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September 8, 2014

Thanks for the emails and the updates I love you all!
So as you saw on facebook Debbie did get baptized it was a wonderful baptism the spirit was so strong, and everyone was so happy for her. Debbie is wonderful she literally brought gifts for everyone that played a part in the program and helped out to make the baptism happen. She bore a wonderful testimony as well, and we sang Sister Howell and I and the Edis Sisters, the musical number turned out terrific! There were parts where Sister Howell and I sung by ourselves and surprisingly it turned out well!
It was my last fast and testimony meeting in the Cole Harbour ward this Sunday, Debbie got up and bore her testimony, as well Karen Belford got up and bore her testimony a LA we have been working with since I have been here! It was a miracle! I bore my testimony as well, and I actually was not planning on doing it but the spirit literally was just burning my heart.
I have grown to just love this ward, and the people within, relationships and friendships for a lifetime! I feel like a different person than I was coming into it.
This week we had a great week, we started teaching Chris I will explain to you a bit about Chris.
A couple weeks ago I parking lot contacted into this guy Chris who we actually met back in April when he just got out of a detox clinic for Narcotic addict, it was a great first contact in April and we felt so good about him had a lesson set up then he flaked off we never could get a hold of him again, then boom! We met him again and he remembered everything, actually had been researching about Mormons and has been 5 months sober since we seen him last. We were able to begin teaching him this week, and turns out he has been reading this members blog who is on methadone just as he is now, and she shares her conversion story.  He loved it, so we taught a really great first lesson and he is one of those investigators who will text you and give you updates on their reading and how much the Book of Mormon is helping him in many areas so we are pretty stoked about him.  He actually text us and told us that he has always struggled with insomnia and ever since he has been reading the Book of Mormon he has been having great sleeps! 
We were able to put Pio on date for Oct 4th this week! I am not sure if I have explained to you things about Pio and Merry the Filipino family.  If not, here ya go;  a few weeks ago we were on exchanges I was here with Sister Jarvis and two days in row we were street contacting we were referred from two different non members to this Filipino lady named Merry Christ who apparently is a member of our church but just moved here (I was stoked about because I just love Filipino people and literally every time I see one I hunt them down because they make the best members.. lol) . So the first day we only got her address so we went to the apartment couldn't get in, second day we were just like what?! So we stopped and prayed then went to the apt and I kidd you not there was two huge bricks just holding the apartment doors wide open when we showed up and no one else was around so we were like sweet! SO we went and met Merry apparently she wanted to serve a mission back home ended up marrying a non member named Pio, and now we have been teaching her husband for the past 3 weeks! They are just awesome, when they came to church Merry was so excited she got us all to take a picture with the Bishop haha, her family is all temple worthy members back home, and apparently they are all in shock that Pio is meeting with us, funny thing is we though his name was B.O. so for the past 2 weeks we been calling him B.O to the whole ward.  Turns out BO is Pio haha. But he is on date for Oct 4th.  But Pio is hilarious and I just love  them so much, I seriously I have been praying my whole mission to teach a Filipino family, they just make great members. But Pio does give us a run for our money he has a lot of questions but he is receiving answers and progressing well!
Things are going well for him, we had a interesting lesson with him this week because it all turned into baptism we taught the true order of baptism ad he was mind blown as he was sprinkled with water as a baby.
We had an amazing visit with New Glasgow west sisters, Sister Hoy and Sister Fincher, they have been struggling with discouragement up in their area as they have not been finding too much success.  It was a great visit where we helped them feel more confident and we found two new investigators for them! Which was quite a miracle!
We are really focussing on helping the sisters be more bold in the street contacts, so on our visit we focussed on using the restoration pamphlet and relating back everything to the message of the restoration.  It was a very fulfilling visit being able to share the message of the restoration with many people, and helping others understand the need of this message in their lives, it was very helpful for the sisters!
It really has been a amazing week, we have a lot to look forward to this week! I love it here and I am so happy to have this be my last ward I am serving in. Transfers are in two weeks, then I will be travelling around.
Also on our exchange Sister Fincher and I actually went into a Salvation Army church to see for service opportunities at their thrift store.  We actually ended up sitting in the "captains" office with two other members of their church and taught them the restoration, we explained the after life and how baptism is essential to live with God and baptism by the proper priesthood authority. Seeing as the Captain which would be like the bishop but she a female had never been baptized it really gave her a lot to think about, it was a pleasant experience and the spirit was felt and it was really amazing for 30 minutes and to plainly share the truth!
We rae excited to go hard to work this week, as we will have no exchanges with the sisters!
I wanted to bear my testimony that I know that this is Christs restored church that Jesus Christ is the revelator and head of this church. I know it, I love it, and I know that these teachings are to help all to understand the true nature of Christ and our Father in Heaven, that the heavens are not closed and that God does not cease to be God of miracles. I know our purpose in life is to become more like Christ, to realize the full measure of our DIVINE POTENTIAL, and that requires change; and change is the design of FAITH in Christ, repentance and baptism, if it weren't for Christ, and for his gospel it would end all hopes of us fulfilling our purpose in life.
I bear my testimony of these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
I love you all and have a great week!
Remember to be grateful! :Ether 6:9 -- read it is my favorite scripture of the day!!

Sister Pizzey

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