Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Wow wow wow I am just extactic for Sister Lambert haha... being called to the Canada Halifax Mission!!! This is so exciting!
Like I can't really focus on anything else but how excited I am for her.
We will have these memories forever... and also I am so going to be reading Emily's letters every week, re-living mission life through her haha seriously!!
This is great, this is the Lords work and definitely not a coincidence that she is being called here, Emily your a nobel and great one, we have the Pizzey blood, this mission needs you ;)! . Emily will be the start of a new mission pretty well because over half the mission is going home this summer and early fall.
So this week has been great, I have been up since 4 AM today because we traveled back to meet one another (Sis. Keeler) half-way in-between Sydney and Cole Harbour this morning ... so I feel like the day is a lot later than earlier.  We just arrived back.
So Sister Keeler and I will be serving with one another for a 4th transfer!! We are very happy! That will mean over 6 months including MTC time we will have been companions! We are so happy to be serving with another, being sister training leaders, serving in this area, around certain missionaries, we could not do better with anyone else. 
So this week has been great, on  Wednesday we had leadership council with all the zone leaders & sister training leaders of the mission, it was great.  Our vision for us a leaders for the mission is "as faith-filled, hard-working, and obedient leaders in the Canada Halifax Mission, we humbly teach those we lead how to baptize and reactivate the lost sheep of the house of Israel. We inspire them to feel personally accountable to the Lord for their results."  I love this vision.  Every morning I wake up and think about this vision and I think in my mind... "am I going to have a faith-filled day? am I faith-filled?" If I wake up and am tired or discouraged, i think in my mind "no I cannot be slothful, I must be faith-filled, these sisters rely on me, but most importantly the Lord does and the people he is preparing rely on me."  It simply is a decision to be faith-filled, just like turning on a light switch, it is a decision to switch our mind set to think spiritually minded not carnally minded.  Cast all negativity away and think of only solutions no problems and the many tender mercies the Lord is bestowing upon us. This week on my week long exchange with Sister Weaver it changed the work for me every day and many times throughout the day I would ponder and think - am I being faith-filed? Am I humble? Obedient? hardworking? These thoughts guided me so much in the work of salvation this past week! It was amazing, it allowed me to be worthy to receive the companionship of the Holy Ghost with me day by day and the Holy Ghost certainly qualified me for the calling, the duties and responsibilities we were facing this week it was quite humbly and amazing.
With the visit with Sister Weaver (she has been out a transfer less than I), so my vision for the exchange was to just remain focused, obedient and to set forth a good example, to quite simply work, work, work and love it! That is exactly what happened. There was some challenges and I just felt I needed to fast.  She was my shadow for those days, we talked to 200 ppl this week, this was something she was not so comfortable doing ...  She said she never had worked so hard her legs were killing the whole time.  Every morning we would do our 5bx then run over to the church and I would play ball and she would stand and run/wait for me as I finished the running portion of 5 bx.  It was amazing though because as I fasted for those 3 days I just felt so much patience love and understanding,  It has been such a blessing because I feel as I have served in Cole Harbour, I have grown to be more patient and understanding of others where I truly do listen and hear others out first and then speak. And I feel before I would be quick to be like "Sis W what?!? Why  why why!" But instead we worked and as we studied and roleplayed with one another, issues began to be resolved overtime where she was able to leave our visit with a clear understanding of how she can improve but as well feeling inspired and happy for the work we had done with one another and the blessings we had seen.  So we saw many blessings, met some great people that will hopefully turn into some new investigators this week!  I helped her see that being bold is true charity in desiring to bring others to Christ.  But again true charity isbeing concerned for ones salvation. D&C 15:6  It was great!
We had a lesson with two devote Christain girls that knew their bible inside and out.  Jennifer  who we picked up last week as a new investigator, whose parents are missionaries and are translating the bible in Papua New Guinea.. haha yea.. and we met her friend Amanada. I was quite nervous to go to this lesson with them without Sister Keeler because I feel my bible knowledge is slim and Sister Weaver is quite quiet. It was quite nerveracking when we came that Friday evening but thank goodness for the power of fasting!! Prior to that lesson Sister Weaver and I pleaded for the Lords help. The Spirit totally qualified me for that lesson it was amazing I was teaching through the bible left right and centre.  They have a list of anti questions and I just pop out all these scriptures to resolve there concerns.  They asked about spirit world etc prophets they shared scriptures to support their beliefs, we listened then BOOM we flip open to 1 Peter then BOOM to Ephesians, they actually had nothing to say. We had some silence and literally the two of them were just sitting there just reading over the passage we shared over and over reading it trying to comprehend the fact that this doctrine is Christs doctrine and swallow the fact that its true!! We just taught the whole Restoration and it was amazing.  I don't know how it worked but I was all red and hot in the face haha and just everything flowed and the Spirit guided every word. Sister Weaver came in at the end and gave a great testimony. We got in the car and Sister Weaver was like "Sister Pizzey what do you mean you don't know the Bible ?!?" haha " I was like I don't! The Spirit was the leading force behind all that!"
It was a great lesson we invited them to read the Book of Mormon and be boldly testified that they will receive an answer if they truly seek for one. 
I just love being a missionary and proclaiming this truth to everyone. I love sharing this great message how Christs Church has been restored this is a message that can not be hid!! I love standing for truth and boldly testifying of Christs gospel and of His prophets today because this is what the world needs. Nothing else matters. I know that who ever Heavenly Father sends in my path I will be able to say I have done all I can to to bring them to Him, because it is all for the glory of God, we are all so indebted to Him.   "God has not ceased to be a God of miracles." Moroni 9:15, Moroni 9:35
"And now, in the first place, he hath created you, and granted unto you your lives, for which ye are indebted unto him." Mosiah 2:23
I love you, have a great week!

Sister Pizzey

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