonight at 7!  I love her so much and she calls Sis T and I the daughters she never has had! 
Working with the Elders has been wonderful we actually made a goal during our Friday planning session that as a whole in Kentville ward we feel we can have 15 baptisms from now until the new year, its a stretch but we have alot of legit investigators 9 of which we feel that will forsure be baptized which leaves 6 more (3 per companionship) that we feel Heavenly Father has prepared at this time for baptism, we just have to find and teach them! We have faith and a day after we set that goal President Leavitt informed us how he set a goal of 50 baptisms as a whole mission before the new year so our plans were inspired and right on track with PL.
We really are working on effective goal setting and planning and it has completely changed our area!! Our Keys our solid number where each key indicator literally represents a soul! It is amazing and I know that much success will come from the change of planning. 
Sis T and I were able to pick up 3 new gators, I hope for more this week and have faith we will! I love this work so much, we are finding much success here we are blessed to be able to surpass the mission standard of excellence at this moment. The ward is trusting us more and more, and we will be able to teach our investigators in members homes this week and hopefully be introduced to two separate people to teach from members in the ward! The Work is at a uproar there is so many prepared. Take part everyone in this great work it is amazing and don't miss out in the blessings that await you as you partake in missionary work! 
Sorry if this was a weak email.  This week really was amazing, so much happening, but writing in an email doesn't explain a tiny bit of how wonderful life is as a missionary. Sis T and I love serving with one another, we have so much fun and she has drastically changed as a missionary - I felt as though I trained her:) haha. She loves the work so much. I don't think we will be serving with one another after this transfer, opportunity to train is quite high, I really hope I am staying here, there are so many people that we are teaching that I feel I am here specifically to teach, we just connect! I can't imagine my life without all these people I am meeting on my mission, its crazy, I love everyone I am meeting here and they are impacting my life immensely! 
Building friendships for eternity!
I love you all, hold your armour of righteousness and be obedient to the prophet and apostles council ! Exactly obedient don't just pick and choose what you want to follow!
There was so much said that can apply to us all!
Tell Nana I was thinking of her and Grandpa this weekend!  During President Monson's talk I though about her as he expressed his love for his wife, I am sure it brought nana to tears thinking of our dearly beloved grandpa bill.  I always feel so close to him and his presence!
I love you all!!
xoxox have a great week!
Love Sister Pizzey
p.s: I got my hair done today and it looks great!!! actually turned out good for once :)

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