Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hello so this week has been an amazing week!!
I am just so happy to be a missionary, to be building the relationships with the people I am, and to be learning so much life changing lessons. haha I have just learned soooo much this week, I have just learned so much this summer, in Cole Harbour, just these past 18 months it is crazy!! I LOVE IT! 
So I have some pretty fun and amazing experiences that I am excited to share with you all about this week and Debbie will be getting baptised this week! But first off, I logged on facebook this week to message a investigator.  I was at the library on a computer where "facebook purity" was not installed, therefore when I first logged on I see news feed until I click on my profile and I saw dads post, it was the first post that popped up.. haha it was so cute!  Not something that is expected coming from Talman but wow I am just so grateful to be raised in a family with parents that love one another so much. Being the youngest of 5 kids and basically living with just mom and dad, I have come to see how I want my marriage to be but as well how my husband should be, you both still flirt with one another and I love it! 
I am happy you like those talks mom! And say hello to everyone as you are all hanging out at the Pizzey resort today.
Coming to this point of my mission I am just continually and continually seeing weaknesses and ways to improve, we are to be refined in this life, I love learning, changing and growing and see who we become and can be shaped and moulded into as we actively chose to rely on Christ to change us.
So I am going to copy and past my letter to President Leavitt and share some pretty great experiences we have been blessed to have this week!
Not I kind of wrote a novel to President this week haha :). 
"Self: This week has been a good week, I am happy to be serving here. Ever since serving with Sister Echols, I have been really working on not being on the end of a extreme fanatic and finding myself in the middle area of that line you always draw out for us. It really has been an adjustment for me, to learn how to understand success and whether or not I am being hardworking and consecrating myself without having to be an extreme fanatic. I feel these last few transfers I am learning so much where I am in a position to understand that the work is far more than just the "work" it is the people!
I love being a missionary, I love working hard, and giving everything I can to the Lord and seeing miracles everyday, it is a comfortable thing for me to give my all in work, and just work, work and work but it is out of my comfort-zone to come off in a way that is inviting to others not intimidating, and to inspire others not "scare" in a way.. haha.
I am very grateful to be learning so many important lessons that have a eternal value on them, I look back on my mission thus far and see how my efforts have been and I see that I was just doing my very best with everything I could understand at that time but now I have come to gain a testimony that humility is really the mother of all virtues! I desire to be one who serves others, puts others first and thinks of how I can help instead of thinking what they can do differently. I have come to learn this week that I don't need to change my passion for the work of salvation and my intensity I just need to change how I come across so I don't come across too strongly. Serving in Cole Harbour around the missionaries I have throughout my time here at times was not easy but I am so grateful for the person I have been shaped into. I feel I am coming to see things in a different perspective with having more patience and compassion for others. I hope this makes sense but I just wanted to take some time to "try" to "briefly" explain the amazing lessons I am learning here; being a Sister Training Leader learning how to work well with others and serve others has been such a blessing, it has changed everything for me! Thank you for how patient you have been in training and teaching me on how to be a leader and better servant of the Lord.

Area: We will be having a baptism for Debbie Lloyd this Saturday which Debbie, the whole ward and us as well are quite excited for! We are teaching some amazing people and as well working with a LA family that desires to come back to church which is quite exciting. We are seeing small movements that are allowing the work to progress in this area which is miraculous.  

So that just about sums up my feelings and learning this week! Sister Sandberg and I have decided to read the Book of Mormon for the last month of our missions.  We decided to do this before we knew we were extending together, so the time of reading 17 pages a day will go from August 26 to Sept 26. I started in Alma 57 and will be reading to Alma 57 and then from Sept 27- Oct 13 I will read Alma 57 till Moroni 10 (aka: the end of the Book of Mormon). It has been great to read it in such a quick time.  We are highlighting all references to the Savior in our scriptures! I just LOVE studying and feasting on the scriptures on the words of Christ, there is just so many ways to study, learn and expound. The Book of Mormon is key to turning off the natural man, without the Book of Mormon in contact in my life I am just not a pleasant person, the Book of Mormon just adds so much light and happiness, I love it! My favorite scriptures of the day today is 
3 Nephi 9:13-14 "be converted that I may heal you... verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me and ye shall have eternal life. Behold mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive, and blessed are those who come unto me." I just love it! I love it because it is Jesus Christ speaking, and as I was reading those verses it just became to clear to be that Jesus Christ is pleading for us to come unto Him, he just so badly desires for us to, because He loves us so much. The other favorite scripture for the day is:
3 Nephi 10:10 "and the mourning, and the weeping, and the wailing of the people who were spared alive did cease; and their mourning was turned into joy, and their lamentations into the praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord Jesus Christ, their Redeemer."  ~ I love that verse as well because that is the beautiful power of the atonement it turns all bad things into GOOD!

