Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

So Monday:
We had dinner at George a chinese persons house where we made us the best chinese meal, very different food, but good!! We had a great lesson with him where the Spirit guided the whole lesson.  We read throughout the BOM about faith, mainly and really painting the picture of God to him.  We really made the gospel very clear to him. We have not seen him yet but it was a great lesson!
We also taught a lesson to a guy named Thomas, we actually met him "car parking lot contacting" and he has some personal struggles.  At the start of the lesson he sat down and said "just so you know, I don't believe in God and I am going to probably walk away having that same opinion from this.  There is nothing you can do to change it" .... I was just like in my mind, "pfft okay".
So we taught him and well at the end he closed with a prayer.   He is willing to read and pray daily.  He wants to experiment and put it to the test and see if this can change his life! (which it obviously will). I mean this in the humbliest way, but due to my change in my life, I am quite convincing and with the power of the Spirit.  Obviously I would be nothing without that. He was going to come to church yesterday but last minute bailed but we will be seeing him this week again.
We had a wonderful District training. I LOVE my district and the missionaries I serve with, they are wonderful and inspiring!! Truly building friendships for eternity. Then we had visits with the Halifax YSA sisters...which was good I was able to see Erica and Matt Whalen and have a great lesson with them as well!  They are still going strong, meeting with missionaries.  I just love that family!  I have had some growing and learning to do as the training leader.  It is not easy always, I am growing and learning ...  
I am just so greatful for Sister Aslett she is just so humble!
Weds:  Sister Aslett and I had a wonderful day in Canning!!! We started teaching Cecila and Breton, that Sis T and I started teaching a while ago.  We also felt impressed to begin knocking on this certain street.   At the beginning we prayed as to which side to start, we decided to begin the opposite side than normal.  The second house we found, Leah, a grandmother and Amanda 17yr old girl. They have been through alot and Amandas mom died when she was 5 and well they just have been through alot! They both have are not well, very humble people.  Leah's husband died 7 mnths ago. We taught the restoration and have taught them twice so far.  They came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed all 3 hrs and we will be seeing them again on Weds! 
We started teaching a lady from England this week who we bumped into street contacting who has be LA for 10 yrs and has been endowed.  We had a great lesson with her where we watched Pres. Uchtdorfs "Come" talk, it was wonderful and hoping to have her active!
I love this ward so much its like my "home ward" I just know everyone, it’s funny, I don't know our home ward at all.  I look forward to actually being a contribution to the ward one day! 
Things with Cameron are going great, he is like the perfect investigator!  He is so receptive, accepts WOW tithing, everything, he reads, prays daily and loves church.
We were blessed to be able to pick up 5 new investigators this weekend and hopefully will be picking up a members friend this week as well! We had a member missionary class this week, which was marvellous, that Sister A and I taught last night! 
Things with Gage and Amanda are going great, baby steps, I love them.  
Any who i feel like this a very scattered hard to read email... it is all over the place so sorry if it is hard to follow along but it has been a great very busy week!!! We have been go go go today cleaning car, just had a lesson with Cameron before emails and now heading to Halifax so its a franctic email today! 
I bought whole bunch of thermal leggings etc today and stuff on debt card! 
I really appreciate all you do mom and dad and I LOVE you so much!!!!
Anyway its had been a wonderful week and I LOVE you all so much!!!
Have a great week.

Sister Pizzey xoxox

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