Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014 - Crazy Busy Week ...

What a crazy busy week!
It was great talking to you all last night and seeing you all. It is interesting because everyone may looked a little different, but everything is still the same!
But I want to email quickly and explain to you this crazy busy week that was full of blessings!
We started off with Sis Christianson in our area with us for this week and we just worked, worked and worked with her. It was great. She at the beginning of the week actually was feeling a bit discouraged due to being moved around so much. But we love her and had a great time serving with her this week!
We had lunch with Sister Leavitt this week, last Monday, it was great we love her.  We were crazy busy for the first 3 days, all we wanted to do was just find new people to teach but we were busy with just a tone of things, it was stressful. We finished moving all of our things into our new apartment and still aren't fully settled in yet, we plan to get the rest organized today.  We began teaching a lady named Adrienne who has been taught by missionaries in the past.
We had an activity with the YW where we styled there hair and talk to them about serving missions. We went to the doctor in the middle of the week where I got some antibiotics and seem to be doing better now!

We were guided by the Spirit this week with our knocking and found some pretty amazing people to teach that we feel have been prepared by the Lord, two from Australia who are moving to Sherwood Park on Wednesday.  We are teaching them tonight and keep you posted about them!
We also knocked into this 19 yr old Jennifer who is Christian.  Her parents are missionaries, they are actually translating the Bible for this little island that is a 3rd world country near Australia somewhere.
Pam's baptism was amazing, President and Sister Leavitt were able to come.  Many members from the ward came out and supported it as well.  Pam is the lady who we met after the day of fasting after we set our goal of 4 baptisms and then that night President Kidd called us and told us about her.  He was giving her friend a blessing who came down from Cape Breton and Pam asked if she could come to church because she has seen a difference the gospel has made in her friends life, as her friend has become active.
We had some great lessons with Matt Whalen, he is on date for May 24th. A great lesson with President Kidd, it was wonderful!
I love this ward more and more they are supporting us in the work, I have come to see how this ward is full of alot of wonderful people with strong testimonies and are raising their children in good homes.  It is so important to make the time to support and go out and teach with the missionaries, it makes the world of a difference because we missionaries can not do it on our own.  Pam has flourished in the gospel because the wonderful members we have brought to the lessons and because of them they have been blessed with the life changing experiences missionary work brings.  If it weren't for President Kidd Matt would not be where he is, it is amazing!
I love this work,
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here right now.
This week was truly amazing, full of stress and growing and learning and to finish it off with Pam's baptism was great. After Pam's baptism we knocked in a dumping down fall of pouring rain for 2 hrs it was amazing, we were so happy doing it because we were in the work of our Lord.
I look at my conversion two years ago and ponder so much as I teach ...  I realize that two years ago I allowed God to change my heart I allowed the grace of Jesus Christ to carry me through all the changes that I was making and it wasn't my grit and will power it was the grace of the atonement that caused the miracle in my life. And it hasn't stopped right there. It is a continual life commitment to Give our hearts to God.
I love you all and pray that we all grow in grace.
Sister Pizzey

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