So this week has been great, I want to share a couple memorable experiences we had this week:
1) So on Friday after our weekly planning we were headed to the church to go on facebook and send and contact a few people through it and as we were walking past the chapel there was a group of 8-10 people sitting down in the chapel as the Stake President was standing up in front of them all speaking to them. As we were walking by the stake President called us in and said these are a couple of our sister missionaries.  We introduced ourselves and it turns out this group is a group of people who have organized themselves from different faiths and what they do is every summer they go around to different church's and basically just ask questions. This group consisted of; two Catholic members, a Jewish man, a non denominational Christians, and a few Pentecostal's haha it was crazy! So literally they get together and talk about some incorrect things about LDS church and as well correct and come and debate in a way. So we stood up there for 45 minutes with the stake President answering questions back and forth and as well bearing testimony BOLDLY it was sooo great, afterwards Sister Howell and I just were like that was legit! Pretty cool experience, the age range was from 20s-60s I would say. It was an amazing moment. They were all pretty hard in heart, but it was amazing to see how no one can argue with testimony. President Evans the Stake President is a pretty humble man, and it was amazing to see the spirit that was felt as he bore his humble testimony nothing can deny that!

So with the Philippine family we are still teaching them, and it turns our Bio's name is actually Pio not Bio haha so we actually have been calling him the wrong name by a accident :S oopsy. We have a great member in the ward who serve his mission in the Philippines's so he is teaching them with us!
We also are teaching the Chatam family they want to come back to church which is exciting, they are a young family of 3 kids and they both were raised in the gospel but went LA growing up.  Both their mothers are active so I am sure us teaching is a answer to many of their mothers prayers! 
We also had a former investigator who Sister Keeler and I taught back in April text us randomly, asking us when church is, the address and time.  His name is George he is a single dad raising a son and daughter on his own and him and his kids showed up for church yesterday, which was nice to see.
So there is this town in our area called North Preston it is Canada's largest black community literally driving into the town there is a sign that says that. And the elders got invited to attend the only church in North Preston that on average gets 600 ppl out apparently, so after ward council Sunday morning at at 10 AM, we decided to go attend their church before our church at 11:30 AM.  As President Leavitt said "we are in the peoples business" so we thought it would be a good idea to get involved in the community, and yea "up" the profile of mormon missionaries ... and let me tell you that is the last time I will ever attend another church haha. Throughout my mission I always thought it would be interesting to attend different churches just to see what is like to be nosey I guess. haha and well let me just tell you this Baptist Black church was just like the movies depict it to be.  Like hahah everyone shows up in their flashy outfits bit fancy hats the ladies wear, and the church is just bumping with music. There was drums, electric guitar, and as the pastor was saying the opening prayer the drummer was drumming and banging the drums as he was like screaming "oh and Lord LOrd lord and LORD and lord" and everyone would yell "thank you Jesus" and get up and dance, haha us 4 missionaries were the only white ones there and we all just sat there stunned.  We definitely stood out haha so we ended up leaving and I just looked at Sister Howell and was like never again. It was quite nice to go to our church service after and see the worship the way Heavenly Father would like us to.  I believe they are confusing emotions with the Holy Ghost. It was interesting it reminds of of the great and spacious building in Lehi's dream.
That whole experience though made me think of "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven" Matt 7:21
But yea I learned from that experience that attending different churches for me is like playing with fire, I know the truth, why be curious about anything else, take the church and just run with it. So yes I love the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and I just know it is true :)

I am working on giving my full heart and mind to Christ and His work, I am working on improving in Charity, increase of Charity leads to increase of desire to share the gospel. I find as I come to the end of my mission satans temptation is strong to have me doubt myself and question if I have served fully giving my whole heart and mind. I know I have and I know I have many mistakes made but that is all for our growth and learning. 
We had an amazing ward picnic this week, Debbie was able to come and a family was able to invite a former investigator of ours to come.  It was a combined picnic with the Dartmouth ward. The ward mission leader Brother Hudson and his wife were able to come from the Kentville ward and him and I were able to reminisce on good ole' Kentville days.  We talked about the Recent Converts there and it was assuring to hear they are all doing well! He also informed me that a guy who Sister Aslett and I found in Wolfville ended up getting baptised a couple weeks ago which was so exciting to hear!! There is great joy doing the Lords work, and I just love serving others. As I express the same type of love Heavenly Father feels towards His children, that is the best kind of way to grow closer to Him!
A LA couple the Thompson's we have been working with the elders and the ward ended up coming to church this week for the first time in a year!! It was amazing! His wife has MS and is in a wheel chair! 

This work is amazing I love the gospel of Jesus Christ!
I love you all and have a great week!

Sister Pizzey 

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