Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014

Hello this has been an amazing week!
We are going into week 5 of this transfer, So I have a couple weeks here, then I will be transferred out of here.  Sister Sandberg will be my new companion "technically" but we won't be serving with one another, she will be training sisters in NS and I will be training sisters in NFLD so I will spend 3 days in each area from St Johns, CBS, Bay Roberts, then taking the bus by myself :s to Cornerbrook! Where Sister Aslett is right now and I am hoping she is staying there so we can serve with one another, then I will be flying back from Cornerbrook to Halifax on Oct 11th and then Sister S and I get to go to Kentville for our last Sunday in the mission field! We are pretty stoked! I am also really excited because I will get to teach the Whalen's while I am in Bay Roberts for 3 days and Matt told me before they moved that if I get transferred to NFLD that he will take that as a sign that he needs to get baptised... so lets hope! haha. But Erica and I are reading 17 pages of the Book of Mormon a day together right now to complete the Book of Mormon in a month, we facebook one another, it is great. 
I am actually going to NFLD this Wednesday for Leadership training.  For leadership training now instead of in person meeting, President has one of the assistants and a STL go to NFLD and then the other assistant and a DL in the metro go to NBW then we all Skype in for the meeting, it makes it more special then just usually skyping in. So Elder Jason one of the assistants  and I will be travelling with one another.
This is my letter to President Leavitt:
Self: This has been a great week, we are seeing many blessings here, it is amazing the miracles we see before our eyes doing the Lords work! I love it! We are seeing real growth, and the Lord is blessing us with many opportunities to prepare His children to enter into the covenant of baptism. The Cole Harbour area is flourishing and it is crazy to look back months ago and see what we see here because it is a completely different area! I know there are always people being prepared by the Lord it is matter of faith and us consistently going out to find them through good and bad. Success comes from with in but I just know as we work diligently and effectively work each day that we are just destined to by led to one to many of the Lords prepared children of God.
The CES Devotional last night was amazing, I felt so grateful for my mission in that moment last night watching it, I feel without my mission I would not of understood the importance what Elder Christofferson was talking about. My mission really truly has helped me to understand Matt 10:39, and this is something lately I have been thinking a lot about and desiring to forget my fears, and put God first be accountable to Him; I know as He is first, the love He has for others will shine through me. I find at times I can be concerned too much about what others think, then instantly my priority with out even realizing is set on "mans opinion" not God's opinion; and this mainly only really comes out in contact with other missionaries. So I am focussing on having charity for other missionaries but not being a people pleaser, being confident with what I am doing, I know as I am focussing on being accountable to Heavenly Father and forgetting myself, & loosing myself that this will happen.
How great is our calling! Time is running short and I am reading 17 pages of the Book of Mormon a day to complete the Book of Mormon in my last month, Erica Whalen who is living in Clarenville is doing this with me and it has been great to be able to do this with one another through facebook. I am hoping to be able to teach them while I am in their area in NFLD.

Area: the ward is doing well, We focus our efforts on member visits, street contacting well more like parking lot contacting haha, knocking and area book/wall map. Ever since zone conference I realized I lacked the faith in receiving member referrals, it is almost like with out even realizing it I just assumed the members wouldn't give us a referral or even a meaningful one, although I still asked for referrals from them the faith was not there. So since then I have repented and put more faith into the question really setting them up to realize they do receive revelation for who we should be teaching and we have been able to receive some meaningful referrals from members! I love this ward it is great!

Companion: Sister Howell is great, I really appreciate how she thinks about things and allow her decisions to be well thought out, it gives her an opportunity to not make quick decisions and allows her to make decisions that is guided by the Holy Ghost that is in line with Heavenly Fathers will for her, I am learning a lot from her example.
I am really sorry I do not have much time to write but it has been a great week!
I loved the CES Devotional last night! there is a feeling of fall in the air and it is great I LOVE fall!
I want to get up earlier there is just zero time left in the week, I have so much to study and to learn and there is just not enough time!
I desire to live each day as a true Christian looking to those I can serve, looking to those who I can allow the light of Christ to effect. I know this gospel is true, I know that these are the last days, the world is changing so much and the separation and space between good and bad is getting wider, there are blessings to this because we are able to better differentiate between the good and the evil but we ONLY can if we read, pray and continue to exercise our faith daily and serve others.  If we do not do the daily essential things then we will be swept in by satan suddenly by the changes and temptations of the world.
We are so indebted to God, everything we do, everything we sacrifice he blesses us, we owe so much to Him and His son Jesus Christ! I love them so much and seeking God first is what is most important in life! "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things shall be given to you!"
here are a few great quotes:
"I pray because I can't help myself.. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God. It changes me." C.S. Lewis
You can feel peace in the midst of turmoil IF YOU TRUST IN THE LORD YOU CAN OVERCOME ANY OF LIFE'S CHALLENGES.
"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a check-list of things to do. It lives in our hearts the gospel is not weight; it is wings!"
-Jean A Stevens 
We must pray always and rely on the Lord with all our heart, Our understanding is not His understanding we can not comprehend all the things he can, but when we pray it is to align our will to our Fathers, and to act and go to work! Isaiah 55:8-9, Proverbs 3:5-7
I close with;
"Fear not I am with thee, be not dismayed, I am thy God: I will strengthen thee help the: I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." Isaiah 41:10
I love you all, I pray for you. Thank you for your examples and your prayers.
Also most importantly I pray for Grandpa tell grandpa I love him!
Sorry for the lack of updates today but I love you all and just know I am loving everything right now, these are the days of my life that will never be forgotten!
Sister Pizzey :)


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