Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25, 2013

So I am just going to go day by day!  We will be having Cameron’s baptism this Saturday, he is just the best investigator ever. He was so prepared, we just had to teach and he accepted, he just knows it and gets it! He is already in 2 Nephi!  It’s funny with investigators, I feel like a parent bragging about my child haha. 

So Monday: We went to Halifax and visited with the Halifax family sisters, it was a good visited.  We went out knocking in the pouring rain for 2 hrs, it was pretty funny.  We were literally just as wet as we would be, standing in a fast pace shower.  It was great and character building! I was knocking with Sis Jungheim who is from Columbia, who well let’s just say is very "spicy".  I have a funny story to tell, I will save it for Christmas phone call.
Tuesday:Then tues I worked with Sister Lee and it was good.  We were able to find her a family to teach as we served with one another!  We were contacting referrals and I saw a family walk into an apartment as we were waiting on the main floor of the elevator.  I told her we are going back and knocking on that door... she seemed kind of taken back by that, then afterwards we went back and knocked and boom we were let in, taught them a lesson and picked them up as new investigators!  We were able to learn alot from one another. That night we taught Jackie and Mark the LA family we knocked into, then taught Gage and Amanda.

Wednesday: We served a member.  I actually was sick, I have had the worst sinus infection this past month in a half... finally went to the doctor and got some actibiotics and nasal spray.  I have just been using Dristan nasal spray this past month in a half.. haha and apparently its addictive and not good to use for more than 5 days!  The antibiotics are working good and I am back to feeling tip top shape again :)  But we were still able to street contact in Wolfville and teach Leah and Amanda with a YW in the ward it went really great!

Thurs: We started teaching Jo the mish. lessons from start (LA endowed member from England).  She is quite set in her ways but I have faith we will reactivate!  We were able to see Cameron and few other people and pick up a new investigator!

Friday: We had a lesson with Cameron at the church and 3 other members.  He received a priesthood blessing as he is quite stressed out about finals etc in school.

We had many opportunites to share the message of the Restoration this week! I love being a missionary! We hopefully are going to be able to find more new investigators!
There was so many great things that happened this week and we are picking up the momentum here! 

I am so grateful for this opportunity of being a missionary! My life has been forever changed by this and its something that I really can't imagine what my life would be like without this!  I am learning so much about this gospel.  I want to have a humble provident lifestyle with lots of kids and family! These are the days that I will remember forever! These are the best days of my life thus far. I had two dreams this week:
1) where President sent me home because I had to go on antibiotics for my sinus infection and he thought I was too sick to be out so he sent me home and I walked through the Edmonton airport and you all were waiting and I was just soo depressed and not happy hahaha it was like too soon. In my mind i was just so sad and was like "ugh this is too soon to be back!" and i was sitting on my bed bored and depressed haha.
2nd dream) Where it was the end of my mission and I was at the good bye dinner and was like what the heck?!? how did the time fly?! I am not ready to go home and then when I got home I couldn't stop thinking about the mission and missionaries that are still out.
hahah when I woke up from those dreams and I was like 1) felt very anxious and annoyed and 2) felt guilty for having thoughts of going home. haha I know I am crazy but I JUST LOVE THIS SO MUCH!
haha don't get me wrong I love you all and don't dread seeing you but I am just very happy to be a missionary and being blessed and trusted to serve in part of the Lords vineyard!

Sorry the details weren't much this week! But thank you for the emails and I will send some pictures today!
I am looking forward to serving a full week in our area! Visits can be quite draining!


Sister Pizzey

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